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Reel Big Fish - Will The Revolution Come

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Reel Big Fish - Will The Revolution Come

  • Will The Revolution Come? - Reel Big Fish
    "Will the revolution come? Well, that's what they all say Will the revolution come? Well then that will be the day Will the revolution come? Then put your fist in the air Will the revolution come? You better"
  • Big Fish - Zox
    "Sometimes I think it would be better If you just walked away And stopped returning phone calls Come out to see the band play Lady, Leave me, I will love you more Sometimes I only speak when I'm ignored Big"
  • Where Have You Been? (Reel Big Fish) - Emocapella
    "you called me up last night in tears and said you missed me after all these years i've been waiting here so long i've gotten over it since you've been gone you called me late last night again and"
  • Dagger Reel - Black
    "We come and rise again Shake off the chains of sleep that dreams again And again Hold back their hands (Hold back their hands) Hold back their tiny plan (Hold back their tiny plan) When your days are glowing They"
  • Revolution - Reel Big Fish
    "Don't you know They're talkin' bout a revolution It sounds like a whisper Don't you know They're talkin' about a revolution It sounds like a whisper While they're standing in the welfare lines Crying"
  • Big Star - Reel Big Fish
    "now that i'm a big star what am i gonna do i'm so bored countin' all my money. i sit here and i think of you and it's so easy to do i don't even have to try why should i waste my precious time cuz i can't"
  • Big Fish - FFH
    "Do de dum da digga dum dum da dum Do de dum da digga dwee ah Do de dum da digga dum dum da dum Do de dum da digga dum da um (Chorus) Are you in the big fish Are you sitting in the belly of a world gone"
  • Irish Paddy/Festival Reel/Roger's Reel - Great Big Sea
    "Its of an Irishman I'm going to tell you Free from Ireland sailed away Where he was to he was not contended Made up his mind for to go away Early next morning the ship was sailing Queenstown harbour,"
  • Reel To Reel - Grand Puba
    "(Grand Puba Maxwell) Here's that shit, yaknahmsayin? As we bounce it like this For those who don't like it.. UHH! Hey, uh, yeah, yeah YEAH Yeah, HEY! Yeah, yeah yeah yeah, HEY! Yeah, yeah, yeah, HEY! It's"
  • Big Fuckin' Star - Reel Big Fish
    "Now that I'm a big star, what am I gonna do? I'm so bored counting all my money, I sit here and I think of you. It's so easy, its so easy to do. I don't even have to try, I don't even want to try, Why"
  • Real To Reel - Above The Golden State
    "My life has scripted lines like a movie And you're listening now My director's watchful eye is recording Every move and sound The camera's on, three, two, one, everyday Because it won't be long ~til it's"
  • Fish - Ghostface Killah
    "(feat. Raekwon, Cappadonna) (, You know they're killers themselves,People die for them. You know, guys that I fooled with were killers themselves These are the men who lead the crime families of America."
  • Revolution - Insolence
    "We back down on no condition We'll stand aside on no condition We can't back down on no condition We'll stand aside on no condition We be the last crew standing While the earth is drowning Revolution"
  • Revolution - Kottonmouth Kings
    "Daddy X is like a REBEL! He's a f**kin rebel I'm like god damn, you gotta have big time revolution for that the revolution will not be televised.. RIGHT-you say you're right I say you're wrong You destroy"
  • Revolution - Primal Fear
    "Riding The Electric Storm I Am A Widowmaker Taking My Revenge, I'm A Soulbreaker Howling Through The Space My Heart's On Fire The Lust To Kill'em All Is Rising Higher I'll Take My Right Hand - Let'em"
  • Revolution - Blazin' Squad
    "You Try To Put Wool Over My Eyes No It Was Cumnin Why Coz You Made It Bait And I See Mistakes Do You Dare Temp Fate This Games Here To Be Played Not Arranged Not Voted For On Stage My Age Got Me Caged"
  • Revolution - Jah Cure
    "(feat. Chaka Demus) Now this one straight to all big man in all... All youths and youths around da worl' be strong Jah Cure! Sing Along! Youths have turn to criiime From time to time I'm sorry dats"
  • Revolution - World Wide Message Tribe
    "Comin on strong with a new direction Take a new life with a total affection Mind and soul living on the edge See you comin on cos your life is dead I never did go cos I never did see Now Im gonna fight"
  • Revolution - Lord Jamar
    "(Chorus: Reality Allah) Are you ready to fight, revolution Stay loud, til you make a solution How are we going to fight, for the people's right Are you ready to fight, revolution (Lord Jamar) But what"
  • Revolution - Slayers
    "jap. Owari ha shinai! /ang./ /It won't come to an end!/ Harewataru sora kara ochiru toori ame Nagarete yuku kumo ni oitsukenakutte /Tears fall like rain from the clear skies Even if I can't overtake"

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