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Raving George feat Oscar

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Raving George feat Oscar

  • oscar (feat. Vito Bambino) - Sanah
    "A gdybym miała poker face Patrząc na ten hejt Gdybym czytała bzdur stek Jakby to nie był fejk Gdybym brała na serio Każde wypociny Oj, oj Dostałabym oscara Dobry, jak się pani czuje dziś Bo tam w necie"
  • Fresh water soda (feat. Oscar) - Oki
    "Fresh water soda, status mam jak Medellín inny towar -Mówi się Medellín mordo -Ale ja chcę żeby było clean mordo -Aha Jestem clean, czysty jak woda Fresh water soda Clean, status mam jak Medellín inny"
  • I'm Raving - Scooter
    "Good evening!! Put on my raving shoes and I boarded a plane. Touched down in the land where the skies were blue, in the middle of the pouring rain. Everybody was happy, energy shining down on me. Yeeeah,"
  • Raving Winds - Robert Burns
    "Raving Winds (Robert Burns) Raving winds around her blowing, Yellow leaves the woodlands strowing, By a river hoarsely roaring, Isabella stray'd deploring- 'Farewell hours that late did measure Sunshine"
  • George - Bam
    "Bam Miscellaneous George George is a Spanish guy, and we don't know why, he is always late. He is a nice man, and he is a big fan, of all his bosses. We know he is different, and never a disappointment, he"
  • George - Larry
    "George sits at his window and he wonders why He wants to see the morning broken Wants to feel the sunshine yeah Come and dance with me my brother I will play and you'll get high oh so high We are full"
  • George - Hall Tom T
    "You know George I was just layin' here thinking about me being blind and allaloneOld timer if you weren't here to guide me I'd be lost and they'd never find mybonesI just came here to the North Woods for"
  • George - Singin' Birds
    "To jak z nieba Prawdziwy znak Spowodował serca łopot ktoś Co za facet Co za gość Ten wyśniony Z marznę Clooney George Gdyby tylko mrugnął Gdyby kwiaty dał Jeden mały pocałunek skradł Byłoby jak w niebie Czy"
  • George - Jude
    "George died in the 5th grade No one ever knew why He was out selling lemonade On the Fourth of July, and he died Sister Claire said that he was An angel on Earth She stood there and she told us She had"
  • George - Headless Chickens
    "You know you don't love me but you still want to touch me feel my body well It makes me feel ugly want to use me emotionally abuse me show the rope and dangle It above me want the truth and nothing but"
  • Oscar Wilde - Company Of Thieves
    "Episodes and parallels, Don't you want the invitation? Big bright accent, catty smile, Oscar Wilde confrontation Ah, Live like it's the style Oh, we waltz on your front porch We are all our own devil We"
  • Oscar Cotton - Ramallah
    "If I could painlessly murder us all Then there would be no more children crying To our deaf God up above If I could painlessly murder the world Then there would be no more children crying Then there would"
  • Stark Raving Love - Jim Steinman
    "They're howling up at the moon and moaning under the stars Prowling in the alley and stalking all the prey in the bars It started out as a whisper but it's building right up into a shriek You don't say"
  • Can't Stop Raving - Dune
    "I can't stop raving (8x) I can't stop raving (8x) Come and take a trip with me To a land where love is free Follow me into the light Everything's gonna be allright Just to go and take my hand I will"
  • Raving And Drooling - Pink Floyd
    "Raving and drooling I fell on his neck with a scream He had a whole lotta terminal shock in his eyes That's what you get for pretending the rest are not real Babbling and snapping at far away flies He"
  • Oscar Don't Allow - Sesame Street
    "Oscar: I'll give you a song That I think is tops: If you keep up this racket, I'm calling the cops! (music starts) David: Oh, Oscar don't allow no singalong singing here Oscar don't allow no singalong"
  • Oscar Winning Tears - RAYE
    "Utwór 'Oscar Winning Tears' z albumu 'My 21th Century Blues' od RAYE (premiera 3 lutego 2023r.)"
  • Come Back Oscar - Spirit Of The West
    "Walking off the stage to the gates and off the page I'd be shot out of breath, out of everything Come back Oscar, don't stay at home. Come back Oscar, to the microphone. Speed freak, sexy beast, latin"
  • Oscar the angel - Randy Travis
    "Oscar was an angel and he used to walk the streetsShoutin' out some prophesies at everyone he'd meetHe was a local fixture; like a cop out on a beatFolks said he'd been shell-shocked long agoAnd more than"
  • All Under One Roof Raving - Jamie xx
    "Are we kept it U.K. That’s what we try to do We try to… We're keep it to going with the same way We’re all under one roof raving, laughing and joking Always for the UK… Always for the hardcore UK We"

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