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Reach The Sky The Chase Is On

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Reach The Sky The Chase Is On

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Reach The Sky The Chase Is On
  • Reach The Sky The Chase Is On
    "Can you tell me where I went wrong because it seems like I let you slip away through my fingers again. No matter what I did you were so caught up in what I said, now its passed right by. Now it doesn't"
  • R. Kelly Chase
    "This is player hater one reporting from phd base over This is phd base go ahead hater one Yeah we have our talent in sight How would you have us proceed over Hater one this is your captain player hater What"
  • Rednex The chase
    "The chase I, I, I let it come my way I, I, I let it come my way, One day Mambway Aa Ee Yaeaea Mambway Aa Ee Yaeaea Mambway Aa Ee Yaeaea aaeeoo They come on the prairies They come on the hills They come"
  • Foxy Brown The Chase
    "Uhhhh yeahhhh uh, The Firm Lust... hate... envy... jealousy Connivin niggaz Nigga nature, uh, yeah Jumped out the ride, floss high, black tie Cocoa to lye, three guys, slanted eyes I shoulda tried, sweet"
  • Corey Hart Chase The Sun
  • Gary Moore Reach For The Sky
    "Sometimes it seems That you've had more than enough As your life is going nowhere And you feel like giving up Sometimes you know That you can't take anymore When things are getting harder Than they've"
  • Cutting Crew Reach For The Sky
    "Eede/MacMichael/Farley Reach for the sky babe make it to heaven before your dreams grow old reach for the sky babe it's over your shoulder reach for your dawn's own light i don't believe in miracles but"
  • English Dogs The Chase Is On
    "one day soon I'm gonna run off the edge of the world 'cos my cries for help and my pleas cannot be heard mine ain't the only voice in the chorus of gloom there's a million of others just waiting for doomsday living"
  • Black Flag The Chase
    "The chase is on, You better run, you better run, you better run, because the chase is on"
  • Kill Hannah The Chase
    ""Drive" you said "Just blow me away" We don't wait to be saved We'll dream wide awake Words that you said Burn holes through my brain And I'll never be the same again... You can pray all you want We're"
  • DI-RECT The Chase
    "Save in the heart of the night Walkin' away from the crowd in the dark Findin' my way through the stars Mend to be free, but my feet on the ground When I sleep, I awake And by the day I come alive And"
  • My Favorite Highway The Chase
    "Even though it's hard to hear the truth It's every little thing that makes you move And there is a reflection in the mirror You don't believe And darling it's so hard to understand I wish that I could"
  • O.C. Supertones Chase The Sun
    "Welcome to the epicenter, where we got spring and summer, but we skip the winter. Feel free to enter the zone of the Supertones, where late into the night we just rock the microphone. We lived inside the"
  • Die Radio Die The Chase
    "Communication break down again, again Your emerald eyes say it all for you Thoughts from your mind speak loud and clear, and clear Your options manifest as a single, rolling tear Don't cry, don't cry.. I'm"
  • Knightowl The Chase
    "( police talking ) attention all units in the downtown area suspect wanted for a possible 187 last seen at the corner India (?) suspect wearing all blue considered to be dangerous I repeat all dangerous"
  • Queensryche The Chase
    "You think you're smart, inventive Because you've figured out my game? Pride is a handy substitute, When you've got only yourself to blame. All my dreams I've realized while you... were indisposed. While"
  • Lerner Alan Jay The Chase
    "Male Chorus Harry Beaton! Harry Beaton! Run an' get 'im! Get 'im! Run an' get 'im! Get 'im! Run, ye men, or ye will never see another morning'. Go an' stop 'im! Stop 'im! Go an' stop 'im! Stop 'im! Run,"
  • Meredith Edwards Reach
    "I know sometimes this world's so unkind And it's hard to find one true freind When all of your dreams are scattered like leaves in the wind But trust me, don't ever doubt I promise I won't let you"
  • Gloria Estefan Reach
    "Some dreams live on in time forever Those dreams, you want with all Your heart And I'll do whatever it takes Follow through with the promise I made Put it all on the line What I hoped for at last would"
  • Survivor Reach
    "Beyond the new horizon Destiny lost and found You're gonna have it all somehow Waiting for your arrival Only a moment now In the blink of an eye it all comes down And nothing is easy And nothing is free You"

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