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Redd Kross Notes

  • Notes & Chords Mean Nothing To Me - Redd Kross
    "I wanna break my guitar It won't get me nowhere It's gonna scream at my fingers I wanna rip out my hair I wanna throw it on the ground And turn it up real loud Kick it with my foot And throw it on the"
  • Kriss Kross - Guillemots
    "When the moon's in the sky I like it When the moon's in the sky we like it It's not gonna give us bad advice So go and dance with your thunder and lightning Where the paradise birds are fighting Let's"
  • Notes - Phantom Of The Opera
    "(Firmin) Mystery after gala night It says mystery of soprano's flight Mystified all the papers say We are mystified, we suspect foul play Bad news on soprano scene First Carlotta now Christine Still,"
  • Notes - Warhead
    "This concept album tells the fictional story of a man sentenced to death awaiting his execution on death row. This is an emotional story of violence and remorse, apprehension and uncertainty, hope and"
  • Blue Notes - Liane Foly
    "Tonight je sors de ma bulleMy heat somnambuleI sing dans le crpusculeDes songs pour noctambulesDes blue notes qui s'aimentLes trottoirs de Spanish HarlemBlue Moon sur les bords de la scneMy Baby don'y"
  • Strange Notes - Germs
    "Billy Druids face is marble He keeps veery thought in its place He lets the days turn tomorrow Someone's always walking on his grave He wears the lines just like Garbo And talks at a saturmine pace Listening"
  • Notes & Daisies - Lisa Loeb
    "Opening my ears to hear the poison in your words, I see the apple in your eye. And your smile wraps around me like a snake, a rattler, Your smile strangles all your lies. I don't want to send you notes"
  • Frozen Notes - Warren Zevon
    "written by Warren Zevon 1971 Mr. Bones Music Inc. Publishing BMI Softly falls the morning rain Loneliness comes around again And I sit and sing my song 'Though it never seems to matter And it never"
  • Last Notes - Shaun Groves
    "There is a part of me That's only visiting Torn from eternity A stranger here The awkward mingling of The loveless and beloved So far from things above While I am here So when the last notes of my soul's"
  • Filthy Notes - Lacrimas Profundere
    "Everything is gone And we are left alone You are more than me And I am sure you are meant to be You are just forever But no one has a guarantee I have to think about it No one can help me out of this And"
  • Liner Notes - Rickie Lee Jones
    "Now the birds speak in secret rhythms and the trees bark in secret sounds and the people speak in secret thought and they push the thoughts into the shape of words and sometimes someone among us sticks"
  • Boyfriend Notes - Silent Drive
    "If you left me I'd be sleepy Soon the night will grow along with us If I sold sense to a new face Soon the stars will finish us my dear And breath And follow blindly the path of robot friends Hey...God"
  • Cliff Notes - Time Tells All
    "Cold shoulder I hope you analyze the words I say Fall in too deep Im chasin dreams But they run too fast for me Chance Im taking them and getting caught Let me tell you another secret Just listen"
  • September Notes - Radical Noise
    "I yield my every gout to the ocean I ran 'till I die to face the forgotten I've never been pollen waiting for a bee I've never been an ink drop dispersing in water With every fall, I got risen I go through"
  • Jump (ft. Trippie Redd) - Julia Michaels
    "stay right there, get away I need space I told yo u yesterday slow the pace down can we do that tomorrow cause now you’re moving in on my skin I move back with my lips it goes better against my better"
  • Candy (feat. Trippie Redd) - Machine Gun Kelly
    "- what’s wrong with you, goonies? - his mom, has ahh - ahh, have you guys ever tried to buy drugs before? - both of you suck very much, okay - why don’t you go outside and practice what your going to say -"
  • FeRRis WhEEL (feat. Trippie Redd) - Tory Lanez
    "we stay lit all that shit damn, lil baby what you call that shit that’s the red nose shawty you a dog lil bitch touch the damn floor wyth your paws, lil bitch shake that fat ass on my balls, lil bitch damn,"
  • Alright (ft. Trippie Redd & Preme) - Wiz Khalifa
    "Say I am alright everywhere i go bitch, i am Alright yeach, attractin' bold bitches all night"
  • gone girl ft. Trippie Redd - iann dior
    "i am falling love in the same time i fall apart i should have known cuz i saw sign in the stars"
  • Notes Falling Slow - Cowboy Junkies
    "My love swears that he is made of truth I do believe him though I know he lies. I've caught him creeping 'round darkened holes. I've caught him staring at distant skies. I would have seen it coming but"

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