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Ray Charles Understanding

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Ray Charles Understanding

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Ray Charles Understanding
  • Michel Jonasz Ray Charles
    "Ray Charles quand tu pleurniches Les plus pauvres sont les plus riches Les oublis du Bon Dieu Ne sont plus malheureux Ray Charles est-ce que tu le sais a J'mettais de la peinture noire sur mes dix doigts Pour"
  • Old 97's Ray Charles
    "We put on Ray Charles and broke up You were packed and gone when I woke up Ray just kept on singing He had Georgia on his mind You just keep on leaving You keep leaving all the time Wonder if the stars"
  • Chubby Checker Ray Charles Ton
    "Rosie you're my lucky charm When you're in my arms I'm happy as can be Oh Rosie, everytime we meet My heart skips a beat I'm happy to repeat Oh Rosie Oh Rosie You are the one Tell me oh tell me You'll"
  • Chubby Checker The Ray Charles ton
    "Lets do the Ray Charles-ton Wah at the union hall Lets do the Ray Charles-ton Its a brand new call Come on come on baby Gonna have a ball Lets do the Ray Charles-ton And a do it right Lets do the"
  • Ray Charles Understanding
    "Understanding is the best thing in the world, Between a boy and a girl Boy and girl and even a woman or a man, It's always better when you really understand You know understanding is a mighty powerful"
  • Billy Joel Baby Grand (Duet With Ray Charles)
    "Late at night When it's dark and cold I reach out For somone to hold When I'm blue When I'm lonely She comes through She's the only one who can My baby grand Is all I need In my time I've wandered everywhere Around"
  • Barbra Streisand Cryin' Time (Duet with Ray Charles)
    "Oh, it's Cryin' time again, you're gonna leave me I can see that faraway look in your eyes I can tell by the way you hold me, darlin' Oh, babe But it won't be long before it's cryin' time Say, babe Oh,"
  • Bob Seger Understanding
    "It seems like only yesterday I didn't have a clue I stood alone not knowing where to turn Now suddenly I look around And everything looks new I don't know why but I think I'm starting to learn They call"
  • Arcwelder Understanding
    "Gleaming steel reflects a coldness Pasted smile faking flair "I'll never smile again" the song goes Plate is empty nothing there Why try when there's no understanding Why try when there is nothing left Why"
  • Everything But The Girl Understanding
    "You're here, but what if you weren't What would have happened to me That candle, unburnt, is history One thing I guess this place would be a mess For my standards at best are undemanding And that takes"
  • The Flys Understanding
    "i shake like tambourines stung by idle kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiings my neighbors watch me we find reasons to deny the raaaainbow in our miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinds just shut the lights off when aaaaall"
  • Small Faces Understanding
    "When people ask me what love's all about There's one thing I can say Some people believe just what I'm putting down Understand your troubles away You got to do this thing we're feeling You got to know"
  • Xscape Understanding
    "What I need from you is understanding, How can we communicate, If you don't hear what I say. What I need from you is understanding, So simple as 1-2-3, Understanding is what we need. You don't really"
  • Primal Scream Understanding
    "(feat. PP Arnold) When people ask me what love's all about There's one thing I can say Some people believe just what I'm putting down Understand your troubles away You got to do this thing we're feeling You"
  • B2K Understanding
    "Ya know, this is a little, little something for the brothers huh, a little anthem. To let the ladies know, What a brother needs We need a little understanding Ya know what I'm saying Like this Check"
  • TLC Understanding
    "what i need from you is understanding how can we communicate. If you don't hear me what i say so simple as 1,2,3 understanding is what i mean. You don't even know me you just wanna do what u wanna do."
  • Judie Tzuke Understanding
    "Understanding all the reasons that you have, for keeping just a step away You'd better start believin' that deceit, it's never gonna pay Understanding that the light of every day holds a different feeling"
  • Yung Ro Understanding
    "(*talking*) I hear y'all talking, I know you trying too I know he don't wanna meet ya half way, and I know what happened after that But I think there's a way we can work it out, all we need is understanding You"
  • 24-7 Spyz Understanding
    "Understanding Why do we fight - both black and white cause we dont understand If you give, you get but if you want respect then please understand Hatred begins and no one wins tell me who pays the price From"
  • Aidan Hawken Understanding
    "Little darling, why'd you get into this mess you're just an accident waiting to happen i guess you always put our love to the test look baby, you always escape with such ease that said you come and go"

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