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Remedy Little Boots

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Remedy Little Boots

  • Remedy - Little Boots
    "Move while you're watching me Dance with the enemy Ive got a remedy oh uh oh uh oh I can see you stalking like a predator, I've been here before. Temptation calls like Adam to the apple, But I will not"
  • Remedy - Jagged Edge
    "Remedy, JE y'all I know what it is It's that jagged little thrill right here Check this out Oh, oh, oh... Do you think about it baby? Do you think about it while your working While you're working late?"
  • Little Remedy - Sandi Thom
    "Some things are meant to be the way they're gonna be 'Cos you can't stop time or change history Sometimes all you saw were the things you wanted to see if you be lookin for the answer you would have to"
  • Necktie remedy - Project 86
    "You say: "Make me into somethingGive me a body"And you say: "Let me out the bottle Make me into someoneYou can give me life And I'll trade The potion you embody with Trips down the well and a swing from"
  • Remedy - Remedy
    "(Rose Tattoo) Get outta the streets, get outta your cage Start thinkin' sharp you gotta get some rage Set yourself free, set yourself free Good rockin' music is all you need It's gonna save your head,"
  • Black Boots - Paula Cole
    "Why do you think she wears those black boots? Why do you think she dyes her hair black? She's awfully insecure She's trying to be cool She's hoping to be more in those black boots Why do I think I wear"
  • Big Boots - Elvis Presley
    "(Wayne - Edwards) They call your daddy Big Boots And Big Boots is his name It takes a big man to wear big boots That's your daddy's claim to fame They know your daddy Big Boots Wherever soldiers are 'Cause"
  • Baddest Boots - Toby Keith
    "I saw her turn her head In a drop-dead gaze She was peekin' out over the top Of those wire-rim shades Now it wasn't my charm And it wasn't my grin That had that little secretary Dialed right in She"
  • These boots - Jessica Simpson
    "Are you ready boots? Start walkin' Yee Hah! come on Lets go You keep sayin you got somethin for me (uh) Well officer I dont mind to say you do Now your lookin right where I thought you'd be looking Legs"
  • Same Boots - Neal McCoy
    "The bottom of my boots could use some new cowhide My soles are wearin' thin but it ain't breakin' my stride I'm steppin' higher 'cuz of her sweet love I'm into every little thing she does So when you see"
  • Ostrich Boots - Chingo Bling
    "Ostrich Boots With A With A Pimped Out Nike Swoosh Got No Green Card But I Go Hard Tamale Stashed In My Tank Of Gas I Got That Work My Bird Is Chirred So Fresh So Clean Like A Cumbia King But Thats Alright"
  • Remedy - Stage Fright Remedy
    "I only dreamed that I would find, A loving heart an open mind, To see the real me, And I hoped that you would be the one. A chance to talk a chance to grow, I'll take the risk let my feelings flow,"
  • Daddy Big Boots - Elvis Presley
    "Big Boots They call your daddy Big Boots And Big Boots is his name It takes a big man to wear big boots That's your daddy's claim to fame They know your daddy Big Boots Wherever soldiers are 'Cause"
  • Knockin' Da Boots - H-Town
    "Well....Yeah...yeah Yeah We doin' this one for all the ladies,huh H-Town Boys kickin' it with my boys Luke for the 9-3, you know what I'm sayin' 'cause we will be knockin' boots GI, Shazam,Dino they gon;"
  • Remedy - Scooter
    "Do you want it? Do you need it? We got it Can you feel it? Do you want it? Do you need it? We got it Can you feel it? Don't be a stranger What's going on Don't be a stranger What's going on We got the"
  • Puss in boots - Herbert Gr
    "Drunk on your presence and golden glow Pulled from a top hat in some magic show You move so slowly the tensions bliss With pain and torture in each sensual kiss You magnetize and pull me in your power"
  • Size Two Boots - Adam Brand
    "I got a size two pair of boots I ain't ever gonna sell them and that's the truth They ain't for walking around this town on the ground Special kind of shoes the best I've found Well they're kinda small,"
  • Remedy - Gabe Lopez
    "Im tired of waiting for a remedy, Cause you wont give me what I need, Ive been more than patient, its embarrassing, I gotta find another find a lover. Gotta get something I been missing, Gotta get"
  • Remedy - Band, The
    "Band, The Jericho Remedy Now it's so cold in your doorway that i can hardly breathe You know i wanna lay down but i'm afraid i'll freeze. I've spent my last lone dollar getting in the shape that i'm in And"
  • REMEDY - Alesso
    "i didn’t know that i was broken until i found my missing piece it seemed like very door was closing on me you were so far out of reach drunk on the night You got lips like your wine I got nothing but"

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