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Remady feat. Manu-L - The Way We Are

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Remady feat. Manu-L - The Way We Are

  • Somebody Dance With Me (Feat. Manu-L) - DJ Bobo
    "I've got this feeling somebody dance with me Somebody dance with me I've got this feeling somebody dance with me Somebody dance with me I'm back again on a higher stage Listen to my party beat and get"
  • The Way We Are - Remady & Manu-L
    "It's a way we are Take a little closer look Still no superstar I'm gonna say it loud It's a way we are Take a little closer look Still no superstar This is what we are, and what we need It's a way we"
  • Single Ladies (feat. J-Son) - Remady & Manu-L
    "Hey single ladies, I know you like to party Girl come and kick it with me Calling all single ladies here tonight Let’s get it started, whoa, let’s get it started, whoa Hey single ladies, I know you like"
  • Save Your Heart - Remady & Manu-L
    "You gotta save your heart for me Walk up in the morning And my head is all messed I must have made it through the loneliness But I can't find your address Where are you now? Everywhere I go all I see"
  • Doing It Right (feat. Amanda Wilson) - Remady & Manu-L
    "It's getting late, late, late And I wanna do the things you like I'll break, break, break all the rules, set me free 'Cause I think I found the one for tonight And I'm burning high 'cause you're doing"
  • We Are - Kids In The Way
    "We're on the edge of our youth, the days are getting long. It seems the times of our lives have all come and gone, but we know better. We've just begun. We are, we are, the kids in the way. You can't hold"
  • Where We Are - Mia L - Fame Factory
    "I can say I love you but the words would be untrue And you can hide the anger that's breaking you in two We can use our passion to burn away our pain Either way, we'll always be the same Cause you being"
  • We We Are - Elephant Man
    "(feat. Killah Priest) (Yep!) Yo what's the deal (Good 2 Go) Yo this is Killah Preist, Wu-Tang Clan with the Elephant Man Nah mean (Shizzle) my man Don Corleon (Jamaica) Elephant Man, we bout to do this"
  • The Way We Are - Alesha Dixon
    "Every move we make Call it a mistake Looking at a wall like a prisoner in chains Tell us that we’re wrong Tell us what we want Trow us in an ocean that I know we don’t belong That’s when the passion comes"
  • The Way We Are - Fleming And John
    "Would I need ya if I got amnesia? Would you be the one for me if I lost my memory? And would I look at you the way that I used to? Would I fall in love all over again, Or would I have to pretend? Are"
  • The Way We Are - Ben Moody
    "Why am I thinking of you today? You should be millions of miles away by now It's funny how it hurts me this way It's not the words that you say But that you believe them Fucked up as I ever was Make sure"
  • The Way We Are - Chagani Umair
    "Tonight In this light You look like an angel We'll never be strangers again Don't play hide and seek Your love makes me weak And now I can't tell who I am For what it's worth I'll say I love you more each"
  • The way we are - Lene Marlin
    "Watch you growing sometimesI see myself in youIt can be scary but kinda funny, tooI hear you talking a lot of silaritiesYour choice of words and all the fantasiesJust the way we areGuess youve seen it"
  • The Way We Are - Cinema Bizarre
    "World on the Street Im driving alone and they called my Name Have all that he takes so catch my Flow If every Days the same Im givin my Love like Vertigo When you need a Change I figured you out so long"
  • If You Believe - Remady & Manu-L
    "If you believe that I believe in you And if you would see the things I do for you It's because the moments that we share It's the only times that I really care If you want me too Would you take me back"
  • In My Dreams - Remady & Manu-L
    "In the world full of pain Was nothing but rain I can barely breath of down The final way out I see a life That just make me feel alive I’m holdin’ on Until my fear has slowly gone In my dreams I’m never"
  • The Way We Are Made - China Crisis
    "China Crisis Warped By Success The Way We Are Made Nobody ever will take your place in my life Nobody ever could be so wrong And at the same time be so right Not everybody will understand how it feels To"
  • LIVIN' LA VIDA (FEAT. J-SON) - Remady & Manu-L
    "LIVIN' LA VIDA LIVIN' LA VIDA You’ve got sex on fire Confetti in the air But you got to feeling what you got, yo! Even if it rain on us, we’ve got yo! You see the crowd, and late tonight She lookin’ good"
  • (We Are) - Give Up The Ghost
    "This is the soundtrack To saying goodbye We are making out With desperate days So turn the volume up high (You love it) God bless repeat - play nights Heartbreaks and fights And all the pretty"
  • We Are (feat. Marco) - Splesher
    "I?m taking back the time until the moment When we Are young and wild We sold the foot and drink on the corner I remember when we?re upon the stars"

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