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Reba McEntire - Love Revival

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Reba McEntire - Love Revival

  • Does He Love You (Duet With Reba Mcentire) - Kelly Clarkson
    "Reba: I've known about you for a while now When he leaves me he wears a smile now As soon as he's away from me In your arms is where he wants to be Kelly: But you're the one he rushes home to You're the"
  • Love Revival - Reba McEntire
    "(Leslie Satcher/Marc Harris) Now I know what you need And you know what I need The whole dang block knows this whole house needs A love revival,love revival up in here Now I know I'm preaching 'Cause"
  • For My Broken Heart (With Reba Mcentire) - Jacky Cheung
    "For My Broken Heart One by one put them in your car (Jacky)Nothing much for us to say One last goodbye and you drove away I watched your tail-lights As they faded in the dark (Reba)I couldn't face"
  • Revival - Me Phi Me
    "Listen to my words as i speak of rivers Some may be shallow and some may be deeper and deeper my brother Man sits with pan and scans the land for what he can Hopin' that he might strike gold Wading in"
  • Revival - Robin Mark
    "I hear the voice of one calling, prepare ye the way of the Lord. And make His paths straight in the wilderness And let your light shine in the darkness And let your rain fall in the desert. As sure as"
  • Revival - Allman Brothers Band, The
    "Allman Brothers Band, The Beginnings Revival By dickey betts Copyright 1970 unichappell inc. and f. r. betts music (bmi) People can you feel it? love is everywhere. People can you hear it? love is in"
  • Revival - Allman Brothers Band
    "Allman Brothers Band A Decade Of Hits (1969-1979) Revival by Dickey Betts Copyright 1970 Unichappell Inc. and F. R. Betts Music (BMI) People can you feel it? Love is everywhere. People can you hear it?"
  • Revival - The Allman Brothers Band
    "by Dickey Betts Copyright 1970 Unichappell Inc. and F. R. Betts Music (BMI) People can you feel it? Love is everywhere. People can you hear it? Love is in the air. We're in a revolution. Don't you know"
  • Can't Stop Now (Different Than The Version On Reba Live) - Reba McEntire
    "Can't Stop Now (different than the version on Reba Live) I can't say I didn't know what I was doing I can't pretend things just got out of hand I should of kept my distance While I was still strong But"
  • The Revival - Sammy Hagar
    "Listen up, it's party time...Bring on 1999!!! Hit it! Na na na na na, Come on, the revival rejuvenation. Na na na na na, Come on, the revival across the nation. Can you feel it in the air, Celebration"
  • Revival town - Delirious
    "Well I've got a message to bring I can't preach but I can sing and me and my brothers here gonna play redemption hymns we're not on our own you know it's all around the world cos this is the freedom generation"
  • The Ballad Of John McEntire - Reba McEntire
    "Gather 'round me boys I've a story to tell 'Bout a friend of mine That you all know well He's an old cowhand He's known near and far He goes by the name Of John McEntire 1897 Was the year he was born In"
  • Reba - Phish
    "Reba sink a boulder in the waterReba tie a cable to a treeReba stuck in a game of lipstick perfume flypaperReba press a razor to a slide cross a needle with a pruneKnee deep in the motel tubReba dangle"
  • One Man Revival - Bob Carlisle
    "No greater love, no lesser grace No great distance than the one that I have made You crave my heart and miss our quiet time alone Have I become as hard as stone? Chorus I need a one-man revival A renewing"
  • Spirit Of Revival - Eso-Charis
    "Ressurection fall on us, ressurection roll over us This is our reality to pursue your hand Righteousnes, you arm us with your strength We come trembling from our strongholds Understand, discern the spirits This"
  • Georgia Concrete Revival - Jump Little Children
    "Ten years he said from the front seat, Heading south on Georgia concrete, With time runnin' short in a white Escort, We had the end of the world to beat. Believe me there's no denying, That the earth is"
  • You Must Really Love Me - Reba McEntire
    "(Reba McEntire/Don Schlitz) Tell me why do you put up with my foolish ways You never take to heart the crazy things I say Oh I know you could walk out on me any day There must be a darn good reason why"
  • When You Love Someone Like That - Reba McEntire
    "When You Love Someone Like That Duet by Reba McEntire and LeAnn RimesVerse 1LeAnnI think it was me it must have been meI guess I did something wrongI"
  • Revival - Soulsavers
    "Said gonna be a revival tonight ooh I wanna see a revival yeah Gonna be a revival tonight Lord, let there be a revival yeah Forgive what I have done It means my soul's survival, oohh I need you so,it's"
  • The Cold Wind Revival - Deathbot
    "Don't take your love from these hands It's a cold wind revival it's blown through these yards Don't take your eyes off my arms It's the sweetest revenge I've been longing to take Down down on these streets They've"

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