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Randy Travis I Told You So

  • Travis - Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine
    "I'm not racist but I am I served my time in Vietnam I've got three jobs This is one Sometimes I wish I'd kept my gun This country's going down the tubes I can't afford to pay my dues Unless you've got"
  • I Told You So - Randy Travis
    "Verse 1 Suppose I called you up tonight And told you that I love you And suppose I said I want to come back home And suppose I cried and said I think I finally learned my lesson And I'm tired of spending"
  • Randy - Cat Stevens
    "Oh Randy if they knew I think they'd take me away Just for loving you you All alone in my own quiet way Cause that's the way that I want it Wish I could see you now You and your cherry black eyes My heart"
  • Randy - Dolly Parton
    "(Dolly Parton) Randy in your eyes, I see the promise of a future The promise of a love like I have never known Randy, cradled in your arms, I feel like I'm in heaven And heaven knows I've needed someone"
  • Randy, i don't need you - Randy
    "I've got to tell you about a strange, poor man. I met him at our concert, now he's a legend in our band. He claimed we had to sell him a T-shirt for one mark. I explained we really try to be as cheap as"
  • Travis - Jennifer Hanson
    "(Jennifer Hanson/Kim Patton-Johnston) You were born between a rock and a hard place To a couple of losers I lived on the other side of your duplex I heard you getting those bruises I never would've wanted"
  • Random - Lady Sovereign
    "Everybody in the club gettin tipsy Oh fuck dat, just WHINE like a gypsy Can't see straight, like i only got one eye (pop) Your bottle open oh my Let's.... get started move ya arms 'round like fucked"
  • Random - 311
    "Sound boy proceed to blast into the galaxy, oh~oh Go back rocket man into the sky you'll see, oh~oh Hear it all the time, come back rewind Aliens are waiting up in the sky Sound boy proceed to blast into"
  • Random - Lamb
    "Strange as it seems Just the sound of your name Makes my heart skip a beat Again and again The sweetest fluttering in my chest 'Cause you're the one i love the best I can't believe what You're doing to"
  • Told You So - Leslie Clio
    "You said "Forget about Francesca, you´ll always reign supreme." You´ve just been spending time to pimp your self-esteem What is it with you, silly silly man? Once you´ve had a sweetheart that would have"
  • Told You So - HRVY
    "Cancel my subscription, I don’t need your issues Quit trying to make me feel bad When I can do that on my own You were my addiction That’s why I’m gonna miss you Why you trying to hurt me? When I"
  • Told You So - Cassadee Pope
    "Your voice is like a ghost inside my head You whisper lies to try and hurt me again All the times you doubted me, you'll see I was always better than you made me out to be Not gonna let you down, let"
  • Told You So - Little Mix
    "be honest how are you feeling girlfriend? have you been crying again? just give it some times, breath out see I'm happy that boy was just playing pretend we said it, you wouldn't listen baby finally you"
  • Told You So - Drowning Pool
    "It took some time to realize All the bullshit in my eyes Until I got away from you And then I guess you thought that you'd be cool And make me look like I'm the one the fool Well I don't care 'cause you're"
  • Told You So - Barenaked Ladies
    "I never jumpted in and rescued you, but I wanted to I didn't tell you which way to go, 'cause I thought you'd know You had a problem with your new found wealth, you brought it on yourself I never told"
  • Told You So - Paramore
    "For all I know The best is over And the worst is yet to come Is it enough? To keep on hoping When the rest have given up? And they go I hate to say I told you so But they love to Say they love me so Say"
  • Told You So - Jesse McCartney
    "Hey, oh, oh no, oh no, whoa Oh no, oh oh, oh, Oh oh, oh Lookin' at ya now I can tell That you and your new relationship ain't goin' well There's no reason your name should come up on my cell Unless you're"
  • Told You So - The F-Ups
    "You want to know what's all inside of me Well just give me your best shot You try and take it all away from me Well here's your try I hate to say I told you so That I'll never fucking let it go I'll tell"
  • Told You So - Joe Walsh
    "I tried to tell you long ago Some people never learn I hate to say I told you so But I told you so Stick your nose in someone's business When it's none of your concern Volunteer to be a witness Some people"
  • Told You So - T.I.
    "Grand Hustle Pimp.. Hey, whats happenin shorty Me being a true player and all I mean you know as a stand up guy you know I really hate to say I told you so But, man I told you so Back when we said we were"

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