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Reach The Sky First Few Days

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Reach The Sky First Few Days

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Reach The Sky First Few Days
  • Reach The Sky First Few Days
    "Will you promise me you won't ever forget my face, and will you miss me at all? I'm so afraid that once you're gone, you won't even remember my name. I can't forget what still beats inside this heart,"
  • Gloria Estefan Reach
    "Some dreams live on in time forever Those dreams, you want with all Your heart And I'll do whatever it takes Follow through with the promise I made Put it all on the line What I hoped for at last would"
  • Tad Morose Reach For The Sky
    "I see a man out in the cold There's something there I see it in his eyes He wonders how to make it through the night and the days to come for the rest of his life Reach for the sky Can't you hear me"
  • Mandy Moore Few Days Down
    "It's a take-out weekend It's a fake-out smile and pretend If nobody sees you cry You can say it was raining outside CHORUS And all that you want Is a few days down All that you need A little time to drown It's"
  • Killerpilze A few days
    "A few days passed on, since you had to go I never thought before, that I would miss someone so. But the explanation for the feeling is love which I carry for you in my heart. So take my hands and believe"
  • Survivor Reach
    "Beyond the new horizon Destiny lost and found You're gonna have it all somehow Waiting for your arrival Only a moment now In the blink of an eye it all comes down And nothing is easy And nothing is free You"
  • Caleigh Peters Reach
    "Sometimes it seems like you're falling Falling out of the sky Sometimes it feels like you're slipping And running out of time And that's when you've gotta throw it all away All of the things that"
  • Archive So Few Words
    "So few words So few words We are movin' round to the hour Force from the power Thunder reigns down in a mass mind shower Levellin' vibes unravellin' scribes Take a venomous sting that's unsettlin' But"
  • Gary Moore Reach For The Sky
    "Sometimes it seems That you've had more than enough As your life is going nowhere And you feel like giving up Sometimes you know That you can't take anymore When things are getting harder Than they've"
  • Mai Kuraki Reach For The Sky
    "Itazura ni sugiteiku jikan ga Yume he to nagare dasu Mayowazu ni ashita wo erande ikeru Sonna fuu ni omoeru you Kakushi kire nai kono kimochi Oozora ni egaki dasu *Reach for the golden ring Reach for the"
  • Cutting Crew Reach For The Sky
    "Eede/MacMichael/Farley Reach for the sky babe make it to heaven before your dreams grow old reach for the sky babe it's over your shoulder reach for your dawn's own light i don't believe in miracles but"
  • Social Distortion Reach For The Sky
    "When I was young I was invincible, I find myself now thinking twice, I never thought about no future, Its just the roll of the dice. But the day may come when you've got something to lose, And just when"
  • Living Sacrifice Reach For The Sky
    "Who am I to question Every day to understand This precious beginning Now fading, passing This is the feel of sadness Where will solace find me? Where will peace begin? Where will peace begin? I"
  • Slaughter Reach For The Sky
    "(Mark Slaughter, Dana Strum) You know my life has been through some changes Seems some people don't want to hear my point of view Lots of others, lots of others think that we got lucky But you know brother,"
  • Matthew West A Few More Days
    "There is a longing deep inside my soul There is a place my spirit wants to go it's far away from all these chains that bind There is a world I long to leave behind So, I wait and I wait I wait for"
  • Woody Guthrie The Many And The Few
    "My name is King Cyrus, my order I give, You Jews can go back to your home To build your holy temple again In the land of Palestine. We've sung and danced o'er the hot rocky roads Back to Eretz Yisroel's"
  • VINCE GILL In These Last Few Days
    "(Vince Gill) In these last few days You've been on my mind We should get together And talk about the old times And put the past behind us Before life slips away I've been thinkin' about you In these last"
  • The Ditty Bops Unfortunate Few
    "Oh you unfortunate few Nobody's listening to me It came at a time when I just started To say something interesting Bubbling thoughts I've been thinking a lot But I don't write them down with a smile"
  • The Stanley Brothers A Few More Seasons
    "Mother first was called to heaven Left our home all alone Dad took sick soon and joined her They're reunited on god's throne A few more tiring days still face us A few more weary nights shall come We'll"
  • Shadow Gallery First Light
    "From the first gray light of the morning I've been gone On my journey towards the stars Will I know when I reach the other side The earth so blue it's like I'm dreaming Now I'm on my way Tainted shadows"

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