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Relient K Wake Up Call

  • Wake Up Call - Relient K
    ""It's 3p.m." she said, I said "You're crazy" She said "get out of bed, why are you so lazy? Why waste the day away?" I said, "Because I'm tired" "Wendy's called by th eway, they told me that you're fired." Woah"
  • Wake Up Call - Hayden Panettiere
    "whoa whoa whooa whoa whoa whooa You don't buy me flowers You don't buy me drinks You don't drive me anywhere but totally insane We used to talk for hours until the night was through but recently your"
  • Wake Up Call - The Buzzcocks
    "Well you live in a dream Life's not what it seems This is the time for your wake up call No sense of being No way of seeing This is the time for your wake up call Ooh Ooh On that ice you swerve Well"
  • Wake Up Call - Europe
    "Hello what keeps you going The way we're running through these years I guess they're showing I don't have no clever lines To explain my state of mind Well it doesn't matter It's just a while since I could"
  • Wake Up Call - Phil Collins
    "This is your wake up call... young hearts be free Get up, get on, get out about and shout it Tell 'em all you're dressed and on your way Oh there's absolutely no doubt about it This is your wake up call You're"
  • Wake up call - Buzzcocks
    "Well you live in a dreamLife's not what it seemsThis is the time for your wake up callNo sense of beingNo way of seeingThis is the time for your wake up call(Oooooo - oooooo - oooooo)(Oooooo - oooooo -"
  • Wake Up Call - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
    "From the Impression That I Get UK Import Single Not an individual Just one of the sheep ? not at all But ? you face the wisdom And its a major concern So they rescue everyone but you There's a lot you"
  • Wake Up Call - Nothing But Thieves
    "We met when we were young I told you where to go You had those creepers on You showed me how to roll Step out, this town Has nothing that I wanna know These hearts are wireless This ain't no crowd control These"
  • Wake Up Call - Balance Of Power
    "What about here and now The ever afters sitting on the big reveal It's all about one defining moment And I'm damned if I can pass it by It's just the way I feel Imitations of life are all I see You'll"
  • Wake Up Call - Pathos
    "Behind secret doors with multiple looks In dungeons so deep a secret that shocks One person decides distinction or not With shaking hands and nerves disrupt The key to the future the key to despair Lies"
  • Wake Up Call - Maroon 5
    "I didn't hear what you were saying I live on raw emotion baby I answer questions never maybe And I'm not kind if you betray me So who are you to say 'we'? I never would have made it baby If you needed"
  • Wake Up Call - Authority Zero
    "Landing on solid ground The time approaching where we all fall down With each new wave another wake up call Deep in our minds Where did it all go wrong? Steadfast we hold our breath wishing it all away Waiting"
  • Wake Up Call - Hawthorne Heights
    "Swim through these waters My lungs collapse as I'm gasping for air I'll breathe you in (and I'll breathe you in) You are my oxygen alone Through arteries untold, your skin is pale, my body's cold Way"
  • Wake Up Call - Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers
    "Well there were covert conditions surrounding our mission when we were called to go And the powers that be summoned you and me to help prove what they think they know Estamos borracheros y cancioneros,"
  • Wake Up Call - Aesop Rock
    "(feat. Percee-P) Wake up, wake up Ayo Percee P, it's time to wake these kids up Word up Aesop Rock, they'd better take their fingers off pause and hit record Is you fat cats or lab rats? Trails"
  • Wake Up Call - Spunge
    "i must admit i hate the mornings i wish that they had never invented it and skipped straight to the evenin bit it would make much more sense cos nothin ever happens in the morning u sit around-it can get"
  • Wake Up Call - MugShot
    "Tough times, well they come and go. But somehow this time, that isn't so. I've got too much time to think of the things that I've lost. This city, it used to be fun. And I felt so free, but now that she's"
  • Wake Up Call - Fonzie
    "Break down, break down 'cause we care same old story, different time, a fairy tale stay down, stay down don't you dare I will speak my mind today and I'm not scared so if you're sin free throw the first"
  • Wake Up Call - Dover Drive
    "VERSE 1 So what's up with you Can't you see you're not always gonna be The center of attention, especially mine I know you think you're way too fine for me And in your own mind I guess you are But you're"
  • Wake Up Call - They Might Be Giants
    "Bo bo do bo bo bo bo bo bo Bo bo do bo bo bo Bo bo do bo bo bo bo bo bo Bo bo do bo bo bo Bo bo do bo bo bo bo bo bo (bo bo) Bo bo do bo bo bo (bo bo) Ba ba ba baw Ba ba ba baw Ba ba ba baw Baw baw Bo"

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