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Ray Charles The Girl Friend

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Ray Charles The Girl Friend

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Ray Charles The Girl Friend
  • Old 97's Ray Charles
    "We put on Ray Charles and broke up You were packed and gone when I woke up Ray just kept on singing He had Georgia on his mind You just keep on leaving You keep leaving all the time Wonder if the stars"
  • Chubby Checker Ray Charles Ton
    "Rosie you're my lucky charm When you're in my arms I'm happy as can be Oh Rosie, everytime we meet My heart skips a beat I'm happy to repeat Oh Rosie Oh Rosie You are the one Tell me oh tell me You'll"
  • Relient K My Good Friend Charles
    "New boy in the neighborhood Lives down stairs and it's understood. He's there just to take good care of me. Like he's one of the family. Charles in charge of Our days and our nights. Charles in charge"
  • Chubby Checker The Ray Charles ton
    "Lets do the Ray Charles-ton Wah at the union hall Lets do the Ray Charles-ton Its a brand new call Come on come on baby Gonna have a ball Lets do the Ray Charles-ton And a do it right Lets do the"
  • Ray Charles The Girl Friend
    "My girl's the kind of girl For steady company. It's steady company That I prefer. When in the Charleston dance I want to bump a knee, I want to bump a knee With her. Homely wrecks appeal When their checks"
  • Michel Jonasz Ray Charles
    "Ray Charles quand tu pleurniches Les plus pauvres sont les plus riches Les oublis du Bon Dieu Ne sont plus malheureux Ray Charles est-ce que tu le sais a J'mettais de la peinture noire sur mes dix doigts Pour"
  • Relient K Charles In Charge
    "New boy in the neighborhood Lives down stairs and it's understood. He's there just to take good care of me. Like he's one of the family. Charles in charge of Our days and our nights. Charles in charge"
  • Billy Joel Baby Grand (Duet With Ray Charles)
    "Late at night When it's dark and cold I reach out For somone to hold When I'm blue When I'm lonely She comes through She's the only one who can My baby grand Is all I need In my time I've wandered everywhere Around"
  • Barbra Streisand Cryin' Time (Duet with Ray Charles)
    "Oh, it's Cryin' time again, you're gonna leave me I can see that faraway look in your eyes I can tell by the way you hold me, darlin' Oh, babe But it won't be long before it's cryin' time Say, babe Oh,"
  • Ball Otis Charles Mansons Birthday
    "Ball Otis Miscellaneous Charles Mansons Birthday Charles Manson's Birthday by Otis Ball from _I'll Love You Til I Don't_, on Bar/None It's Charles Manson's birthday, nobody's there I tried to have"
  • Devendra Banhart The Charles C. Leary
    "I lost the gloves that my mother gave to me While on my ways to the make believe sea And I lost the rings that my lover gave to me While on my ways to the Red Salt Sea Dadaladoo-rargh And I lost my ways"
  • Mark Knopfler Vic & Ray
    "A dirty motor with London plates Sitting in the gutter outside your silent gates Vic and Ray, vic and Ray Vic and Ray, Vic and Ray Come to daddy baby, what is it worth Come to daddy, the scum of the crying"
  • Magic Dirt X-Ray
    "Take her to the room, Find out what's wrong, But there's nothing wrong with her. It's the reel, of only one venture, Taking me back to a stainless closure, Pull apart the little girl strapped on that X-ray, Pull"
  • Linoleum Ray Liotta
    "Running to the station And you're feeling just like Ray Liotta Eyes are blacker than your shades You're wearing pretty thin Tearing through the crowd 'Cause you won't wait And you can't face a weekend Staring"
  • The GazettE Ray
    "Sakende... koe ga kareru made hikari sasu ano basho made todoke Shisen wa tsubusare nani hitotsu miezu, nani hitotsu kanjinai Tesaguri makase no aimai na keshiki fuan ni taekirezu Hitori kiri ga kowai"
  • The Ataris Ray
    ""Sometimes I sit and think about yesterday Of all the simple words that I didn't even say I just sit back and wonder why... Everything is just bought and sold And why everyone listens to what they're"
  • Jamey Johnson Ray Ray's Juke Joint
    "Well, I walked in to one of my old haunts. It used to be a honky-tonk Heaven. Some old slicker done bought the place, An' lit it up like a 7-11. Yes, they fired the band that used to play, "Okie From Muskogee" An'"
  • Ten Sharp Ray
    "It is alway great to hear blues man Ray singing The way that he cries out his soul always more than music Piano sings the chors so easy and Ray His vocal help the blues survive who will forgoet Georgia"
  • Mutton Birds Ray
    "Ray, come out of the dark, Close your mouth, it's my turn to talk. Oh Ray, don't be so cool, That you cant let yourself fall. Oh Ray, hope comes in strange shapes, When you don't expect it to. Ray, hope"
  • Trust Saccharine Ray
    "Tell me what's inside the ? Ray Are you feeling something? Tell me what's up in your head ray Fuck you i'm dying So whatcha sending So what ya sending ray So whatcha sending. Lights out You're all alone"

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