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Reto kill these people

  • Kill These People - ReTo
    "Ty nie dorosłeś nawet, by grać w tę grę, popatrz, o! Jestem jak pie*dolony paker, rosnę w oczach Ty nie widzisz, jak te skille rosną w opór stary Ja pomogę Ci zobaczyć to, - okulary, o! Dla rapera płyta"
  • I kill people - Jon Lajoie
    "Did you miss me Oooh, yeah What, what MC Vagina's right back in this bitch Two thousand nine is the year that I recorded this song Still not loving police Still got love for the vaginal crease Player haters"
  • These People - Sheppard
    "Well I won't waste another minute On anyone like you You're heartless in your origins And I'm tired and weakened through Now I'm leaving all my bridges burned I'm disconnecting ties I'm screening my position 'Cause"
  • These good people - The Gathering
    "He worries no more than he Necessarily needs to fill his void As big as space never ending thrill He meets his will by choosing hate Why choosing? Need us to smile too? Alright Struggling to prevail Foretaste"
  • These Dreams - Defari
    "(Defari) Aiyyo put one in the air for the ancestors, y'know? Cause without them, there'd be no us, that's real There's something on my mind.. everyday, all the time It's the legacy, y'know? Generations,"
  • Kill, Kill, Kill - Blood Duster
    "An all-American boy Voted likely to succeed Started hearing voices So he made people bleed He had to kill 13 Stopping earthquakes Was his dream by 1972 Herb became a normal dude But he kept hearing voices He"
  • Kill - One Hit Wonder
    "It isn't funny anymore It's gettin' crazy now This is america Hey look its crumbling down I think we really got a problem here The solutions oh so clear Put their skulls on posts around the foe Kill the"
  • Kill - Jimmy Eat World
    "Well, you're just across the street Looks a mile to my feet I want to go to you Funny how I'm nervous still I've always been the easy kill I guess I always will Could it be that everything goes 'round"
  • Reto - Network
    "Reto, You're a technical whiz, Masturbating with computers For a legion of kids. Reto, You're a solid state, A microchip and designer tape. Oh Reto, Where did you come from? With transistors and a keyboard You're"
  • People Change - Sunz Of Man
    "(feat. MC Eiht & Madam D) "I don't, I don't, I don't mind" I don't, I don't, I don't, I don', I don't mind [60 Second Assassin] I don't fuck with bitches, hos or scavs I don't fuck with drugs, puff"
  • Let's Kill All These Motherfuckers - Velvet Acid Christ
    "Electronic shock, a beating heart. Rush it down into the ground. Release the pressure of corroded side all fall into this genocide. The crying sound, the crying sound! The cruddy sound for vision now. Just"
  • Reto - Tito El Bambino
    "Vamo' a ver quien es quien Quien da ms Pediste guerra y guerra Te voy a dar Vamo' a ver quien es quien Quien da ms Pediste guerra y guerra Te voy a dar Tito "El Bambino"! Tiny Tunes! Llego el cuarto bate De"
  • Who Are These People? - Burt Bacharach
    "Who are these people that keep telling us lies And how did these people get control of our lives And who'll stop the violence 'cause it's out of control? Make 'em stop Who are these people that destroy"
  • Who Are These People? - Trout Fishing In America
    "(K. Grimwood/E. Idlet) In the books that I've been reading, they say exactly what they mean, They don't say uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, They don't stutter, they don't mutter. They don't repeat themselves. They"
  • These Are My People - Rodney Atkins
    "Well we grew up down by the railroad tracks shootin' b.b.'s at old beer cans chokin' on the smoke from a lucky strike somebody lifted off of his old man we were football flunkies Southern rock junkies"
  • These Remains - My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
    "The human soul is always free Some people they keep secrets They say that we are not telling And I know in their silence It slips right through their fingers Scared eyes are blinking Heads held high ask"
  • These Are Not My People - Joe South
    "well, your momma and your poppa sent ya to the finest school never let it be said that their little darlin was a fool. with a credit card and your good name you were drawn like a moth to a flame to the"
  • People - Looptroop
    "Chorus (x2):We speak for those who can't speak cause they're afraid/write for those that can't write their own names/stand up for those who's sitting in a cage/and all my people that are suffering today/"
  • People - Killah Priest
    "(People) Is the world we live in Full of innocent, Yasa's word, we the victims (6 billion people) To the suburban area Filled with doctors and lawyers Cops and judges, we all suffer from paranoia (6 billion"
  • People - Kina Grannis
    "Swarms of people they move in every direction Some eyes they wander while others are just glued to their feet And how I wonder what goes on behind those eyes, There are lives, growing older and they're"

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