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Release the prince

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Release the prince

  • Release It - Prince
    "Yo Stella, if u think I'm afraid of u Grace, if u so much as think I can't do the do Girl, if u dream I came to jerk around U better wake up and release it Party people in the crib get hyped. Let's get"
  • Release - The Tea Party
    "I want the world to wake I want to give you peace I want to vindicate You need to be released Don't want to hurt you I need to make you see If I desert you Its just to make you see That I'm a man that's"
  • Release - The Black Eyed Peas
    "(Will) Just had a show tonight Voice all scraggly and all Yo Tab and Ap let's go interact Matter of fact let's attack 'em with the contact Make the ultimate impact leave 'em hunchbacked Light 'em up with"
  • Release - Editors
    "The city is not that far Made from the sun you are Oh what a star you are The city is not that far, that far, that far Life in black and white My lord what a perfect sight I'll lose this, I always"
  • Release - George Fox
    "work through joy through work the goddess of religion dogma and guilt poor me start joyful destiny, respite guilt free passion grant fear of freedom sympathy god and myself god and myself to another place"
  • Release - George
    "work through joy through work the goddess of religion dogma and guilt poor me start joyful destiny, respite guilt free passion grant fear of freedom sympathy god and myself god and myself to another"
  • Release - Pulse Legion
    "Release Demise This fate of yours Resist temptation The wrath The book of your law Submit To your rejections Deceving eyes persist with The face reflecting your life So give me the memories of wars"
  • Release - Timbaland
    "'''Timbaland''' Alright. Hey! Clap. Oh... '''Justin Timberlake + Timbaland''' I need you girl Hey, I really need you. I need you girl. (Let me tell you something.) I think am getting in charge. (Yeah.) So"
  • Release - Anathema
    "Seeing is believing but I don't want to know Walk on through the wasteland I just can't let go Face down I just break down, When I see you cry all the time Hold on please Behind those grey and lonely"
  • Release - Aztec Camera
    "Words and music by Roddy Frame Silver shone the rooftops, I heard the words 'You will', And realized that in your eyes, the force of love could kill. So go and get your wages, get what you deserve, When"
  • Release - Anacrusis
    "For forever living in For forever dying in The shadow of a killing cross Born and held accountable Sworn to bear the burden, now For sinful nails Driven deep But I can't be responsible For having done"
  • Release - Blackalicious
    "(feat. Lyrics Born, Saul Williams) (Release) (Release) (Release) Prevalent melanin elephant bailin And carrying sedatives that'll give average lettermen callouses Wrecking with savageness, catalyst battling"
  • Release - Imagine Dragons
    "twenty miles from anyone set my sights on the setting sun heaven talks but not to me cause heaven knows that nothing good comes free desolation tragedy is there nothing good in me (x4) I've let me down"
  • Release - Nightrage
    "Oh faithfull ones we are lost again. In this violent sea of entrapping lies. We are gathered here as long ago. Others like we in search of clarity. The mighty gifts they blind us with. Reaching in and"
  • Release - Seeed
    "Oh god release, stress and pressure make me freeze Gimme some sunshine and peace Just a little break please, from that dreadful disease Nowadays pressure increase Oh god release, stress amd pressure"
  • Release, Release - Yes
    "(Anderson/White/Squire) Have you heard before, hit it out, don't look back Rock is the medium of our generation Stand for every right, kick it out, hear you shout For the right of all of creation We've"
  • Release - Yearning
    "Heavenly streams I reach My veins are open This blissful sea is here for me In releasing skies the sun is awoken I can hear them now They are calling me Away... As dusky velvet veil Winds around the"
  • Release - Snubnose
    "Terrified I stood before the crowd shown up by the teachers of the law who cauhght me in adultery He ignored what they said wrote something on the ground not impressed by their words their questioning I"
  • Release - Michael Nesmith
    "Please don't let fear hold back the tears If you feel that's the way that it need be Walking down halls with echoing walls The past looming small with new feelings Time's on your side - Your conscience"
  • Release - 3rd Root
    "Sick inside oh so sick Restore this heart of mine Suffer, don't let go She's gone don't let go Trials and tribulations Meditation suplication The desires of our hearts For every memory every breath For"

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