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Remember you will feel this magic life

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Remember you will feel this magic life

  • Magic - A Flock Of Seagulls
    "Magic magic magic is that magic is that magic another lonely day another lonely night here we go again out of touch and out of sight this is the story of a boy meeting a girl lost and alone in a"
  • Magic - Michael Nesmith
    "This nite is magic I can tell by the stars This nite is magic With you in my arms It would be tragic If we ever part Tonight is magic for love You know I love you Look in my eyes You know I love you It's"
  • Remember The Magic - Brian McKnight
    "Can you remember Back to a simpler time Back to the watercolor days That still run through your mind Oh, I remember just my old friend and me Runnin' through an open field The way it used to be The feeling"
  • You Will Remember Tonight - Andrew W.K.
    "You will remember tonight You will remember tonight When you remember your life You will remember tonight Today will be over and done with the sun rise But the way that you feel will be frozen forever"
  • Magic - Julia Fordham
    "written by Julia Fordham You put the smile back on my face, thank you You bring me hope that there's a chance That I might love again You awakened my weary faith thank you baby Oh, my little bit of magic You"
  • Magic - King Diamond
    "In the darkness...after the show Outside the Theater, the air is damp and cold All the people.. heading for home They don't believe, that what they saw was MAGIC was Magic I know This night was"
  • Magic - Vibekingz & Maliq
    "t's magic... yeahh Vibekingz & Maliq Yeah baby... we both ment to be together since the first day that I saw you I can't take my eyes of you girl noo You got the magic hooo damn you got it girl Is it true"
  • Magic - Lil Skies
    "roll one up and hit this magic roll one up and hit this magic roll one up and hit this magic whit the gang we ball out it could get tragc all we got we gon’ let you niggas have it stuck in my ways think"
  • Thank You Lord For My Life - Magic
    "Magic My Lord, our father. There's so many things I need to say. And alot of people don't wanna hear it. But ya know what? I'm a say it anyway. I thank you Lord for my life Forgive me Lord for complaining"
  • Remember - Allister
    "Remember the moment you face Is it all straight ahead or behind you? Well maybe if you look around You'll see everything's perfectly clear Picture it all in your mind Remember where we are now Open"
  • Remember - SOiL
    "When father time has closed my eyes And I've said my final goodbyes Out of sight when I'm out of your mind Will you remember My time is all I had to give Weighed down by the life that I live Could you,"
  • Remember - No Motiv
    "You will always be a part of me no matter what the case may be if you just give me some time to try you will always have me by your side I'm always here to make you feel alright... Do you remember I remember"
  • Remember - Gabriel Mann
    "Remember the moment of changeis it all straight ahead or behind you?well maybe if you look aroundyoull see everythings perfectly clearpicture it all in your mindRemember where we are nowopen your eyes&"
  • I Will Remember - Over The Rhine
    "I Will Remember words: Detweiler music: Detweiler and Bergquist recording: Amateur Shortwave Radio I will remember every dream about you I will remember I could not doubt you All my first impressions of"
  • Remember - Love Like Blood
    "Rise your eyes, the time has come Rise your eyes, there's a yearning There's a burning in the skies, walking Walking helpless in undiscovered land, from tomorrow to today and yesterday Now - from now"
  • Remember - Adema
    "I'll make you a promise today that this family I'll never betray. Life sometimes fades away Night is upon us and I hope that this one never ends The face of a woman whom i loved before I was a man I'm"
  • Remember - Virtuoso
    "When you feel life's too hard And you cant go on Remember that I love you From the day I emerged To when im saying these words You watched over me Held my hand and walked close to me Thats how its supposed"
  • I Will Remember You - Sarah McLachlan
    "I will remember you Will you remember me? Don't let your life pass you by Weep not for the memories Remember the good times that we had? I let them slip away from us when things got bad How clearly I"
  • I Will Remember - Everman
    "I can't breathe Sometimes the invitation is too much to bear and I must leave Still I bleed The wounds that losing you have left are waiting just beneath You were real Vibrant and alive, every memory is"
  • I Will Remember - Doyle Bramhall II & Smokestack
    "I WILL REMEMBER Seems like everyday were starting over We go in out and in again Some days are better than others Just to get a taste Of a woman with such grace I will remember, fall down and you get"

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