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  • Rebel With A Reson - Mest
    "no i aint got a high school diploma no i aint got a masters degree but what you got to realize is that you dont mean shit to me because what i wanna do in life dont take no education what it takes is pure"
  • I Had No Reason For Leaving - Kenny Price
    "Off to my right a freight train engine's screamin' to my left I hear a baby cry To my devided soul they just add more confusion as I walk out into the night I had no reason for leaving except my mind oh"
  • I'm Out - Ashlee Simpson
    "Your face I'm a mess All I know Is not enough I can't deal With one side of love All I know You're not enough Love this place is hunted The walls are staring back at me Love all, you're the reson My"
  • Once - Sophie Zelmani
    "Hey you can I breathe if my chest is covered Hey you is my face making sense Eyes can't be still in a moment so tense Here babe are the notes you must play This babe, is the procedure Here babe not in"
  • Mirai Youhou Wa Itsumo Hare - Akira Kushida
    "HEAVY METAL no, BODY no nakani tsuoku naru kono tamashi Oh Jiban ashita yo yohou ga moshi arashi demo ore ga kaeru sa aozora ni toraeta aku no TARGET nigashi wa shinai yukou ze reson HEAVY METAL no, BODY"
  • Joy Of Pepsi - Britney Spears
    "My heart wont skip a beat I never look before I leap Right Just enjoy the ride Don't need a reason why Everyhings alright (alright) Take your time Baby take your time The world is yours and mine Just"
  • Dance With Me - Jump 5
    "Come on, come on, come on, hey hey come on and dance, hey, hey, hey I'll tell ya something you gotta know is true Saw something special, saw something i need something so perfect its hard to believe some"
  • A Strange Way To Save The World - Jump 5
    "I'm sure he must have been surprised At where this road had taken him Cause never in a million lives Would he have dreamed of Bethleham And standing at the manger He saw with his own eyes The message from"
  • All Life (Toda Vida English) - Eden's Crush
    "Verse1: Whichever times I encountered In search of love That love that I dreamed And nobody alleviated me That where the heart leads There a reson nothing to do with Any now that my hour has come"
  • K - Ola Magnell
    "Fridens far han sldar och drar Bultar p och vntar p svar Det finns barn men ingen r snll Strid och gnll i fridens tjll Dom behver krlek Mycke mycke krlek Dom behver krlek Dr det finns krlek Finns det"
  • Follow The Sun - Forte
    "Chorus: When you're feeling lost and you wanna be free And you feel like your world is tearing up at the seams Remeber there's light if you wait til the dawn You may walk through the clouds But to carry"
  • One Good Reason - Rex Goudie
    "1.Going through the motions Stuck inside a silent world Trying to bridge a distance Between where we are and where we were I can see were fading But we can't go back and we can't go on You're still the"
  • Get Busy - The Roots
    "Look my squad's half mandrill half Mandela my band bout seventy strong just like fela yeah part melly mel part van halen and we represent illadel where they still rebellin a yo sicko show like mike moores my"
  • Lip Gloss (Acappella) - Lil' Mama
    "[ ] Yeah' Its Popping (x4) I gotta ask 'em, Cos if i dont Its Popping (x4) What cha No 'bout me, what cha, what cha no bout me What cha no bout me what cha what cha no!!! Is that my lip gloss is cool,"
  • Breathe - Lee Carr
    "Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh U-Oh U-Oh U-Oh U-Oh Oh Oh if you ever been in love and you know just what i'm talking about expect when you really know you finally find the person u want and you wanna spend the rest"
  • I like this - Jimi Blue
    "I have nothing against boybands, They can kiss my a## I like it like this, (JB, come on now) I like, to touch you when i kiss your lips. I like, to watch you when you shake your hips. I like, to get you"
  • Like this - Jimi Blue
    "I have nothing against boybands, They can kiss my a## I like it like this, (JB, come on now) I like, to touch you when i kiss your lips. I like, to watch you when you shake your hips. I like, to get you"
  • All I Know - Rahzel
    "X 4 I can't stop I really don't care about those other carbon copies Don't stop Bobby don't stop Yo I'm the microphone champi on Any stage you get me on or let me on My ambi once is one step"
  • Do You Really (Thang Thang) - Wu-Tang Clan
    "Yo, this is a Wu-Banger two thousand and one noise maker off the hook guerilla anthem This is DJ Kay Slay, from around the way And I'll smack the shit outta any of you DJ's that front on this shit.. think"
  • Hate In Your Eyes - Chamillionaire
    "Jealousy In Ya Eyes (Thats What It Is Boy) Envy In Ya Eyes (Thats What It Is Boy) The Label Thats On The Rise Teall Em The Name, Chamillitary Mayne (Chorus) You Can Love Me Or Hate Me But Im Still Gonna"

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