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Rema - Calm Down

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Rema - Calm Down

  • Calm Down - Rema
    "Baby, calm down, calm down Girl, this your body e put my heart for lockdown For lockdown, oh lockdown Girl you sweet like Fanta, Fanta If I tell you say I love you no dey form yanga, oh yanga No tell me"
  • Calm Down - Psapp
    "Bee Sippin' sweet From each part to unfurl The wax and the wane and the throw Best of the bunch And it's down to the bar The song of the fly and the rush You'll never calm down You'll never calm down You'll"
  • Calm Down - Katarzyna Groniec
    "Katarzyna Groniec prezentuje piosenkę "Calm Down" z płyty "Konstelacje" (premiera 21 kwietnia 2023 r.)."
  • Calm Down - Killing Heidi
    "When your head is spinning and you're feeling overwhelmed And your ears are ringing 'cause your heart is beating so damn loud And your mind is numbing and your heart is pumping out Oh it feels like you're"
  • Calm down - Emil Bulls
    "I beg you to handle me with care coz im fragile...im cussed im cold please go awayJust stay cool calm down relaxand be quietpretend all worries are so farI wann lean back in an armchairand fether my nest"
  • Calm Down - Cam'ron
    "Yo 1 question, where U know Me from? On 40 Duce, got cought with that loaded gun, Sereal scratched Cop Killa U know tha gun, only fear I had wouldn't know My Son. Would of told My Son, who tha hell could"
  • Calm down - M.M.O.
    "7-1-8 Brownsville what the fuck you want niggaz?New York you ready for this shit? I don't think so motherfuckerYeah!! M., O., P.!! For life!!Radio.. niggaz never play us!!(FiYAHHHH!!!) Yeah, First Family,"
  • Calm Down - Skip Marley
    "I thought we figured out how not to spill blood I thought we figured out to walk away I thought we found that love was nor a failure Decided that the sea would have no waves And it kills me, cause: I"
  • Calm Down - Optimus Rhyme
    "Fuck it man, I stuck seven needles in my back Eighteen nails in my feet, no slack Rope around my left arm, chains on the right Duct tape wrapped around my stomach just to hide External wiring trying to"
  • Calm Down - AMB
    "(feat. Insane Clown Posse) I'm alone, I'm holding my chrome And I have become The only one that sees what is really there I hate that I'm scared, but who really cares? I tell 'em and for me all they"
  • City Calm Down - Architecture In Helsinki
    "Drinking stolen gin from the rich people's bar next door and awkwardly I'm leaning on the shoulder of the cousin who you choose to ignore and she says won't you calm down city city won't you calm"
  • Calmate ( Calm Down ) - Jadakiss
    "[ jada intro ] aha, the champ is here double r, ride out [ verse 1 ] requirin minds wanna know, everybody wanna blow every nigga that hustle wanna o every r&b diva's a freak on the low, take a real special"
  • Calm Down Dearest - Jamie T
    "Big bang, where we going what we doin this night I feel drunk already maybe drink got spiked But more likely of the like that I'm just a lightweight Well I don't care man I've been drunk forever I've sedated"
  • Rema-Rema - Big Black
    "(Rema-Rema cover) Rema-Rema, Rema-Rema, Rema-Rema, ha ha ha ha... Rema-Rema, Rema-Rema, Rema-Rema, ha ha ha ha... Someone's in the bathroom, someone's in the hall Someone's in the kitchen, making mm mm"
  • Sad Girls (feat. Rema) - Clean Bandit
    "Sad girls Sad girl, I promise, you'll be okay (Another banger) Money on my mind, guess you fantasize Levels to the remedy stuck in my mind Told my momma, shit, I promise we gon' be alright Still I keep"
  • Calm & Collapsed - The Exies
    "I don't feel anything Isn't that amazing I don't want everything Just a little bit of nothing 'Cause even if it feels strange And stands apart from nature Even if we don't know We're the circuit breaker We're"
  • Unbreakable Calm - Sinamore
    "This is silence It's more than we can cry about. We may die about. One word in this silence. Would it drown us both in a lie? I lay down and purify my thoughts. To make it through this day. I hear you"
  • The calm - ICP
    "Here we are. This is the calm before the storm. We off the track now. That means we're heading into brand new unknown territorys y'all. We into the crop circles, It says time waits for no mutahfuckin'body."
  • The Calm - Bledsoe
    "I don't know what you know but I think you know It's time to wash more of this away Everytime anytime I don't know what time is But I think to You it's all the same thing And life is bigger than your movie"
  • Calm water - Milla Jovovich
    "I feel akin toa windowfeel your face isslamming thruyour eyesi smash in little piecestalking toy our picture It turns to dreamwithin my mind He dresses me in sunshinethis sky of mine Streams of seafall"

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