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Rea Garvey: Wild Love

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Rea Garvey: Wild Love

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Rea Garvey: Wild Love
  • Brettell Roes R Res
    "Roses are red And so is my heart, I wanna be with you I hope we never part. I love your beautiful eyes They make me smile all the time, I know that I'm yours And I wish you were mine. You are always"
  • Red Flag Heaven in Medias Res
    "My love has died and they have lied There is no heaven My lover sleeps and no one weeps Cause there's no heaven Set the table, try to dine But I'm unable to pour the wine Only one glass still remains Sadly"
  • Chris Rea From Love To Love
    "Well if you want me then just take my hand And if you don't, I will understand It's just a call from deep within my soul The burning question, I have got to know Take a message from love to love Take"
  • Chris Rea Summer Love
    "Once there was a summer love Long ago and far away The autumn whispers to the falling leaves Summer love can't stay This was their place, this was where Just for one moment, without cares Two lovers dreaming"
  • Rea Garvey Wild Love
    "I take you top down slowly I I wanna see inside See what makes you wild See what drives me wild Come a little closer to the other side I love it when you go wild I love it when you go wild I said hey"
  • Chris Rea So Much Love
    "Now I've got something I tell you say now (Play it real cool) but I'm not fooled (Nobody loved you like) the tip of the iceberg I know the game and there ain't no rules I got so much love for you baby Bet"
  • Chris Rea And You My Love
    "I do not sleep tonight I might not ever The sins of the past have come See how they sit down together Outside my window Outside my door And I know the reason What they've all come here for You my love,"
  • Chris Rea You My Love, And
    "I do not sleep tonight I may not ever The sins of the past have come See how they sit down together Outside my window, outside my door And I know the reason what they've all come here for You my love,"
  • Chris Rea Who Do You Love
    "WHO DO YOU LOVE How does it feel Now that you know What makes it work How far it can go Your innocent dream Didn`t know how to play The game that was needed And now I hear it say Who do you love Who do"
  • Chris Rea Who Do You Love?
    "How does it feel now that you know What makes it work how far it can go Your innocent dream didn't know how to play the game that was needed and now I hear it say Who do you love Who do you really love What"
  • Chris Rea Love Turns To Lies
    "I could have stood to watch you walk away And put it down to your uncertain ways Or maybe baby you've had a change of heart Maybe wanna make a brand new start Crazy though what I say may seem I could have"
  • Chris Rea Your Warm And Tender Love
    "I was lost in the deep and darkest night No direction, not a single hope in sight When I saw a fire burning brightly through The storm that raged above In the shadows of your warm and tender love I was"
  • Chris Rea Do It For Your Love
    "Each single day I get up and make my way And it all comes into view It's like a part in a play You can turn it around in so many different ways But it's still the part you play And so to you I dedicate This"
  • Chris Rea Sing A Song Of Love To Me
    "Sing a song of love to me As the shadows start to grow And I won't be sad and lonely Anymore 'Cos if you sing a song of love to me I will always find a smile That will warm my cold cold heart Just for"
  • Chris Rea As Long As I Have Your Love
    "The word you send today From somewhere far away Cut in deep to the bone Though I am not with you now I feel you close somehow Too many days, so far from home And I send my dream to you And I will go on As"
  • Chris Rea When You Know Your Love Has Died
    "Me, I'm just running wild Can't give you the advice you need this time You say of her, you can't decide And yet you sit and watch her cry Friend you're like the wind that blows Like the sea you come and"
  • Chris Rea I Don't Know What It Is But I Love It
    "Could it be just that I'm crazy Could it be the way I feel this time of year When a certain situation seems to bring the best out of me I don't care When she's standing close beside me Something turns"
  • Diane Cluck Sandy Ree
    "Oh baby, Sandy Ree Like a hog loves corn Sandy Ree Kickin' up dust Sandy Ree I'll live my lust Sandy Ree When you're in trouble With laws that don't exist For you at all Oh baby What can I say Hey, jump"
  • Qntal Doussa Res
    "Us cavaliers si iazia ab la re que plus volia; soven baizan li dizia: Doussa res, ieu que farai? Que'l iorns ve e la nueytz vai. Ay! Qu'ieu aug que li gaita cria: Via! Sus! Qu'ieu vey lo iorn venir aprez"
  • Fredericks Goldman Jones Fr?res
    "Je viens des plaines Je suis des montagnes Ces terres l sont les miennes Ce sont nos campagnes A nous depuis la nuit des temps Nous y tions avant Nous combattrons pendant mille ans Jusqu'au dernier sang Les"

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