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Remy Ma - I

  • FAB (feat. Remy Ma) - Jojo
    "Sweetie, I don’t want your cookies If you’re looking for applause, keep looking Your recipe’s boring, need a little more spice in my cooking Honey, you don’t want my problems If you had them you would"
  • Conceited (There's Something About Remy) - Remy Ma
    "See this ain't nuttin that you use to Out of the ordinary unusual You got to have the mind of state like I'm so great Can't nobody do it like you do Miraculous, phenomenal and ain't nobody in here stopping"
  • You (ft. Remy Ma, French Montana) - Keyshia Cole
    "You just played me for the last time I’m done fucking with you Keep coming with the same lines Everything but the same lines Everything but the truth You pick the wrong one You just played me for the last"
  • Remy Martin - Sentino
    "Poznam ciebie dziś, moją baby mamę bo mój złoty rolex mówi dzień i datę chodzę po ulicy jak po emiracie w kryształowej szklance tylko Remy Martin dzień i datę bo mój złoty rolex mówi dzień i datę dzień"
  • Remy Red - Angie Stone
    "(Hook) Sippin' on Remy Red, (Remy Red) Believe what ya said. As I recall you were ready (and) Down for whatever with me. ::repeat:: (Verse 1) There you are, Superstar. The flyest guy at the bar. I had"
  • Lean Back (Remix) (Clean) (F/ Ma$e, Remy Martin, Eminem & Lil Jon) - Fat Joe
    "Stop! I'ts the remix, What Uh yea Harlem in tact Who in the world wanna problem with that? For real I heard Harlem is back Who in the world wanna problem with that? Uh yea Harlem is back Who"
  • Ma - Ma
    "Chciała kiedyś mała Hela uczcić Dzień Nauczyciela Bo jej bardzo była droga ciężka praca pedagoga Duma przeto, dziecię słabe, jaką by mu zrobić labę Czy coś uszyć, czy coś kupić i się przy tym nie"
  • Lean Back Feat. Remy - Terror Squad
    "Yeah... My niggas... Throw ya hands in the air right now man... Feel this shit right here... (Verse 1 - Fat Joe a.k.a Joey Crack) I don't give a fuck 'bout your fault or mishappenin's, Nigga we from"
  • Lean Back Feat. Remy - Fat Joe
    "(feat. Remy Martin) Owwwu! Yeah! My niggaz! Uh-huh! Throw ya hands in 'da air right now, man! Feel 'dis shit right here! Scott Storch nigga! Yeah Khalid, I see you, nigga! Show Big-Pun love! Uh! Yeah!"
  • She's Gone - Remy Ma
    "What? you mean i'm ya second favorite famale rapper... you crazy? i'm better than most niggaz...Suck my dick there aint a bitch as ill as me no bitch as real as me shit i live where the stealers,drug"
  • Get 'em Daddy Freestyle - Remy Ma
    "Ha, Yea Nigga... What the fuck? Li-Li-Li-Li-Li-Listen, Listen, Listen Bitches better spit some shit, cause when I get my pen you know is a problem. Niggas think cause Rem got money, that I won't fuckin"
  • Blingual - Remy Ma
    "Oye Rrraaa Yo Vamo' Hacerlo Boricua Vamo' Hacerlo I'm A One Bitch Army Y'all Could Hardly Call Me So Imagine When I Team Up With The Puerto Rican Barbie It's Gon Be Armed See Im So From The Bronx Be And"
  • Queen of NY - Remy Ma
    "Uh Huh... Yea (Yea, Yea, Yea) Its The Queen Of Ny (Bx Nigga!) Remy Ma Why Am I The Queen Of Ny ? Cuz I Fuckin Said So But I Got A Question For Yall ? Who's Fuckin Wit Me ? Nobody Damn Sure Not No Bitches Its"
  • Kryptonite Freestyle - Remy Ma
    "Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh Yea Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh, Yea Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh, Yea Yea, yea yea yea yea yea, Check.... Remy Ma's a chef, see I be baking soda, I mixed it with the white, now they call me"
  • Conceited Messages (Skit) - Remy Ma
    ""All you nigga's, callin' here for my mommy.. Stay Off Her Shit!.....like that daddy?" (first unheard message) "Now you don't wanna answer the phone, fuckin' bitch! that's why i fucked the shit out'chu,"
  • Everyday I'm Fuckin' Him - Remy Ma
    "Everyday I'm fucking him Everyday I'm fucking him Everyday I'm fucking him Everyday I'm Everyday I'm Everyday I'm fucking him Everyday I'm fucking him Everyday I'm fucking him Everyday I'm fuckin him (like"
  • Secret Location - Remy Ma
    "See most niggaz call they girls When they wanna give a dick My shawtys call me when they wanna get a brick 'cause even when I'm not spitting I'm still that bitch In the the kitchen with the ... Vision"
  • Tight - Remy Ma
    "(feat. Fat Joe) This is, this is, this is this, this is R to the Eezy Listen, listen, listen, listen M to the wizzeye, u so flizzye, OWWW, Brah Brah Aint nobody fuckin wit my bitch, u heard"
  • Lights, Camera, Action - Remy Ma
    "Here i am standin in my b-boy stance i got my name air brushed down the leg of my pants i got my 54 letters and my kangol on bamboo earrings and my bangles on Word up, the girl look good imma 80's baby,"
  • What's Going On - Remy Ma
    "(feat. Keyshia Cole) Mmmmmm Mmmmmm Heeeeeeyyyyyy Why didn't I see the signs I was to busy getting high Runnin up the studio smoking dro writing rhymes To blind to notice my abdomen was growin Having"

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