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Randy Travis Promises

  • Promises - Randy Travis
    "Cheap perfume, and painted faces... fallen angels fill the places where I go when my troubles bring me down. All the lies, I know they'll tell me, and the time that they will sell me... for a while, I'll"
  • Travis - Jennifer Hanson
    "(Jennifer Hanson/Kim Patton-Johnston) You were born between a rock and a hard place To a couple of losers I lived on the other side of your duplex I heard you getting those bruises I never would've wanted"
  • Travis - Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine
    "I'm not racist but I am I served my time in Vietnam I've got three jobs This is one Sometimes I wish I'd kept my gun This country's going down the tubes I can't afford to pay my dues Unless you've got"
  • Randy - Dolly Parton
    "(Dolly Parton) Randy in your eyes, I see the promise of a future The promise of a love like I have never known Randy, cradled in your arms, I feel like I'm in heaven And heaven knows I've needed someone"
  • Randy - Cat Stevens
    "Oh Randy if they knew I think they'd take me away Just for loving you you All alone in my own quiet way Cause that's the way that I want it Wish I could see you now You and your cherry black eyes My heart"
  • Randy - Justice
    "Get up and shake it off It's time that you listen up And hear the call There are the water But at night you're on fire Back against the wall Don't stop, try to make your mark And make your mind up Don't"
  • Promises - Kylie Minogue
    "Remember how it used to be, Remember how you promised me, That life would always be good, You forget the fact you lied to me, You locked my heart and threw the key, I'm so misunderstood, What to say when"
  • Promises - Barbra Streisand
    "Here by my side Are you close enough to take me to your paradise Or am I going down to my loneliness Could you be loving me more or less Do you know Are you ready for the feeling Can you learn to grow"
  • Promises - Down By Law
    "there was a day when we made promises and there was a day when we kept them we were like one no one could stop us we ruled the world from the throne you made promises -- we were young and free"
  • Promises - Riot
    "I've been fighting this war for so long. Tell me why its not over. With inclinations our leaders are wrong. There they are the're controlling our lives. Still i'll fight. We have fought through the"
  • Promises - Def Leppard
    "Last night I was blown away I said a million things I'd never say I was knocked right down, it got to me Gonna get me some of your chemistry You want me to promise you That everything is true I"
  • Promises - Bee Gees
    "Here by my side Are you close enough to take me to your paradise Or am I going down to my loneliness Could you be loving me more or less Do you know Are you ready for the feeling Can you learn to grow Out"
  • Promises - Saga
    "She never makes commitments She's never short of alibis When I ask the same old questions She always tells me lies There's something missing in her life But what it is she won't say And when I try to."
  • Promises - Ricky Nelson
    "Just to tell you that she's sorry But she loves me more than you Did you do all the good things I said Don't worry 'cause you do She made promises to you Promises of good things to come But they never"
  • Promises - The Cranberries
    "You'd better believe I'm coming You'd better believe what I say You'd better hold on to your promises Because you bet you'll get what you deserve She's going to leave him over She's going take her love"
  • Promises - Boy Kill Boy
    "Promises, promises There to be broken This truth is forgotten, honestly Apologies, apologies Here's my confession I learnt from my lesson, long before Toast the crimes, the foes, the fears The truth"
  • Promises - Sons Of The Desert
    "Promises hung out on the line Sparkle and shine in the daylight Promises and little vows unspoken All too soon lie broken it he arms of the night I promised myself I would never fall again Vowed to my"
  • Promises - Adema
    "I went outside to take a walk so I could relive memories I thought that you would lend a hand but you were never ever there it's all in your mind you do what you wanna do your promises are all played"
  • Promises - Shannon Noll
    "someting is happening here someone is hurting me deep inside how do i get out of here someone is mumbling and speakin words that make no sense i been thinking it over and over again what am i supposed"
  • Promises - Sugar Babes
    "Its okay, to go and make me stay,Its okay to break your promises,Your movin on any way,I hate the way, that makes me feel inside,You promised me, youll be all that I need,I wonder why you lie,Promises"

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