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Red town

  • Paint The Town Red - Ima Robot
    "Walking on traintracks Thinking of the girl you killed She was the eighteenth girl in the world Who ever gave me love, love Vengeance in my heart And in my hands, a gun, a gun, a gun Death wish three Motherfucker"
  • Turning The Town Red - Elvis Costello
    "You've been taught that this won't do They put me in the picture but the film turned blue A glimpse of you, Turning The Town Red. A head full of brand new words and a mouth full of shocks You're a big"
  • Red Berry Joy Town - Wonder Stuff
    "We knew we'd find you crying on top of dustbin hill, grinning at the passers by through the flowers on your windowsill. This is Red Berry Joy Town, this is clown around town. Only yesterday I saw you"
  • Paint The Town Red - Nuno Bettencourt
    "Tightly I hold her Closer to my heart I'm certain when I squeeze her For total love she'll sacrifice You're the reasons to live Your wish is your command A simple flick of the wrist Could simply be the"
  • Paint the town red - Extreme
    "Tightly I hold her Closer to my heart I'm certain when I squeeze her For total love she'll sacrifice You're the reasons to live Your wish is your command A simple flick of the wrist Could simply be the"
  • Red Hill Mining Town - Dream Theater
    "- ("Uncovered" show at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, London - 1/31/95) - Bono (U2 - from the album "The Joshua Tree") From Father to Son The blood runs thin I see faces frozen"
  • Red Hill Mining Town - U2
    "From father to son The blood runs thin See faces frozen still Against the wind The seam is split The coal face cracked The lines are long There's no going back Through hands of steel And heart of stone Our"
  • Paint The Town Red - Delirious?
    "You know I feel there's something 'bout to break now, You know I feel there's a city here to take now. And it's not so tough for these ordinary hands, When we trust someone with extraordinary plans. You"
  • Paint The Town Red - Doja Cat
    "Utwór 'Paint The Town Red' to nowość od Doja Cat. Premiera 4 sierpnia 2023r. By Walk on by Walk on by Walk on by Walk on by Yeah, bitch, I said what I said I'd rather be famous instead I let all that"
  • Red - Combichrist
    "Nothing ever happens in this dirty hick town, The bar is always and all the hookers are long gone, The church is entertaiment and prozac is the drug, I'm going out of my mind, start changing it around I"
  • I'M PAINTING THE TOWN RED - Billie Holiday
    "A smile on my face A song on my lips Pretending is all I do I'm painting the town red To hide a heart that's blue I'm gay with the crowd I play with the crowd But oh, if they only knew I'm painting the"
  • My Town - Golden Earring
    "From the Albums: * Prisoner of the night * 2nd Live My town is sittin' on the ocean My town paradise livin' My town is all right I've got fine friends livin' round the corner Crazy friends party every"
  • Your town - Laleh
    "Looking down from a plane and I saw your town Sun was resting yellow red over your town The cars were driving around One of those cars could be yours I was looking down from a plane and I saw your"
  • Simple Town - Willy Mason
    "its a simple town; with a lonely sound there's demons in the trees come and rescue me its a simple town; where the face becomes a veil where the eyes become a jail; for the settlers minds to pale its just"
  • Mohawk town - Vandals
    "Now Mohawk John knew he did wrong when he went and killed some men They sent for the marshal to bring him in they sent for Marshal Skin He rolled into town, and pulled his cowboy hat down Cause everyone"
  • My Town - Guttermouth
    "My town Is a place you'll never come in last My town Is a place that's upside down My town Is a place you'll always have a full glass Once upon a time in a fabricated land There lived a town that was custom"
  • London Town - Bellowhead
    "Up London City I made my way, up Cheapside I chose to stray, where a fair pretty maid I there did meet, and I greeted her with kisses sweet. ''(x2) I was up to the rigs, down to the jigs, up to the rigs"
  • Desert Town - Jim Carroll
    "I hitched a ride to a desert town (I never planned this trip) I saw my past in the sun like a tongue (that slowly dripped) People faced me with lazarus eyes They were red and dazed like fat horse flies I"
  • Railroad Town - Neil Young
    "When the red sun sets on the railroad town, And the bars begin to laugh with a happy sound, I'll still be here right by your side, There'll not be anyone in my heart but you. And the dreams that you're"
  • Perfect Town - Admiral Freebee
    "I knocked at you door at dawn And I dragged you, from your bed Somehow there was something somebody said That makes me dream my dream, in rainbow red It is difficult to understand But impossible to forget I've"

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