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Reel Big Fish My Imaginary Friend

  • My Imaginary Friend - Reel Big Fish
    "I couldn't do it So I asked for a helping hand To get me through it But I guess it wasn't in your plan Or maybe you were Just too busy to make time for me I always put you first Expecting me to figure"
  • Where Have You Been? (Reel Big Fish) - Emocapella
    "you called me up last night in tears and said you missed me after all these years i've been waiting here so long i've gotten over it since you've been gone you called me late last night again and"
  • Imaginary Friend - Mono Puff
    "The beauty of A felt-tip pen The comfort found In imaginary friends I've been all around this crummy world And no one will defend The comfort found In imaginary friends I booked my trip On a time machine Going"
  • Imaginary Friend -
    "I am not the type but I will let you I will let you in tonight I’m a little shy but we could turn down we could turn down all the nights mmm if can picture it it’s real you don’t need your eyes to feel just"
  • Imaginary Friend - Chantal Kreviazuk
    "It scares me to speak my mind It might sound self-absorbed I don't say half of what I think I wonder what I'm thinkin' for I'm smellin' dead flowers And listenin' to the walls again I'm drinkin' from"
  • Imaginary Friend - Bracket
    "Won't you please tell me I'm looking for my imaginary friend But I can't remember where I last saw him I don't want to loose him why don't you understand And I need to hear whichever ??? You say I'm acting"
  • Imaginary Friend - Cantatonia
    "Both born of lust and deceit We are lovers who will never meet Wants fade but just in the same room When you knew not of me nor I of you Something inside dies And we don't stand up to scrutiny We stand"
  • Imaginary Friend - Yellow Second
    "reflecting in quiet places where you haunt the unsuspecting you're almost everything i want you to be perfection undiluted found but as for me i can't get my head around you at all i'm troubled i'll wonder"
  • Reel To Reel - Grand Puba
    "(Grand Puba Maxwell) Here's that shit, yaknahmsayin? As we bounce it like this For those who don't like it.. UHH! Hey, uh, yeah, yeah YEAH Yeah, HEY! Yeah, yeah yeah yeah, HEY! Yeah, yeah, yeah, HEY! It's"
  • Soldiers Reel - Wishing Chair
    "Sing a soldiers reel Ride the spinning wheel Another game and deal You turn the cards Play a tramp or saint Beneath the greasepaint You will always be Who you are I was in O'Hanlon's band He was a sorrow"
  • Reel Estate - Optimus Rhyme
    "There's 7 beer bottles in the back of my brain I see clearly there be nothing but pain Upon this path There's blackberry hedges and crap Hornet's nests, spider webs and well-hidden bear traps And damn"
  • Big Fish - Zox
    "Sometimes I think it would be better If you just walked away And stopped returning phone calls Come out to see the band play Lady, Leave me, I will love you more Sometimes I only speak when I'm ignored Big"
  • Imaginary Sea - My Bloody Romance
    "I tell myself I'm a queen As I float down the river of self purity And I ponder the minnows underneath me And the monsters bitting at my feet The waterfall imminent so it seems The water, bright blue and"
  • Fish - Ghostface Killah
    "(feat. Raekwon, Cappadonna) (, You know they're killers themselves,People die for them. You know, guys that I fooled with were killers themselves These are the men who lead the crime families of America."
  • Fish - Daniel Johnston
    "Try aching every care in the world She's only the most beautiful girl The more I think it, the badder it gets I was swimming along when I was caught in her net She's got me singing with a broken heart I"
  • Imaginary - Pacifier / Shihad
    "You're the light in the soul, a lifeline through it all. You connect me when I'm gone, out on my own, I'm never alone, when i'm out of control. Cause you will always remind me that, that all of this is"
  • Imaginary - Evanescence
    "i linger in the doorway of alarm clock screaming monsters calling my name let me stay where the wind will whisper to me where the raindrops as they're falling tell a story in my field of paper flowers and"
  • Fish On - LINDEMANN
    "Catching ladies is my delight So I go fishing by shiny night Doesn't matter black or blond I threw my worm into the pond Water, water in the sea Bring your creatures up to me I pull them up, release my"
  • Big Star - Reel Big Fish
    "now that i'm a big star what am i gonna do i'm so bored countin' all my money. i sit here and i think of you and it's so easy to do i don't even have to try why should i waste my precious time cuz i can't"
  • Otha Fish - The Pharcyde
    "Yeah, bam, bam, bam, heyya, whassup, yeah We was like that you know Yeah, and I bet you got layed back Yeah, ima uh, Im a just sit in here for a couple of hours Man, dont sweat it, yo, we gonna catch some"

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