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Resonance LuvBug

  • Resonance (ft. Talay Riley) - LuvBug
    "If you really care, you will care less Fight the fear been feeling, feelings Turn at the ...we want enormous Blood on the floor but it was floorless, floorless, Resonance running through my mind Resonance"
  • Resonance - Borknagar
    "Thunderous events below the atmosphere. Hibernate within my fissures. Mind has compressed what it lent from the ear. Like a diamond that sings of external pressure. But this zenith is chased by a curse. That"
  • Resonance - T.M. Revolution
    "Tsunaida tamashii no hi ga mune wo sasu nara Kotoba yori motto tsuyoi hibiki ga ima kikoeru ka? Roku ni me mo awasazu unmei ni made karandeku Yukisaki moro kabutteru kuenai yoru wo hashire Fukaoi shi sugita"
  • Conservatory Resonance - Novembre
    "Through the painting and the wite busts in the corridor of the fountain from a century I try to find you, I try The veil, the veil of the night descends heavy upon our school Where the music found shelter from"
  • The Resonance Of Form In Transition - Altered Aeon
    "In dialogue with myself, the answers intrigue me I am the crusher and mender of my memories I ask, I receive, I act eternally I live and I die, transcending endlessly I am all there ever was Value not"
  • Revive (Say Something) ft. Mark Asari - LuvBug
    "Baby, you have set me free and now I am free What I want right now is someone I can call Someone that will take me far away from what I know Everything is clear whenever you are near The weight is off"
  • Best Is Yet To Come - LuvBug
    "I've been lost and I've been broken, I've been down the bottle hoping, I’m still reaching for the sun, Coz my best is yet to come, I've been rich and I've been poor, Had the houses lost them all,"
  • White Horsie - Tadpole
    "In solitary devilment We find solace, but bring me hearts content With masochistic tendencies Put on my lipstick, Deliver me... Deliver me With predatory resonance Regularly begin this dark descent"
  • Sound Of Galaxies - Samael
    "The sound of galaxies playing the music of our lives The notes we strike Reasoned in time and space Silent symphony waiting to be heard Musical Aura holding unseen worlds... The sound of galaxies playing"
  • The Sun Door - Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects
    "they can't fool me. wearing human faces. they're nothing but resonance frequencies escaping the grasp of my mind. waveforms are spinning out of control. leaking into parallel dimensions. my mind is turned"
  • Reruns (Daisy Duke) - Soulwax
    "Hell, spookin' all over me But the sight of you just Breaks my heart in Three - Ways of tellin' you First you scratch the surface Then you pull the plug! Chorus: If you get low it takes you by the"
  • My Black Diaries - Death In June
    "We slip as stones Across this sea To dreams we've lived And dreams we'll see With emptiness, a faded hue In lost moments In vortex with you Left behind to wallow A wild admission Faith and cruelty combine A"
  • My Black Diary - Nature And Organization
    "We slip as stones Across this sea To dreams we've lived And dreams we'll see With emptiness, a faded hue In lost moments In vortex with you Left behind to wallow A wild admission Faith and cruelty combine A"
  • The Apex - Neuraxis
    "Zenith of power, highest point of glory The alpha, the omega, the principle and the end Geometric complex, cosmologic concept Culminate, like a pyramid ends in a point Unfathomable distances, vastness"
  • When Cannons Fade - Bolt Thrower
    "Into the 8th offensive Frontline reformed Artillery that never ceased In overtures of war When cannons fade Now the guns are silenced End of hell storm The final argument of kings All earth transformed When"
  • Abrupt Clarity - Dillon
    "As a tornado took shape I came to see For an hour or so, stood on that field Watched the dirt rise As if paralysed The closer i got The less i could feel The louder it got The more it seemed real When"
  • Crystal Skull - Mastodon
    "Guide a truth Prevail and ride Into the black hole Searching the crystal Making the veins bleed The source of consciousness Alive Crystalline resonance Into the black hole Searching the crystal Making"
  • Disillusioned - A Perfect Circle
    "dopamine on dopamine dopamine on dopamine dopamine on dopamine we have been overrun by animal desire addicts of the immediate keep us obedient and unaware feeding this mutation, this pavlovian despair we’ve"
  • Glass Door - Pulse Ultra
    "Suspended in nothing too dramatic Leads me wanting dissonance My fulfillment is often sporadic Trying to hit my resonance Nothing is yours Nothing is mine Nothing is mine Nothing is yours Nothing is"
  • Houkai Jokyoku - Malice Mizer
    "Delusion and dream A moment when reality fades Two voices crossing Memory of red blood Cells tremble They tremble in pleasure fate/shriek/urge/resonance/the end Constraining voice A temptation towards"

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