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  • Laura Palmer - Skycamefalling
    "For hours I tried to outrun the sun, tried to speak with a mouthful of blood. But still I'm choking on your tears, still I'm choking on you tears. Words slowly fall of my tongue, maybe I never tried, hard"
  • Laura Palmer - Bastille
    "Walking out into the dark Cutting out a different path Lead by your beating heart All the people of the town Cast their eyes right to the ground In matters of the heart The night was all you had You"
  • Ghost Of Laura Palmer - Swallow The Sun
    "The fountain runs quiet Through the emerald steps and lavender air The statues praise the beauty of hers Flowers bloom around her marble breasts Silver drops of the open night sky Light this ruined garden The"
  • Who We Are (ft. Miss Palmer) - Tom Swoon
    "Say hallo to the world we?re make up Live the light, just past by the time Can we alone survive? Can we alone survive? Let?s hallo to each other who we pass by Say hallo cause we work out Someone turn"
  • New Name Fi Informer Mr. Palmer (Vybz Kartel Diss) - Mavado
    "New Name Fi Informa Ah Mr Palmer Grudge Me Fi So Mi Sing Dah Pslams Yah Strap Wid Mi Hamma Clip Longer Dan Banana Bwoy Come Pass Di Corna. Gunshot Ring Inna Yu Ears Like Llaama Everybody Ask Wha Cause"
  • Sweet Lies - Robert Palmer
    "By Robert Palmer / Frank Blair / Dony Wynn We tell sweet lies, fooling one another (We gain a fake upper hand) We get outsmarted when we rediscover We underplay You took me in I never minded You broke"
  • You Blow Me Away - Robert Palmer
    "You Blow Me Away Robert Palmer I was all at sea 'til you rescued me Saw through my charade Said don't be afraid My life was just pretence You won my confidence And came to my defence You blow me away Saw"
  • Get Outside - Robert Palmer
    "(Robert Palmer) If your vision is holding you If you can't fathom out what to do If you can't read what you write If you find yourself waking in the middle of the night Get outside Get outside Get outside If"
  • Love Can Run Faster - Robert Palmer
    "(Robert Palmer) When you've run out Of time for a feeling You've gotten used to believing in Love can run faster than you can Waste no tears Over what you are leaving, There's a new love about to begin Love"
  • You Overwhelm Me - Robert Palmer
    "(Robert Palmer) You overwhelm me, When you move your body next to mine Won't you tell me How you always know what's on my mind It's a fever you know how to soothe And a calm contentment Only you can"
  • Remember To Remember - Robert Palmer
    "(Robert Palmer) No haste, no pause, no rest Girl remember to remember Love wont take second best Remember to remember Heartache and pain wont last like your old habits do Catch up with your past Before"
  • My Baby's In Love With Another Guy - Robert Palmer
    "My Baby's In Love With Another Guy 2:38 Trk 9 (Herman Brightman, Larry Lucie) Robert Palmer 1986 MCA Records CD MCAD 6189 I feel so doggone lonely Today, just isn't my day When I got home this mornin' I"
  • What's The Use Of Wond'rin? - Amanda Palmer
    "Annie Clark: What's the use of wond'rin' If he's good or if he's bad? Or if you like the way He wears his hat? What's the use of wond'rin' If he's good or if he's bad? He's your fella, and you love him That's"
  • Blackmail - Robert Palmer
    "(Robert Palmer) Well you told me that you weren't infectious So I brought no precautions with me And you said your old man was in Texas And anyway he'd forgotten his key So I put my cassette in your bathroom And"
  • Hey Julia - Robert Palmer
    "(Robert palmer) Hey, hey Julia, you're acting so peculiar I know I'd never fool you in a million years A horn section you resemble and your figure makes me tremble And I sure would like to handle what's"
  • Fine Time - Robert Palmer
    "(Robert Palmer) That's ok, one , two, one, two, three, four This a fine time to tell me That you want to stay here This is a fine time, for you to let me know This is a fine time for you to let me know"
  • Gotta Get A Grip On You (Part II) - Robert Palmer
    "(R Palmer/ A Powell) I can't tell temptation from chance You are gonna have to lead me a dance You are stepping so treacherously It makes me wonder why it's gettin' to me Gotta get a grip on you, gotta"
  • Some People Can Do What They Like - Robert Palmer
    "(Robert Palmer) I'm restless when I see the likes of you I'll take it any way you want me to If you're hungry I know you're gonna move your ground I get breathless when I see the likes of you around Some"
  • Come Over - Robert Palmer
    "(Robert Palmer) Ah you pull and push me You never try to rush me You make it easy to give it up You make it hard to get enough You make my heart beat strongly You make the mood come on me I ache for you"
  • In Walks Love Again - Robert Palmer
    "(Robert Palmer) We asked all our friends Where would this desire lead? Spoke to each other's hearts Willed it not to be a dream What would it take But two in tune imaginations? It was too late to pretend"

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