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Randy Travis Before You Kill Us All

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Randy Travis Before You Kill Us All

  • Before You Kill Us All - Randy Travis
    "INTRO - Must be doin' something wrong baby I don't know But the gold fish are floating at the top of the bowl And the dog he won't eat he just lays around All night long he makes a lonesome sound I"
  • Randy - Cat Stevens
    "Oh Randy if they knew I think they'd take me away Just for loving you you All alone in my own quiet way Cause that's the way that I want it Wish I could see you now You and your cherry black eyes My heart"
  • Kill Us All - Twista
    "I feel like, I feel like standing in the midst of a hundred thousand haters, Dynamite and C-4 strapped around the waist bloody tears In my eyes, hit the switch, making sure any mother fucka in tha vicinity"
  • Travis - Jennifer Hanson
    "(Jennifer Hanson/Kim Patton-Johnston) You were born between a rock and a hard place To a couple of losers I lived on the other side of your duplex I heard you getting those bruises I never would've wanted"
  • Travis - Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine
    "I'm not racist but I am I served my time in Vietnam I've got three jobs This is one Sometimes I wish I'd kept my gun This country's going down the tubes I can't afford to pay my dues Unless you've got"
  • You Can't Kill Us All - Coalesce
    "what more do you want from me? some sort of apology? well I promise that forgiveness is the most you'll get. and what I demand of you is to put up or shut up. so make your decision, but remember-you"
  • Before Braille - Before Braille
    "SECRET NO.7 We feel just like Two criminals With unknown crimes It's not your fault It's always mine. THE SPANISH DAGGER Well stop cashing me in for a thin line You're right on track to know what it"
    "Love you in the worst way You knock me down like a heavyweight We fell in love got a ko, oh no! Too damn young so we broke up no go So much for a wedding date I know nobody gets out of love alove We either"
  • Kill You Before You Kill Me - Wednesday 13
    "B-B-Baby you and I don't get along And one of us will have to go before too long I'm just trying to find the fastest way To make you the fuck away And I know you've got a few tricks of your own And you"
  • Kill You - 50 Cent
    "When I just a little baby boy, my momma used to tell me these crazy things She used to tell me my daddy was an evil man, she used to tell me he hated me But then I got a little bit older and I realized,"
  • Kill You - Eminem
    "When I was just a little baby boy, my momma used to tell me these crazy things She used to tell me my daddy was an evil man, she used to tell me he hated me But then I got a little bit older and I realized,"
  • CHopstix (witH Travis Scott) - ScHoolboy Q
    "Fly high, I'm too high Watch, splash, car, fast Dash, zoom, smooth, ooh Spend cash, glide by Chopsticks, chopsticks, chopsticks (Yeah) I let 'em chop sticks, chop sticks, chop sticks (Alright) Chop, chop,"
  • Us - Ice Cube
    "Could you tell me who released our animal instinct? Got the white man sittin' there tickled pink. Laughin' at us on the avenue Bustin' caps at each other after havin' brew We can't enjoy ourselves Too"
  • Randy Scouse Git - The Monkees
    "She's a wonderful lady and she's mine all mine And there doesn't seem a way that she won't come and lose my mind It's too easy humming songs to a girl in yellow dress It's been a long time since the"
  • Random - Lady Sovereign
    "Everybody in the club gettin tipsy Oh fuck dat, just WHINE like a gypsy Can't see straight, like i only got one eye (pop) Your bottle open oh my Let's.... get started move ya arms 'round like fucked"
  • Random - Che Fu
    "It doesn't matter what they say behind your back Just as long, as your truthful to the ones who love you It doesn't matter what you've done before in your time I won't say nothing, even if they pull on"
  • Random - 311
    "Sound boy proceed to blast into the galaxy, oh~oh Go back rocket man into the sky you'll see, oh~oh Hear it all the time, come back rewind Aliens are waiting up in the sky Sound boy proceed to blast into"
  • Before - Mike & The Mechanics
    "(The Next Heartache Falls)A freezing cold December brings a chill into my heart And fills me with an emptiness now we're so far apart Lost in my confusion now through everything I see Oh won't you come"
  • Random Rules - Silver Jews
    "In 1984 I was hospitalized for approaching perfection. Slowly screwing my way across Europe, they had to make a correction. Broken and smokin' where the infrared deer plunge in the digital snake. I tell"
  • Randy, i don't need you - Randy
    "I've got to tell you about a strange, poor man. I met him at our concert, now he's a legend in our band. He claimed we had to sell him a T-shirt for one mark. I explained we really try to be as cheap as"

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