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Remember like december

  • Remember December - Cage 9
    "Remember December I've been wonderin' what's it gonna be like when it all goes down. I've been thinkin' where will I go - what the hell am I gonna do with myself. Where will I go? What will I do? Don't"
  • December - All About Eve
    "There's a Victorian tin, I keep my memories in, I found it up in the attic. After looking inside, I find the things that I'm hiding... The leaves saved from a mistletoe kiss, Only nostalgia has me feeling"
  • December - IGI
    "There's a Victorian Tin, I Keep My Memories In,I Found It Up in the Attic.After Looking Inside, I Find the Things That I'm Hiding...The Leaves Saved From a Mistletoe Kiss,Only Nostalgia Has Me Feeling"
  • December - The Echoing Green
    "A broken heart a rosy stain... forgotten pain just a picture that you're always repainting after the rain Don't tell me that it's so worth saving Don't tell me that it's so worth thinking back Don't"
  • December - Juke Kartel
    "Money, love I never wanna give you up Youre like a million dollar rush Running my brain Waste away, on nights we cant remember I floated through december On a desolate wave Im not alone, I hear a voice"
  • December - Ariana Grande
    "When December comes I bet that you want to Wrap me all up and take me home with you See what I look like under them lights We'll keep it quiet whatever we do I'm just tryna keep my baby warm through the"
  • December - Lydia
    "So it was four or five of everything, as you are no good. I saw it through the frame and through my face. Covering my eyes, because we are nothing, and never quite the same from a black and white summer."
  • A December To Remember - Aaron Tippin
    "Verse 1 I'll search and find that special tree One that looks just right Then I'll decorate it perfectly Even if it takes all night Then I'll light the fire Turn the lights down low And hang up the mistletoe And"
  • Remember December - Demi Lovato
    "A feel a separation coming on Cause I know That you weren't talking now we're not I wish you would show tonight Hold me and avoid a fight Cause I feel A separation coming on Just prove that you've got"
  • December Day - Willie Nelson
    "This looks like a December day. This looks like a "time to remember" day. And I remember the spring, such a sweet tender thing. And love's summer college, Where the green leaves of knowledge, Were waiting"
  • It's December - Audrey Hannah
    "Last year same time in December, I had your love and I remember, your gentle kiss and your gentle touch, but now I seem to miss you much. Last year, same time in December, the nights had not been so cold. You"
  • December 26th - Evergrey
    "I recall when the bright light descends Something takes possession over me I remember when the nightmares began On that cold night of December 26th I don't know what it is but I lost all control Can't"
  • Forever december - matchbox twenty
    "I reach within my isolation, I harbor it, I honor it You say you'd like to see me closer, Of course you would, you have no choice (intro to chorus) And I cry cause the weather has gotten to me, and I laugh"
  • Last December - Prince
    "If ur Last December came What would u do? Would anybody remember 2 remember u? Did u stand tall? Or did u fall? Did u give ur all? Did u ever find a reason Y u had 2 die? Or did u just plan on leaving Without"
  • December 1963 - Frankie Valli
    "(Oh What A Night)Oh, what a nightLate December back in sixty-threeWhat a very special time for meAs I remember what a night.Oh, what a nightYou know I didn't even know her nameBut I was never gonna be"
  • Forever December - Tabitha's Secret
    "I reach within my isolation I harbor it, I honor it You say you'd like to see me closer Of course you would, you have no choice And I cry cause the weather has gotten to me And I laugh at the people that"
  • Cold December - Rod Wave
    "Started the tour out in Denver Colorado I made the first one but I did not make the second show Yeah, uh It's safe to say I been this way since I was eighteen The same night I fall in love, I feel it"
  • December - Last Winter
    "I can't count the ways Times left in the shade It brings me to today But I remember Last December Looking outward From down here Night approaching As I'm learning Colors never change The sky fell between"
  • December - Teenage Fanclub
    "I'll take this chance to tell my friends what I'm thinking of. On second thought I'll think some more and tell you later on. She don't even care but I would die for her love. My mind is full of several"
  • December - Nixons
    "I may not see our July I may not be near when the sun is warm in your sky... your sky I may miss entire springtimes But this promise is yours and it is strong as life I'll be home when the snow is falling When"

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