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Remember off me

  • Remember - Black Lab
    "it was wild in the street wild in the night blistering cold in the cold daylight i could feel your hands pushing hard on me and all the fights that i tried to fight fair all the nights that you spent with"
  • Remember - Flotsam And Jetsam
    "Newspaper blanket covers my view But I still get the story through The more people that I meet The less friends that I keep Words roll off my tongue like spit I reighin again get used to it The dust you"
  • Remember - KRS-One
    "(I remember..) Big Daddy Kane (You've forgotten..) Salt-N-Pepa (To remember..) Outrageous clothes (I wonder why..) Uhh, oh (I remember..) Heavy D (You've forgotten..) Kool Moe Dee (To remember..) Dope"
  • Remember - The Raveonettes
    "And I Never Think You'll Get It Tonight You're Doing Something This Fix Is More Important Than You Are Hooking In The Streets Don't You Have Somewhere To Go This Man Is More Important Than You Are Girl"
  • Remember Me - Neil Diamond
    "Maybe tonight Just for this moment We'll feel the same thing we did before Just close your eyes And let me show you You'll be my reason and I'll be yours Remember me Well, I'm the boy they stood in line"
  • Remember Me - Frehley's Comet
    "Well I'm staring down from Venus in the dead of night My mind is thinking back to when the world was right Your guns and bombs keep rolling off the aassembly line And people keep on starving and you think"
  • Remember Me - Ina Wroldsen
    "your such hunter aren’t you trophies on your walls big man on your calls big head big you like to bring the thunder got no time for the rain get right off on the pain got no shame do you remember me"
  • Remember Me - Edenbridge
    "Hey, you You were second to none But time has stolen your crown Can you Remember panning for gold (But) Your star has waned into sundown The writing's on the wall You're by the way to fall So take your"
  • Remember Me - T.I. feat. Mary J. Blige
    "(Lets get em Mary) Dont forget to Remember me (ay dont forget Shawty) Ill be back - so remember me Please keep me in your heart If we have to ever part Dont forget me, to remember me The king marley day"
  • Remember Me - Lil Wayne
    "Say, Weezy (weezy) Can... they remember... me? Lil' Wee... zy Make 'em remember (Haaa!) ya, nigga Let these niggas know your (Look!) background, nigga (Look!) Let 'em (Look!) know your (Look!) background! Let"
  • Remember Me - Kano
    "Just let your hair down and drink up, After the club, we can link up, see what we can think up. Just let your body to the talkin', just let your hips do the walkin, i'll see you in the mornin'. But i"
  • Please Remember Me - Tim McGraw
    "She left more than just her lipstick When she walked out Her memory keeps haunting me That's why I'm hunting you down It's been a long time since our lips met You've always been good at helping me"
  • Dust Me Off - Tilly And The Wall
    "Sometimes I don't feel all right Keeps me shaking up all night And there's nothing I can do But I wanna talk to you This shit's making me feel bad I'm so sick of feeling sad Why can't I shake this mess?"
  • Don't Remember - Shampoo
    "Hello Darling, Have We Met Before? Weren't You The One Who Knew The Bloke Next Door? Do You Remember When We Used To Date? Didn't You Go Out With My Brother's Mate? Chorus 'Course We Don't Remember, Remember,"
  • She'll Remember - Dwight Yoakam
    "She came in and she told me. She said: "I'm leaving you." I said: "Oh, you are?" Well let me tell you something: If you leave, I suggest you stay gone. And I mean stay gone forever, you hear me? Ever!" So"
  • Remember You - Angelas Dish
    "Today you tell me you're leaving You see that i'm grieving Still you turn and walk away And i can see in your eyes That direction is changing Babe we're slowly parting ways And you're right when you say This"
  • Don't Remember - Ciara
    "What did I say to him last night? I can't feel my face, try to focus but my mind ain't right. I remember the party, the DJ, my homies, my man and me. But the rest of it's blurry, something I did made"
  • I Remember - Damien Rice
    "I remember it well The first time that I saw Your head around the door 'Cause mine stopped working I remember it well There was wet in your hair I was stood in the stairs And time stopped moving I want"
  • I Remember - Nature
    ""yo nate, shit is crazy, I shook hands with mad dead niggas yo, all the Niggas that used to be on the block, ill will, marty, black ed, yo son, Mad niggas is gone, rest in peace though." Verse 1: Fifty-two"
  • Remember When - Shades Apart
    "Reaching through the pain the real world sent your way Problems you can't understand but still you have to fight It makes me proud inside to see you try so hard It hurts to watch your struggle I can't"

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