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Relient K Less Is More

  • Less Is More - Relient K
    "Jesus, I pray Take all my mistakes Throw them away Destroy them for my sake Jesus, I call out 'cause I'm sorry Because I fall so short of your glory To the best of my ability I'm practicing humility And"
  • Less is More - Charmin Company
    "Charmin Company Charmin Ultra Less is More Hey little fella gotta change your touch What you thought was enough might be too much You see it's more cushiny then ever before Charmin Ultra less is more "
  • Less Is More - Kaiser Chiefs
    "Hey now, what you do that for, Keep your head down, told you less is more, Follow me and you... End up at my house too... She said whoa there, why d'you go so fast? You gotta slow down, wanna make it"
  • K Car - Relient K
    "Is it just a car or is it so much more? It's a superstar with the gas to the floor. Zero to sixty in remarkable time. Its the automobile that's top of the line. We got a k car on the road of life. We're"
  • Less Is More - Joss Stone
    "Don't go sending me those three dozen roses Don't you know that just one rose will do Don't go trying to put diamonds on my fingers Don't you know that I'm making money too Don't go throwing those stones"
  • Less - Ben Harper
    "I could give you more But you still wouldn't be happy I could give all you need But you still wouldn't be satisfied I could give to our poor Now what good would that be You'd shake hands with Jesus"
  • More or Less - Talib Kweli
    "Yo Tone what we need? {CHORUS} more gum, less hate, more real, less fake, more come, less wishing less stuntin more famous talking more changes rushing _________ {Talib} more franchising less sanitizing more"
  • More Or Less - Shyne
    "(walk with me) (come on) Yeah, Its like new york's being soft Ever since my nigga shyne's been sitting in prison, yeah (check it) Shit things, shit rings, this shit is sickning Shit chain, shit"
  • More Or Less - Foxy Brown
    "(Foxy) Gyeah (Shyne) Gyeah, walk with me (Foxy) Gyeah, It's like New York's been soft ever since my nigga Shyne been sittin' in prison yeah Shyne Check it, sip things sick rings, this shit is sickening Sick"
  • More Or Less - Z-RO
    "A lot of niggaz, wanna see me in my grave (more or less) I be ready for the drama, anyday (more or less) Go to war, in the midst of gun play (more or less) On your street, with the sweet (it ain't no need"
  • More Or Less - Small Brown Bike
    ""Let's start this summer before it ends," is what she said. "Let's hit the road and live this life before we're dead," he said. To give is to take. To leave is to break. Opposing opinions are curling waves. Misunderstand."
  • Less And Less - Charlie Louvin
    "I got up and made my mornin' cup of coffee Fooled around the house an hour or more I guess I did all this before I even had one thought of you More and more I think about you less and less I'm surprised"
  • Less And Less - Roger Miller
    "I got up and made my mornin' cup of coffee Fooled around the house an hour or more I guess I did all this before I even had one thought of you More and more I think about you less and less I'm surprised"
  • Less Yes's, More No's - Busdriver
    "Less Yes's, more No's, and less Yes's, More No's and less Yes's A studio audience's general anesthesia itch Remedied by "chop sui generis" the seminal sleeper hit From this tag-banger doppelganger turned"
  • No more,no less - MercyMe
    "I'm not trying to hide anything I wear it on my sleeve I wear it on my sleeve I'm not trying to be something I'm not This is all I've got This is all I've got I'm not trying to re-invent the wheel Just"
  • One more one less - Insania
    "The wheel of time we can't turn back One day we meet, one day we forget Don't mind the absence of faceless hearts There ain't no power to tear friends apart Friends stand hand (in) hand The answer, my"
  • Less Teeth, More Tits - Lunachicks
    "Miss Demeanor on the stage, a miss hap-oh i implore you It's no miss tery I dont wanna know you But Miss America I can't ignore you You can't wipe out all our progress with your little cotton ball Slice"
  • Love More Worry Less - Bipolar Sunshine
    "Another pregnant girl underage You know you can't show Anyone in the same household Oh the boy doesn't care, the story ain't new You got to feel Seems the only relationships that resemble are Just for"
  • Less Talk More Rock - Freezepop
    "The basement scene is dark and dusty the musty smell of stale air cobwebs dangle overhead people stumble down the stairs let's get this party started, yo! the band are in the corner of the floor their"
  • Less Talk, More Rock - Propaghandi
    "I'd like to actively encourage the toughest man to dance as hard as he can to this, my song. And bring your stupidest friends along. We wrote this song because it's f**king boring to keep spelling out"

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