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Reim - Love its

  • its love - A-Teens
    "A Teens Miscellaneous its love oh yea oh no baby what i feel for you is weird like ive never felt this way before(tell me the same) but even though this seems like a dream i know you are so true i really"
  • Its Love - Lari White
    "(lari white/chuck cannon) There's a full moon slippin' up over the hill There's a heart gettin' ready to fall There's an old song playing on the radio And there's a crazy feeling got a way of stealing Over"
  • Its Your Love - Lenny Kravitz
    "here we are still together we are one so much time wasted playing games with love so many tears i've cried so much pain iside but baby it ain't over 'til it's over so many years we've tried to keep our"
  • Its Your Love - Natural
    "Dancing in the dark, middle of the night Taking your heart and holding it tight Emotional touch, touching my skin And asking you to do what you've been doing all over again Oh, it's a beautiful thing Don't"
  • Its Over - White Lion
    "Theres a little note beside this empty bed I hear the back door slam Rn baby youre on your way You know I cried a thousand times before you left You say that this is it But baby cant you wait You take"
  • Its Me - Out of Eden
    "All of my life I've dreamed a love would come to me It's here and now I know it's more that and other love could be I never though I'd know someone who loved me so To go as for to die that His love for"
  • Its Magic - Dick Haymes
    "Laura is the face in the misty lights. Footsteps that you hear down the hall. The love that floats on a summer night, That you can never quite recall. And you see Laura on a train that is passing through. Those"
  • Its Magic - Jerry Vale
    "You sigh, the song begins, you speak and I hear violins It's magic The stars desert the skies and rush to nestle in your eyes It's magic Without a golden wand or mystic charms Fantastic things"
  • Its Over - Mest
    "You've been waiting for You never knew for sure Cause time was goin' by And never asked you why When I would talk to you The words they went right through Your head But I couldn't tell You were under"
  • Its Love U Feel - Glass Tiger
    "Just a boy--seventeen You changed my life--over and over Sexy girl--a movie queen I've never seen the sunlight shining Now looking back--at my life Played some games--over and over And I broke some hearts--once"
  • Its You I Love - Fats Domino
    "Jambalaya Jimmy C. Newman Music & Lyrics : H. Williams Notes : Also performed by "Creedence Clearwater Revival" Goodbye, Joe, me gotta go, me oh my oh. Me gotta go, pole the pirogue down the bayou. My"
  • Love is on its way - Jonas Brothers
    "Young hearts, I believe that we are not far From becoming who we truly are Love is on its way Dreamers, you see everything in color While the world is getting darker Love is in its way So hold on another"
  • Its Over Now (True Love) - Karmic Passage
    "I had thought we were fine these things inside just hers and mine but something I said Just went wrong (And...) Its Over Now I just gave up my One true love My feelings just cant compare to those"
  • The Summer Sends Its Love - Sherwood
    "The summer sends its love to you, the same as every year. Across my floor I leave a shadow twenty-five feet long. The farther down, the less specific I become. And so with you, the country miles overcast"
  • I Think Its Love Again - Dogs Damour
    "I THINK IT'S LOVE AGAIN (Tyla) As the stories I've told unfold To reveal a highway man And my scars and bruises show That I am just what I am There ain't no need to be ashamed I think it's love again I"
  • Its Over Now - Bad Examples
    "Id like to remember you the way you look this very moment But now were past it and Im memorizing that you were in it Someone has to make the move to say good-bye so say good-bye Its over now, its over"
  • Its Only Words - Bo Bice
    "I don't know how much I can take Before I reach the point of breaking down again. Just like a candle to the wind It only burns a short while Then it's out again. But you say it's only words. You"
  • Its Over Now - 112
    "What is this numbers in your pocket? I remember when you used to throw those things away why do u want to keep in touch now who gave you a reason to act so shady baby you know you can call me anytime anything"
  • Its Only Money - Thin Lizzy
    "You don't believe in love You don't believe in hatred Put your money in the bank It's the only way to save it You try to make a buck But you haven't made a penny You need a little luck But you know you"
  • Its A Craze - Phobia
    "iight lets go stubob yous a hoe muvafuka speakin all drama but dont blow muhfukaz only dem dicks, wedged between ya lip and tonsils repercussions from the vandals, i eat the beef 'cause it is maditory"

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