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Really really really

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Really really really

  • Really - Nellie McKay
    "Am I sad not sad enough really am I mad not mad enough clearly am I complacent completely lacking in sincerity yes indeed I am am I tough not tough enough really am I rough not rough enough nearly"
  • Really - UB40
    "I couldn't really put it any better than this The love that I feel, in your tender kiss. And something about your body girl I can't resist It don't get no better, no better than this. You know I love"
  • Really Really - Huntingtons
    "The first time I saw you hanging out You were kissing by the telephone I knew what you were all about And knew I had to leave it alone Cause people talk And talk gets talked And eventually we all know What"
  • Really Really Happy - The Muffs
    "And I don't care what anyone thinks about me I'm not afraid of what you say or do it doesn't hurt me I'm telling you that I'm completely over it and I don't care what you do I'm really really glad and"
  • Really hope - The Cranberries
    "I've been down this road beforeNow I'm coming back for moreThis is like a deja vuI was born to be with youInto the night we went to sleepYou and I were meant for kidsInto the night we went to playYou and"
  • Really Happy - Monika Ferens
    "Oh Ive been here Thousand times before But youve never Been here spiritually You took a look But then you turned your head Its nothing new But it always feels so strange I know you are deceiving But the"
  • Really Hard - James
    "To be loving when the knives are out Takes much courage and a mind without doubt I'm just some robot, wind up the clockwork jerk Trying to impress is the nature of my work And it's so hard to remain open If"
  • Really Something - Aaron Sprinkle
    "I'm working on my forward thinking Working on my self control Process this ugly mess And figure out how to make it whole Choke down a bus ride to the city Chase it with a trip to the East Side It seems"
  • Really Rosie - Carole King
    "I'm really Rosie And I'm Rosie Real You better believe me I'm a great big deal! BELIEVE ME! I'm a star from afar Off the golden coast Beat the drum! Make that toast! To Rosie the Most! BELIEVE ME! I"
  • Really Mystified - Elvis Costello
    "He will break your heart, if you go with him. Tear it all apart, and that would be a sin. I'm really mystified, I even sat right down and cried. I'm the one that needs you, I love you constantly. Answer"
  • Really Sorry - Example
    "look please girls just listen too me please dont stare and look right through me dont act like you never knew me, i need to apologise i'm really sorry to all the girls i treated badly dessa plus alisha,"
  • Can't Really - Nerdee
    "She met him in the rain and tears went down her eyes as they kissed for the first time It was love at first sight it was wonderful and nice what it really was, was a suicide And she cannot find a reason"
  • Silly Really - Per Gessle
    "youd better get up and leave the neighbour singin youd better get up before you break some major law youre takin a walk an hear distant screamin or is it just the tyres of a car? you know youve been thru"
  • Really Thru - Superdrag
    "you should either let it go, or grip it with both hands I can play it cool, but I'm not sure I understand if I'm being serious, please don't turn your back maybe I should change the subject - you look"
  • Nothing Really - Stefy
    "Today's another gloomy day here in LA They say it's cos the weathers not the same Feels that way, and I don't want the world to change The world's not mine to change, can't change the world Don't want"
  • Really Something - Krezip
    "So you say we're fine Well nothing feels allright You think there's no way I'll make you go away What dream are you in? What are you thinking? You're really something that turned into nothing You're"
  • Really here - Far
    "I noticed it when I walked out My small white world was closing down I wondered, I would always wonder Why I am always sober and everyone is loaded and it gets old Well I bow out now I refuse So what if"
  • Really High - Sandra Czuraj
    "wokół mnie cisza to przyciąga mnie nie powiem łapię oddech delektuję się czyli grzeczna tak, to wypada mi być a jak? trochę shame, trochę ogień znowu lekko nie wyspana na powiekach czuje wczorajsi dzień ironicznie"
  • Really Wrong - Wide Mouth Mason
    "In a shiny patch of you, my sweet corroded love I still recognise my face and all the things I dream of I dream of you Here comes the really wrong You know you knew it all along But you chase it anyway There"
  • Really hot - Missy Elliott
    "I'm really,really hotEverytime my records dropRadio says I won't stopCus' I'm killin' em'1st VERSE]Let me holla' at the d.j.Come on d.j. put that record on the replayDon't you see how them bitches move"

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