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Reel Big Fish - Skatanic

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Reel Big Fish - Skatanic

  • Skatanic - Reel Big Fish
    "watchin' you sleep, i'm lookin' in your window, everyday i drive past your house standin' in your front yard, why don't you come out? watchin' you sleep...nowhere to hide, one of these days i'm gonna come"
  • Where Have You Been? (Reel Big Fish) - Emocapella
    "you called me up last night in tears and said you missed me after all these years i've been waiting here so long i've gotten over it since you've been gone you called me late last night again and"
  • Reel To Reel - Grand Puba
    "(Grand Puba Maxwell) Here's that shit, yaknahmsayin? As we bounce it like this For those who don't like it.. UHH! Hey, uh, yeah, yeah YEAH Yeah, HEY! Yeah, yeah yeah yeah, HEY! Yeah, yeah, yeah, HEY! It's"
  • Big Fish - Zox
    "Sometimes I think it would be better If you just walked away And stopped returning phone calls Come out to see the band play Lady, Leave me, I will love you more Sometimes I only speak when I'm ignored Big"
  • Big fish - Mutton Birds
    "Jenny came home from her trip away last winter. No-one knew what had got into her. Soon you could not go two steps without getting word of her. And there were a lot who wished they never heard of her."
  • Big Fish - FFH
    "Do de dum da digga dum dum da dum Do de dum da digga dwee ah Do de dum da digga dum dum da dum Do de dum da digga dum da um (Chorus) Are you in the big fish Are you sitting in the belly of a world gone"
  • Irish Paddy/Festival Reel/Roger's Reel - Great Big Sea
    "Its of an Irishman I'm going to tell you Free from Ireland sailed away Where he was to he was not contended Made up his mind for to go away Early next morning the ship was sailing Queenstown harbour,"
  • Fish On - LINDEMANN
    "Catching ladies is my delight So I go fishing by shiny night Doesn't matter black or blond I threw my worm into the pond Water, water in the sea Bring your creatures up to me I pull them up, release my"
  • Fish - Ghostface Killah
    "(feat. Raekwon, Cappadonna) (, You know they're killers themselves,People die for them. You know, guys that I fooled with were killers themselves These are the men who lead the crime families of America."
  • Big Star - Reel Big Fish
    "now that i'm a big star what am i gonna do i'm so bored countin' all my money. i sit here and i think of you and it's so easy to do i don't even have to try why should i waste my precious time cuz i can't"
  • Big eyed fish - Dave Matthews Band
    "Story of a man, Who decided not to breathe. Turned red, purple, then blue. Colorful indeed. No matter how his friends begged, Well, he would not concede, And now he's dead. You see, cause everybody knows,"
  • Big Fuckin' Star - Reel Big Fish
    "Now that I'm a big star, what am I gonna do? I'm so bored counting all my money, I sit here and I think of you. It's so easy, its so easy to do. I don't even have to try, I don't even want to try, Why"
  • Too Many Fish - Karmin
    "Too many fish in the sea to miss one /x4 Guess what? If you caught one You can catch another one /x4 I was fishin' for a real good man Any second bout to reel one in A little bait and I had one hooked I"
  • Cold Fish - Queen Adreena
    "Strip me down and bait my soul Cut my heart out, eat me whole Taunt and bait me, invalidate me Cold fish Cold fish Cold fish Cold fish In my little dish Cast your hook and reel me in Faster, more fast Break"
  • Small Fish - G. LOVE & SPECIAL SAUCE
    "Ever since i've been a small fish oh yeah, oh yeah yeah yeah yeah I sitting on the street man playin' my guitar lookin' at all the people passin' by the store well they don't even know i'm a small"
  • Fish Paste - Die Antwoord
    "Uh This one's dedicated to all the haters out there Jealous of us because, we're better than you Yo-Landi Vi$$er, bring the spice Jou ma se poes in 'n fish paste jar (De-de D D ja-ja ja-ja J!) Jou ma"
  • Raw Fish - MU330
    "Why would you go all the way to Japan to play a show he said I heard they eat raw fish just the thought of it makes him sick but all the clubs have microphones and people come out to the shows why do you"
  • Fish & Whistle - John Prine
    "I been thinking lately about the people I meet The carwash on the corner and the hole in the street The way my ankles hurt with shoes on my feet And I'm wondering if I'm gonna see tomorrow. Father forgive"
  • Small fish - G. Love And Special Sauce
    "Ever since I've been a small fishOh yeah, oh yeah yeah yeah yeahI sitting on the street manPlayin my guitarLookin at all the peoplePassin by the storeWell they dont even knowIm a small fish gonna swimAnd"
  • Otha Fish - The Pharcyde
    "Yeah, bam, bam, bam, heyya, whassup, yeah We was like that you know Yeah, and I bet you got layed back Yeah, ima uh, Im a just sit in here for a couple of hours Man, dont sweat it, yo, we gonna catch some"

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