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Redd Kross Crazy World

  • Crazy World - Redd Kross
    "Why does a missile look like a cock Why is the world so fucked up Why can't love turn out to be true Show me a man who's not just a stooge Well it's a crazy crazy world we live in It's a crazy crazy world"
  • Follow The Leader - Redd Kross
    "You've got to look deep inside Because it's the safest place to hide Outside there is a battle One that i'll miss if you don't tattle Follow the leader Follow the leader Follow the leader Follow I'm"
  • Crazy World - Autograph
    "Everyday I'm watchin' People everywhere Walkin' down that red line Ain't no time to care It's a pressure cooker Livin' for today It's a Ouiji future Getting' in our way When you live life on the edge It's"
  • Crazy World - Scorpions
    "(Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine, Herman Rarebell, Jim Vallance) I get up in the morning For my dose of the news Crawl right back in the sack girl Had enough of the truth Spend your dollars and rubels Buy"
  • Crazy world - Opus
  • Crazy world - DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark
    "What's going on in the world today It's crazy, yeah I know Everybody's begging to see some change But it's all right? cause hey I've got something to believe in Can't let go of this feeling This I know And"
  • Crazy World - Henry Mancini
    "Crazy world Full of crazy contridictions, like a child. First you drive me wild, and then you win my heart With your wicked art. One minute tender, gentle, then tempermental as a summer storm. Just when"
  • Crazy World - Ashcroft Richard
    "Ashcroft Richard Alone With Everybody Crazy World There's nothing really wrong with the state of your ambition The whole world is crumbling Cos your crazy vision All wars are boys and death is what"
  • Crazy World - Young Jeezy
    "(What they want?) They want that killing shit That dumb shit that where you from shit That ride around you hood all day with your gun shit All I got to my name is two bricks and one felony Your going back"
  • Crazy world - Richard Ashcroft
    "There's nothing really wrong with the state of your ambition the whole world is crumbling cos your crazy vision all wars are boys and death is what you hate most Come on baby don't you want to get a new"
  • Crazy World - Ladyhawke
    "Sick of all that we have to be in this life Gimme all that you have Gimme what you like Waiting here for a fool to begin his life And you, you try to remember Flipping coins from a tin Till he feels the"
  • Crazy World - Lucky Dube
    "So far so good we still living today But we don't know what tomorrow brings In this crazy world People dying like flies every day You read about it in the news But you don't believe it You'll only know"
  • Crazy World - Morandi
    "I saw you crying yesterdayJust let me wipe those tears awayI`ll be your sun after the rainI`ll make sure you`ll never feel the pain again..Baby close your eyes and come with me..In my world of dreams where"
  • Crazy World - Oxymoron
    "Your life's so weird you doubt it's real and reject it all Cause years ago when you were a child no one told you so Well , I know about your problem, there's loads loke us around So don't make no secret"
  • Crazy World - Abba
    "I was out for the morning sun Couldn't sleep so I thought I'd take a walk I was thinking of you and me And I went to your house 'cos I had to talk I could hardly believe my eyes When I saw this guy closing"
  • Crazy world - Rascalz
    "One time for your mind This is not a test, this is an emergency Listen, this is what I need you to do... Is get on the dance floor Before you cross the border Betta have your shit in order Cuz now your"
  • Crazy World - Allister
    "got a full tank of gas, your hand in my clasp this time were never turning back throw out all the rules, be nobody's fool what was a hole is now a crack and a wall built around this supressive town where"
  • Crazy World - Bliss 66
    "Come now baby girl Tell me what you've seen It's such a crazy world It's never heard me dream I didn't want to be the one to tell ya Love isn't always what it seems I think you know what I mean I didn't"
  • Kriss Kross - Guillemots
    "When the moon's in the sky I like it When the moon's in the sky we like it It's not gonna give us bad advice So go and dance with your thunder and lightning Where the paradise birds are fighting Let's"
  • How Much More - Redd Kross
    "Every night I see you walk Walking by, walking by You hold your head so close to his I could die, yeah, I could die I want to be that boy tonight Boy tonight, boy tonight How much more can I take Before"

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