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Remedy - acoustic version

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Remedy - acoustic version

  • Rebirth (Acoustic Version) - Angra
    "Angra Miscellaneous Rebirth (Acoustic Version) Cooling breeze from a summer day Hearing echoes from your heart Learning how to recompose the words Let time just fly Joyfull sea gulls"
  • Burn (Acoustic Version) - Arena Tina
    "Arena Tina In Deep Burn (Acoustic Version) Do you wanna be a poet and write Do you wanna be an actor up in lights Do you wanna be a soldier and fight for love Do you wanna travel the world Do you wanna"
  • Remedy - Remedy
    "(Rose Tattoo) Get outta the streets, get outta your cage Start thinkin' sharp you gotta get some rage Set yourself free, set yourself free Good rockin' music is all you need It's gonna save your head,"
  • Driving (Acoustic Version) - Everything But The Girl
    "Oh loverboy To you I belong But maybe one day you'll wake and you'll find me gone But loverboy If you call me home I'll come driving I'll come driving fast as wheels can turn Oh loverboy I know"
  • Worldwide (Acoustic Version) - Good Charlotte
    "I know a place where we can go I know a place where we can go Bring in the verse Listen up cause there ain't nothing funny I want a hot girl and a little bit of money I want a little house where my band"
  • Change (Acoustic Version) - Good Charlotte
    "I am lost in the see through I think you lost yourself too. Throughout all of this confusion I think we'll somehow make it through. Each day just drags on by Bringin with you a new life. Just when I think"
  • Complicated (Acoustic Version) - Good Charlotte
    "One Time One time Alright here we go Two times Alright Here we go Here we go And we've been here for so many years But still it seems as if you're not there Are you there? Well everytime I talk You turn"
  • Complicated (Acoustic Version) - Kelly Rowland
    "Chill out whatcha yelling for lay back it's all been done before And if you could only let it be you would see I like you the way you are when we're driving in your car and you're talking to me one on"
  • Faraway (Acoustic Version) - Supergrass
    "Yesterday seems faraway and I can see it true I don't believe you're leaving me with nothing on the tube Operating slowly as the air is growing thin Wake me up each morning don't forget to plug me in Have"
  • Burn (Acoustic Version) - Tina Arena
    "do u wanna be a poet and write do u wanna be an actor up in light do u wanna be soldier and fight for love do u wanna travel the world do u wanna be a diver for pearls or climb a mountain, touch the clouds"
  • Fortress (Acoustic Version) - Ace Troubleshooter
    "So now a hush falls on my heart My mind at ease, apologies as I start Overcome, Love holds me near Pitiful boy, oh I am awed, try to be so sincere I come into Your presence falling on my knees Beautiful"
  • Frozen (Acoustic Version) - Delain
    "Misted windows Hide your empty eyes. Every moment, every whisper Separates you from me. I've been screaming, Won't you let me in? Let me see a trace Of the places hidden Under your skin. Answer me, Till"
  • Belgium (Acoustic Version) - Bowling For Soup
    "Belgium Lately i feel so small Or maybe its just that my bed has grown I never noticed it before but you were there So how was i to know BRIDGE That this single bed Was always meant for two Not"
  • Moronica (acoustic Version) - Mansun
    "2 foot long and your neck keeps growing 10 foot tall, 'round your head it's snowing 25 grand and you work 3 hours 15 girls through a hole in your trousers Bigger, better, faster, more You're much more"
  • Voices (Acoustic Version) - Dario G
    "Voices Dario G We sailed over seven seas Searching for that missing key Unlock a new World harmony Climb the highest"
  • Ballerina (Acoustic Version) - Pink Cream 69
    "Once I saw your picture After I was gone Forgotten colors Of the world where you're on Misery was all around But you did not see You're living your life inside a dream Ballerina, I hear you cryin' Ain't"
  • Plush (Acoustic Version) - Stone Temple Pilots
    "And I feel that time's a wasted go So where ya going to tomorrow? And I see that these are lies to come So would you even care? And I feel it, And I feel it Where ya going for tomorrow Where ya going with"
  • Sour (acoustic version) - Dewi
    "All I need Is a little something to sugar cup my body Made for me Just one bite Give me so ….. All you can impression Wanna see Chorus The body is playing behind my eyes Needs to feel safe of lies Needs"
  • Remedy - Stage Fright Remedy
    "I only dreamed that I would find, A loving heart an open mind, To see the real me, And I hoped that you would be the one. A chance to talk a chance to grow, I'll take the risk let my feelings flow,"
  • Teenage Lust (Acoustic Version) - Jesus And Mary Chain
    "Little skinny girl she's doing it for the first time Little skinny girl she's doing it and it feels fine She's taking hold and I'm holding on Holding on and my sense is gone I got it you got it she's got"

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