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Redlight - Switch It Off

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Redlight - Switch It Off

  • Redlight - Kelly Osbourne
    "im falling, dont bother, i rather end up where i droped off no making excuses, i guess i feel like i dont fit your speaking but i just dont hear you, who do you think is listening?, you noticed i didnt,"
  • Switch - TLC
    "Switch switch switch switch I ain't one to be questioned About who and where I've been I ain't one to be questioned About what time I came in Tryna squeeze, baby please Hit the road and don't come back 'Cause"
  • Switch - Ashley Tisdale
    "Switch it, switch it You're out of this world, I'm sure of it A crazy intuition You're off and on, you're here and gone, come back A curious condition And then you switch right over It's weird, yeah I"
  • On/Off Switch - Sinai Beach
    "Like a pair of pants you treat my creator Take him off one day and put him on another Like a clock work you abuse the Savior Just wait till the right hand strikes at the right time Your faith is bipolar Charismatic"
  • Redlight District - Porcelain And The Tramps
    "9 inch heels come marching in To please a black tied dirty old man. Staring, sweating, barely caring, Slurring, "Break me in." Give it up, give it up, give it up. She'll give it up if you wanna pay up. Give"
  • Switch Off The Sun - Pati Yang
    "This morning's been cruel to me again And even my bed is cold Naked I seat down and break in tears So hysterical Tearing off the pillows of past I bet all neighbours have heard me before Can't beat another"
  • Switch It Up - Fed-X
    ""I would say I've still got a lon long way to go" Porsches Benzes trucks and Vipers Lamborghini Gilardos, Hennies and Chryslers All the different color gems to match the rims on ya Spider Indianapolis"
  • Switch It On - Will Young
    "I can see I'm a little unstable Mystified, I'm tired and unable To switch it on and switch it off daily It's OK to say how you see me It's about my time There's no way Please, this isn't working"
  • Bitch Switch - NEXX
    "I know - Boy you think I'm hot But I'm not for free "You think you're macho" Come on - Show me what cha got Can you handle me? "I - I don't think so" Try to steal a kiss Hey I won't put up with this All"
  • Switch Styles - Chamillionaire
    "(*talking*) As we get on the proceedings this evening Ha-ha, it's Koopa nigga, it's Koopa nigga Hey man switch styles man, stay switching styles You know I'm tal'n bout, switch everything nigga Paint switching,"
  • Switch! - Melissa White & Ace
    "Switch the feeling Switch the feeling You've got to believe it You've got to believe it, yeah Dance, switch the feel You really mean baby Lots for me Shake, switch the feel You really can shake it,"
  • Switch - Ashanti
    "Now All My Ladies Step Left Right Left Right Left Right I Know He Watchin My Switch Yo Wat? My Switch Yo Wat? My Switch Yo Wat? My Now Altogether Step Left Right Left Right Left Right He Know He"
  • Switch - Ashanti & Nelly
    "Now All My Ladies Step Left Right Left Right Left Right I Know He Watchin My Switch Yo Wat? My Switch Yo Wat? My Switch Yo Wat? My Now Altogether Step Left Right Left Right Left Right He Know He Watchin"
  • Switch - Lupe Fiasco
    "Yeah, revenge, now what we gonna do right now, a ha ugh, is gonna try a little experiment, just a little experiment, you know what I'm saying, a little science project, you know what I'm saying, I like"
  • Switch! - Jazmine Sullivan
    "Hey I met him at the bookstore He said he'd like to get to know me just a little more Asked me to dinner I said I'd bring my girlfriend He said that's cool 'cause he was gonna bring his best friend But"
  • Switch - Will Smith
    "Yo mic check, mic check, yeah here you go Nah, he over here Yeah, I heard he got that hot new thing It's called "Switch" (switch) Let's get it going (chorus) Hey switch, turn it over and hit it Turn around"
  • Switch - Lil Wayne
    "Lil Wayne: Uhm why your boyfriend acting like secret service Cause I'mma get you by yourself and get that super service You know I balls out, purchase without a purpose, I do you good then I'm Audi like"
  • Switch - Sugababes
    "He's nothing special Don't need his dough Settling down what is that a joke You're feeling his best friend Your ex bores you 'Cos he started to ignore you He starts his speech Tell him not to preach Always"
  • Switch - Arsenal
    "It's that second in between, it's the boiling point indeed It's a supervisor hitting the outlaw on the scene And you'll be ready, when time erased your deeds. What is the use of warning, when nothing"
  • Switch - 5ive
    "You gotta stop, listen up Checking out my beats Know the day uniques Got ya jumping out ya seats, ah Never bring the same flow upon a track Better watch your back When I bring the switch attack, now People"

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