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Rein day say godbay

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Rein day say godbay

  • Rein Raus - Rammstein
    "Ich bin der Reiter du bist das Ross ich steige auf wir reiten los du stohnst ich sag dir vor ein Elefant im Nadelohr Rein Raus Ich bin der Reiter du bist das Ross ich hab den Schlussel du hast das Schlo? die"
  • Say Say Say - Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer
    "Say, say, say what you want But don't play games with my affection Take, take, take what you need But don't leave me with no direction All alone, I site home by the phone Waiting for you, baby (baby) Through"
  • Say say say - Michael Jackson
    "1st verse (Paul) Say, say, say what you want But dont play games with my affection Take, take, take what you need But dont leave me With no directions (Michael) All alone I sit home by the phone Waiting"
  • Say Say Say  - Paul McCartney
    "Say, Say, Say What You Want, But Don't Play Games With My Affection. Take, Take, Take What You Need, But Don't Leave Me With No Direction. All Alone, I Sit Home By The Phone, Waiting For You, Baby. Through"
  • Say say say - Paul McCartney
    "Say, say, say what you want but don't play games with my affection Take, take, take what you need but don't leave me with no direction All alone I sit home by the phone waiting for you baby Through the"
  • Say, Say, Say - Sunz Of Man
    "(feat. Ancient Coins) Say, Say, Say what you want But we don't give a fuck about you Say, Say, Say what you want But we don't give a fuck about you Chemistry black soul, old gold complexion I hold"
  • Say - The Corrs
    "Gone are the days when I was young and free The future I can see Gone are the days of precious love Relied on, and leaned on So many days of sleepless nights By your side, and why oh why I never thought"
  • Say - Greydon Square
    "What's a master who can't admit truth? I find it kind of ironic that you call your show \"The Way of the Master\" Ya'll want to attack little ol' me? Little ol' Greydon Square, huh? Okay, check it. You"
  • Say say - Twista
    "(feat. Cee-Lo, Jazze Pha & Big Zak) Woo!Ladies And Gentlemen You Are Now Tuning In To The Very Best. (Ladies And Gentlemen Gentlemen Gentlemen) One Of The Most Delightful Of All Time (Sho'nuff) Jazzy"
  • Rein Gar Nichts - Element Of Crime
    "Jetzt sitzen wir schon wieder hier, drei Schritte auseinander Drei Finger hoch der Gin, das Glas im Gesicht Und ich frag auch gar nicht, wie es dir geht Was soll ich da noch fragen, ich wei wie es steht Und"
  • Say Goodbye & Good Day - Kokia
    "say goodbye good day goodbye sayounara Koko kara saki wa jibun no ashi de furikaerazu ni aruite yukou Fumidasu tabi ni michi wa hirakete yuku hazu da kara mae o muite saa say goodbye good day goodbye sayounara Subete"
  • Lass die sonne rein - Die Fantastischen Vier
    "Sommer, sonne, sonnenschein zieh ich mir furchtbar gerne rein das war nie genug doch hier ist LASST DIE SONNE REIN die sonne rein fragst du und bist ziemlich aufgebracht du kannst mich nicht verstehen"
  • Kommse Rein, Kommse Ran - Achim Reichel
    "Mitternacht in der City Schwellender Asphalt Dampf steigt aus den Abflugullis Lichter brennen kalt Die Nachtvorstellung hat begonnen Stunde des Boulevards Razzia und Randale In den Go Go Bars So kommse"
  • Rir P? Ein Rein - Hellbillies
    "No sit eg p den hgste tind, og eg som stod og banka p St. Peters grind. Eg trudde eg vart liggjan' dau, det va ei nkso lang, real magasjau. No ringji klukka ding, dang, dong, der sit den sama djevel'n"
  • DAY - Ifi Ude
    "In your life time you had never stand against it but, but, but, now Sometimes you’ve got all those moments when you fade away but simply say: I’m gonna be fine I don’t wanna lie, I can sleep all day But"
  • Clear Day - Modern Day Zero
    "A faded picture Empty cigarette case It's on the night stand That reveals my place Empty bottle Relays my thoughts It's for the cheap seats And your life's the cost Does it really get hard from here"
  • Dying Day - Saves The Day
    "I'm living in a dark and dying day And everything is lost along the way the feeling in my heart is not the same so what's to say? The pictures of the past are on the wall they'll hang there in the dark"
  • Don't Say One Thing One Day, - Everything But The Girl
    "Don't say one thing one day, then something else the next day. I'm trying to keep up with you - it's hard enough when you speak clearly, but when you're confused, it's like a goods train running through"
  • Say what u say - Ja Rule
    "Yeah, fuck that, Ja Rule, Ranjahz, uh It's MURRDAAAAA Faculty, fucker Huh, give it to 'em Niggas act like they don't know Uh, one hand wash the other hand, y'knawmean? fuck it You can say what you wanna"
  • Say What You Say - Eminem
    "(feat. Dr. Dre & Timberland) Huh, so I'm out the game huh? Yo Dre, we ridin? Whatever Well I'm witchu homie Ok, Let's handle this small shit I was born to brew up storms 'n stir up shit Kick"

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