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Randy Rogers Band Down

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Randy Rogers Band Down

  • Randy - Cat Stevens
    "Oh Randy if they knew I think they'd take me away Just for loving you you All alone in my own quiet way Cause that's the way that I want it Wish I could see you now You and your cherry black eyes My heart"
  • Random - 311
    "Sound boy proceed to blast into the galaxy, oh~oh Go back rocket man into the sky you'll see, oh~oh Hear it all the time, come back rewind Aliens are waiting up in the sky Sound boy proceed to blast into"
  • Random - Che Fu
    "It doesn't matter what they say behind your back Just as long, as your truthful to the ones who love you It doesn't matter what you've done before in your time I won't say nothing, even if they pull on"
  • Down & Out - Randy Rogers Band
    "I've been down and I've been out I washed up when I thought I would drown I've been down and I've been out Never flown so high with both feet on the ground I've been walking in circles, all my life Chasing"
  • Can't Slow Down - Randy Rogers Band
    "Maybe you can work it out It will be easy when Im not around Come Sunday Ill be feelin down You can run right back to me But I cant tell you where I go Maybe you dont need to know This path the road leads"
  • Ballad Of Will Rogers - Chris LeDoux
    "He was born and raised in Oklahoma his blood lines were white and Cherokee His daddy owned a ranch outside of Clairmore Where he learned to ride before the age of three Now young Will Rogers was a cowboy And"
  • Randy, i don't need you - Randy
    "I've got to tell you about a strange, poor man. I met him at our concert, now he's a legend in our band. He claimed we had to sell him a T-shirt for one mark. I explained we really try to be as cheap as"
  • Randy Newman's Song - Family Guy
    "Fat man with and his kids and dog drove in through the morning fog. Hey there, Rover, come on over... ''Well, it's nice to have a little music while we eat.'' Red headed lady, reaching for an apple. Gonna"
  • Randy Described Eternity - Built To Spill
    "every thousand years this metal sphere ten times the size of Jupiter floats just a few yards past the earth you climb on your roof and take a swipe at it with a single feather hit it once every thousand"
  • Jeb Rand - Bedouin Soundclash
    "Jeb Rand, running from bullets of his past Jumping, from rock to rock, just out of grasp Orphan boy, coming from ships across the sea Memory is what you know not what you see So please understand"
  • Random Riot - The Hellacopters
    "Well, I've been around I've seen the sights I've heard the sounds Met some freaks Sideshow honey super-psyched-out geeks And I've been tryin' it It's my bed baby I will lie in it No shit Don't give a damn"
  • Random Riot - Hellacopters
    "Well, I've been around I've seen the sights I've heard the sounds Met some freaks Sideshow honey super-psyched-out geeks And I've been tryin' it It's my bed baby I will lie in it No shit Don't give a damn"
  • Random Pan - Steve Kilbey
    "Good times are a'coming Well I saw it in a vision I heard it in evangelist's sighs Down beyond the station Yonder lies salvation In the afternoons and the skies A child has been born Who can converse with"
  • Random Rules - Silver Jews
    "In 1984 I was hospitalized for approaching perfection. Slowly screwing my way across Europe, they had to make a correction. Broken and smokin' where the infrared deer plunge in the digital snake. I tell"
  • Random Thoughts - David Gray
    "Random Thoughts LIGHTENING struck my heart Moving in and out of consciousness/subconsciousness faster, faster, faster thoughts scatter race for truth books, books, books papers, papers, papers an"
  • Ten Miles Deep - Randy Rogers Band
    "When I'm dead, put me ten miles deep Hand me up my shotgun Maggie made The Devil's come to take your boy away I've been spotted on the run I'll be waitin when they come Hand me up my shotgun Maggie made I"
  • Somebody Take Me Home - Randy Rogers Band
    "Same old bedroom floor Some old empty sheets I hate this haunted bed So down here is where I sleep I tried to find a place To hide what you had left Somethings never change My heart hasn't yet I don't"
  • Love Must Follow You Around - Randy Rogers Band
    "I don't wanna go to sleep tonight Cause in the morning I'll be leaving We can sit and talk with the candle light And even though I know it's coming, it will hit me without warning Love must follow you"
  • Lost And Found - Randy Rogers Band
    "Day after day, I tell mmyself you never meant the words that you said, Night after night I lie here alone, can't get you out of my head, Like a fool I let our love slip away, Left me here what more can"
  • Again - Randy Rogers Band
    "On the floor now, on the floor now Well it's started again, yeah it's started again Close the door now, close the door now Won't you let me in? Why won't you let me in? Cause it's been six long days"

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