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Red - let it burn

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Red - let it burn

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Red - let it burn
  • Nothingface Let It Burn
    ""Take this one in your face, motherf**ker" We are the army of the anarchist Viewed as America's cicatrix We are the flawed We are the scarred We are the true America Now what the f**k you gonna do that"
  • Ignite Let it burn
    "I'm thinking it through I'm thinking of you Try to remind myself to move The nightmare unfolds Should have never let her go Alone in this empty room Let it burn I'm thinking of you I'm thinking it through"
  • Quo Vadis Let It Burn
    "So many things are hidden A question that has no rhyme Walking in a circle Too many things we can't define Wandering thoughts Wonder what they must mean Mind finds no peace The whole keeps going, can't"
  • Overkill Let It Burn
    "Here-here, got the lock-down cover me Fear-fear, got the in to let it out So near, feel its breath all over me Everything is inside, nothing going out I hear you, I see you, I put you out I hate you, I"
  • Vicious Crusade Let It Burn!
    "(Lyrics by Dmitry Basik) Did you see the rays of light? Light turning black to white. Or did you keep your eyes still closed, looking your own way? Did you hear the tolling bell when heavens turned to"
  • Ataris Let It Burn
    "Ataris Let It Burn Let It Burn Knowledge is key. You can never know too much. Well I won't let them Keep me from learning all I can. Public schools just stand up. The system feeds our minds. Did the"
  • Outlawz Let It Burn
    "(feat. Chair Krazy) I got this monkey on my back And I can't let it go So much trouble on my brain And I can't let it go Oh, and I'm so throed I don't know what to do But pour me a drank And smoke a"
  • Agent Orange Let It Burn
    "i propose that we devise a plan down to every last detail - we cannot fail 'cuz the only thing that's standing in our way is disastrous betrayal so let the driving force prevail now i'm falling back"
  • Bad Religion Let It Burn
    "Let your mind wander look beyond the shadows Focus on the skyline read the silhouettes Your deepest desires are a picture of tomorrow All your darkest fears are just a vestige of regret And it's woh ohh"
  • The Ataris Let It Burn
    "Knowledge is key. You can never know too much. Open your books aim to the stars Well I won't let them Keep me from learning all I can. Public schools just stand up. The system feeds our minds. Did the"
  • Elbow Red
    "Come as you are, sweetheart Come as you are You know you've got nothing to prove I'll put you to bed you can let it all go You've been playing too rough lately You burn too bright You live too fast This"
  • Screeching Weasel Burn It Down
    "and now i wonder what's going on and who's really in another world while you're asleep the makeup you're wearing runs down your face like so many tears watch them piss away any hope for change any hope"
  • The Dean’s List Burn It All
    "Pop a bottle for the girl with no boyfriend Drink it all we don't care we just order more in Light a blunt for the team cause we all here Take a hit and make a hit Nigga this is our year In the game like"
  • Rancid Burn
    "Yeah 13 red and white stripes flying White for skin and red for dying Why can't I - walk on through And not feel like - one is in hell Why can't I - walk on through And not feel like - one is in hell We"
  • Ellie Goulding Burn
    "We, we dont have to worry bout nothing Cause we got the fire, and we're burning one hell of a something They, they gonna see us from outer space, outer space Light it up, like we're the stars of the human"
  • Endo Burn
    "she loves to die with me she loves to feel empty when we speak words take us in beneath our make up will we ever learn i just let it burn just let it burn inside me i've fallen this world still keeps killing don't"
  • Usher Burn
    "Girl, understand why See it's burning me to hold onto this I know this is something I gotta do But that don't mean I want to What I'm trying to say is that I-love-you I just I feel like this is coming"
  • Against Me! Burn
    "Beautiful to live in poverty Just to spite what they're selling Take a thousand hits to prove the rest and I'll move in Millimeters still won't mean shit against well-done subversion Fathers of invention"
  • Five Iron Frenzy Burn
    "i see a city on a hill, i see the only way to be filled, mighty rushing wind around us, Holy Spirit burn within us Burn. burn. burn within us, within us spirit of truth, my eyes deceive me, teach me"
  • Kobra And The Lotus Burn!
    "I really hate you, yes I do I hate the way I second guess myself with you And I'm losing all control Yes, I'm losing all control Let it burn! Burn to the ground! I desire to watch you Burn! Destroy the"

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