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Returned back to me

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Returned back to me

  • I Have Returned - Unleashed
    "I have returned 9 hundred years I have waited I have returned the time is now to rise anew hear my call my warriors come with me now hear my call mjollnir shall guide us through the battle ...I have"
  • I Hate Returned - Unleashed
    "I have returned 9 hundred years I have waitedI have returnedThe time is now to rise anew Hear my callMy warriors come with me nowHear my callMjollnir shall guide us through the battle ...I have returned I"
  • I've Returned - Squeeze
    "I've returned I've returned I've returned Last night I played the drunken fiddle Disabled love with a word of dribble On and on about some jumbled subject I said your friends were a bunch of muppets Said"
  • Returned - Angelo Kelly
    "When we were both young everybody would talk about you They would always say "this kid is something special" Took it to far when they said "you were born to lead" Somehow they forgot that everyone needs"
  • Ghost Of Love Returned - Clouds
    "Jamie came back From the other side To be with me Heard me crying Felt me dying Life was death for me When you're without love The sun don't shine Jamie's home now But we may as well Be in the ground Everloving,"
  • An Angel Returned - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
    "An angel returned That night through the sky But time it was short He had to decide And so as he flew Back over the land A gift for his Lord Was there in his hand It was the glow of a light It was the"
  • The Night They Returned - Kataklysm
    "I've got the urge to kill, to see the blood flow My lust for you grows, to carve up that inner glow Seduce me with your death, my love for you is red Random Killings, Individual Torture. Blood feast."
  • Volcane (Mr. Jealousy Has Returned) - Fields Of The Nephilim
    "Mr. Jealousy has returned Yearning, yearning Mr. Jealousy has returned to reality All secured by humanity You're living in danger Mr. Jealousy has returned your hurting me Can't you see? Our love is in"
  • I'm Alive (That Was The Day My Dead Pet Returned To Save My Life) - Alice Cooper
    "I was just kicking down the street And the sun was in my eyes So I couldn't see the truck That was sixty times my size And just seconds off from splattering me Let me tell you I was so scared I couldn't"
  • The Rascals Have Returned - Trevor Hall
    "We got attracted like bees coming to the hive Stir it up stir it up stir up that sweetness inside Mama has been heating up that breakfast for quite some time it's time to swallow and show them we're not"
  • Back To You - Bobby Caldwell
    "I was a fool to be Thinking just of me And I thought my self we're better off this way And I thought that leaving you Was the thing to do And I've regretted each and every single day Darlin' we had a"
  • Back To Earth - Barclay James Harvest
    "I've been so sad since you went away I've been so lost without you I wanted to be there I wanted to hold on and tell you How much, how much I loved you I never thought that this day would come Never dreamed"
  • Back To Me - Lindsay Lohan
    "i used to blame me when shit got crazy I can’t think too much about what they say and now these Saturdays got me feeling like Mondays I know I drink too much, but it’s ok my life is full of ripped up"
  • Back To Me - Make It Pop
    "You were there for me When times were tough All the little things that we did Is it enough? I thought we belonged together Maybe we could last forever All the little things that we did We did for us All: Won't"
  • Back to me - Candee Jay
    "When are you coming back for me? (for me)When are you coming back for see? (to see)Monday morning waking up,in an empty bed. (in an empty bed)Thought i'd feel you next to me,but i'm alone instead. (but"
  • Back To Me - Jackson United
    "goodnight, lay your weight on mine more than side by side buried in tonight goodbye, i won't be just fine i'm faking my smile gone a little while what i'm waiting for you to be, back to me what i'm waiting"
  • Back To Me - Richard Marx
    "Oh this must mean something For us to endure all the hurt And I've tried to analyze through If maybe it's more than it's worth I've already found a mountain to move Should that be all that it takes? And"
  • Back To Me - Ryan Tedder
    "You have been wondering What will become of this love And its causing you to worry I can assure you Youre the only one I dream of Youre safe within my arms Thru all the times I needed you right here beside"
  • Back to me - Nine Days
    "If you would just come back to me I would be so GOOD! Put your trust back in me the least I think you should. We'll call it my pathology so I misunderSTOOD! A bit selfish I should be if I could change"
  • Back To Me - Elissa
    "You've played your game for too long I never thought you'd do this to me I'm thinking this was so wrong I only live with all that's dear and true to me You've hurt me for the last time When my heart"

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