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Reader platten

  • Reader - Tellison
    "I think i know whats going on and you work yourself up to this everytime and thinking's just too much to ask just make another story she'll believe you i dont want to be formulaic i dont want to mean anything"
  • Dear Reader - Taylor Swift
    "Dear reader If it feels like a trap You're already in one Dear reader Get out your map Pick somewhere and just run Dear reader Burn all the files, desert all your past lives And if you don't recognize"
  • Mind Reader - Sebadoh
    "Look, baby, I'm not a mind reader You're gonna have to tell me so You're lookin' down at your shoes again Take us down off of a cloud I'm ridin' high in the sky You'd have to tell me so Look, baby, I ain't"
  • Palm Reader - Third Eye Blind
    "Just give me a call when you feel better but you never do and I'm just another debtor to some palm reader whose got her hands mixed up Palm readers breath smells of brandy and cigarettes As she sells"
  • Attention Reader - Pencey Prep
    "I'm nothing I'm nothing Caught here, and now I'm gone So many days fly by You haunt me, the times I shut my eyes Choke softly, from the poetry It doesn't sound as true when you still were here Scent I"
  • Cold Reader - Stone Sour
    "Seed, gotta let it grow, why ya gotta watch when I let it feed? Better look into the mirror for the face you hide away, everyday But I don't give a fuck; I let it roll - I smoke the old Gotta run, gotta"
  • Reader Meet Author - Morrissey
    "You don't know a thing about their lives They live where you wouldn't dare to drive You shake as you think of how they sleep But you write as if you all lie side by side Reader, meet Author With the"
  • Die Kritik An Platten Kann Die Platten Der Kritik Nicht Ersetzen - Beginner
    "geht man davon aus, dass reell ist was man erlebt so sind die medien ein spiegel dieser realitt doch wusstet ihr, dass der verzerrt und dabei grosses noch grsser macht es lang - lang zieht, breittritt"
  • Reader Takes A Stand - Johan
    "So you're taking a stand But it's staking your hand I can't believe you know You've got nothing to say Better throw it away Ah can you leave it now Take it easy now Yeah take it easy now You can speak"
  • I'm A Reader & A Writer - Procol Harum
    "I'm a reader and a writer Not a lover or a fighter When it comes to push and shove I'm as peaceful as a dove I'm a tiger in the night When I'm talking of the fight When it comes to trading blows I'm the"
  • I'm a reader and a writer - Procol Harum
    "I'm a reader and a writer Not a lover or a fighter When it comes to push and shove I'm as peaceful as a dove I'm a tiger in the night When I'm talking of the fight When it comes to trading blows I'm the"
  • In the mind of the borgeious reader - Sonic Youth
    "Seaside rever gonna rock the boat gonna roll it up fat superdope yeah pass it around or stick it on a pin boyie lover with the bunny skin (?) my plastic lady here's a glitter roll straight from my heart"
  • Fight Song - Rachel Platten
    "Like a small boat On the ocean Sending big waves Into motion Like how a single word Can make a heart open I might only have one match but I can make an explosion And all those things I didn't say Wrecking"
  • Stand By You - Rachel Platten
    "Hands, put your empty hands in mine And scars, show me all the scars you hide And hey, if your wings are broken Please take mine so yours can open too Cause I'm gonna stand by you Tears make kaleidoscopes"
  • Broken Glass - Rachel Platten
    "I’m on a highway full of red lights I lost so many long nights felt words that cut like knives I know, I know they’re gonna say what they wanna I know they’re gonna say what they want but I feel it changing I"
  • Safe As Houses - Eddi Reader
    "One victory they burned down And sometimes its hard To take you kite shopping In Neil's yard That was then and I don't know how But I was caught in the middle And it doesn't matter now Wherever you are Let"
  • Galileo (Someone Like You) - Eddi Reader
    "Galileo fell in love As a Galilean boy And he wondered what in heavens Who'd invented such a joy But the question got the better Of his scientific mind And to his blind and dyin' day He'd look up high"
  • Peacetime - Eddi Reader
    "In peacetime When church bells ring They scatter birds Through hopeful skies In summer fields A straw-headed boy With so much to find In peacetime And in peacetime When fires burn Gunpowder stars Fill"
  • The Calton Weaver Or Nancy Whisky - Eddi Reader
    "I'm a weaver A Calton weaver I'm a rash and a roving blade I've got silver in my pooches I'll gang and follow the roving trade Whisky, whisky, Nancy whisky Whisky, whisky, Nancy -o As I come in by Glesga"
  • Ontario - Eddi Reader
    "Amethyst found Thunder Bay Molten born to paper weight A package found It's way here today All the way from Ontario So we go on about our lives Under other London skies Christmas calls Postcard replies All"

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