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Re to-Real Quick

  • Quick - Eddie From Ohio
    "I want to be quick, move at light speed, never grow up, never come down I want to be small, walk with small feet, treading the space just above ground Quick as I can, quick as a cat, quicker than sand,"
  • Quick - MU330
    "I found some pages hard to read the mystery of you all at once unveiled you simplified me more confused there's so much more to you than I would've guessed I confess I found some pages hard to read I see"
  • Quick - Far
    "You had enough yet?Your wish came true todayRobbed on crosses, studied starsWished to be somewhere betterThen where you wereWell here you are. are you happy?Had enough? i tried, i swearIt was more that"
  • Quick - SOSO
    "Loty jak stąd do Tokio Czasem już muszę ochłonąć Nigdy nie będę podporą Przecież nie mogę utonąć Bb zaprogramowana SOSO to tsunami Prognoza udana Mogą mówić dużo Ale kiedy walna włada Suko, wszystkie"
  • Real Quick (Remix) - ReTo
    "Kiedy jadę do panny nawet, gdy odstawię furę To dla mnie kurwa nieistotne - i tak palę gumę Robi mi za zakręt z niemca, wchodzić mogę non stop Przy tym czuję jak Toretto się, bo zawsze wchodzę ostro Twoją"
  • Re: - Misono
    "toki ni anata to no omoide ni mogurikonde iru yo makimodoshita kako ga kokoro no itami made RePI-TO suru douse itsu made mo kodomo no mama de irarenakatta... otona ni datte narikirenakute... anata nara"
  • Re - Nieznani
    "Kiedy zło tętni na ulicy czy w radiu wszędzie elokwentni ludzie niczym George W. kiedy zwariowali wszyscy razem w jednym tempie nie rozpaczaj tylko zrób herbatę a następnie Reż te herbę, reż te herbę ona"
  • Quick slow - Ian Dury
    "Give me the quick quick slow Give me the quick quick slow Give me the quick quick slow Give me the quick quick slow Give me the quick quick slow Get there before you go Climbing upon my toes Gives me the"
  • Quick Escape - Pearl Jam
    "reconnaissance is on the corner in the old world not so far first we took an areophane then a boat to Zanzibar queen cracking on the blasted and mercury did rise came alng where we all belonged you were"
  • Quick Fix - 38 Special
    "(Donnie VanZant-Jim Peterik) Don't need no doctor, don't need no pills Nothing it gives me's gonna cure my ills I've got it bad baby and that ain't no lie There ain't no vaccine for what I've got Your"
  • Quick Fade - Feeder
    "Time, time on your mind A conscience ticking Images passing by like picture slides arranged Love will survive It twists and turns you A circuit inside your head reminds you that it's fine I miss you"
  • Quick Rush - Total
    "(feat. Missy Elliott) Uh, boy, you just don't know what you do to me Uh, you see you need me in places where no one has ever been Uh, and no one will ever go But you, oh, ooh, oh Uh, one, uh, uh, two,"
  • Quick Death - The Transplants
    ""Quick Death" Album : Transplants "And I ask you, my brothers and sisters, who is the true animal?" Looks so violent. Death is silent. Beating me with your words (Im bleeding now). Battled to your head And"
  • Quick Sand - Dinosaur Jr.
    "I'm closer to the golden dawn I can't believe the wagon's gone It's history I'm living in a callous realm Where others seem to dig it Just too much reality I'm frightened by the total goal I'm drawing"
  • Quick Fix - Ministry
    "Put it country simple, Earth has a lot of things other folks might want, like the whole planet. And maybe these folks would like a few changes made, Like more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and room"
  • Quick To Disperse - Orquesta Del Desierto
    "I'm sick of sitting in traffic With millions of cars I'm tired of hanging around In the same old bars Even with this drink in my hand It don't mean a thing Like every dying day Breathing on me the same When"
  • Quick To Doubt - Anacrusis
    "Was I wrong? Wrong in assuming That nothing at all, without thought Would just fall into place? Was it hope, that something would change me That led me to see the mistakes That had gutted my frame? Was"
  • Kiss Me Quick - Nathan Sykes
    "Baby, I've been searching Searching through these crowds To maybe find someone who knows what I'm about All these excuses, too young to settle down So it's crazy what you got me doing now Hold up baby You"
  • Quick Change Artist - Bachman-Turner Overdrive
    "First you say you want me Flirt around and haunt me Hold me till my blood starts to storm Quickly things get chilly You turn around and ask him, will he And the two of you just walk through the door You're"
  • Kiss Me Quick - Elvis Presley
    "Kiss me quick, while we still have this feeling Hold me close and never let me go 'Cause tomorrows can be so uncertain Love can fly and leave just hurting Kiss me quick because I love you so Kiss me quick"

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