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Reverse of babilon

  • Reverse - Eldritch
    "You took your risk and then you tried hell ain't far, beware of this game it seems nice, seems cool, it's your favourite pie it's alright, it's okay, it relieves your pain Reverse your pain into hate Reverse"
  • Reverse - Now It S Overhead
    "In the distance I hear a cryin' out A choir of voices singing Oh, you've done it now to satisfy the crowd In a sleight of hand and a burst of light I walk you through your motions And you will rise tonight"
  • Reverse - Holy Moses
    "The fortitude she turned to me - Without tears in my eyes It's nothing new for me to feel - I didn't like to lie Well I guess you took my heart - I gave it all to you Like a turn of a new born joy - My"
  • Reverse - P. Diddy
    "I'll never stopI don't give a fuckIf it's me against a million billion of ya'll mother fuckersI will never stopI bust six out the roof of my Bentley CoupHead shots so mother fuckers can't regroup, can't"
  • Reverse - Puff Daddy
    "(feat. Busta Rhymes, Cee-Lo, G-Dep, Redman) I'll never stop I don't give a fuck If it's me against a million billion of ya'll mother fuckers I will never stop I bust six out the roof of my Bentley"
  • Reverse - P Diddy
    "I'll never stop I don't give a fuck If it's me against a million billion of ya'll mother fuckers I will never stop I bust six out the roof of my Bentley Coup Head shots so mother fuckers can't regroup,"
  • Babilon - Babilon
    "To był taki pojebany dzień aaha, zapowiadał jeszcze gorzej się aha Na ulicy zobaczyłem cię, wyglądałeś bardzo nieciekawie Całe twoje ciało niczym cień aaha, ciągle tylko przewracałeś się się tak tak Tak"
  • Reverse psychology - Debbie Gibson
    "CHORUS/CHANT: Reverse psychology Doesn't work on me It works my nerves But I think logically So don't rehearse what you're gonna say I like it better the spontaneous way You got an insecurity? I won't"
  • Reverse Inversion - God Module
    "We will never know how it feels to be alive To have stars in the sky form symbols that show me how to survive I'll never learn the code to break down fear I'd bring about the end of the world to be sure"
  • Flip reverse - Blazin' Squad
    "Hey (yeah) I wanna see you work it baby(yeah), I want you to be my lady, I love the way you move your body, groove you drive me crazy... I'm a do it real good if you know how I felt, we could take it"
  • Reverse Soundtrack - Something For Kate
    "So you dance and you shuffle into the eye of the storm Eyes all on fire as if you've never been here before and you say its all nothing but tell yourself quietly but i hear you from my house breathing"
  • In Reverse - Passengers
    "This is the life i got to live This is the time that I can give The efforts that I make Are just so that you won't escape Feels like I'm falling Like this would never ever change I just keep stumbling I"
  • Babilon (3:22) - Moby Dick
    "/T. Schmiedl/ ----------------------- Ime, en pusztito szelet tamasztok Babilon ellen es azok ellen, a kik az en ellensegem sziveben lakoznak Es megrendul a fold, es razkodik, mert az Urnak gondolatai"
  • Babilon da bandit - Vavamuffin
    "Hey yeah watch this man, babilon is suckin' like a vampire this a blood blood, this a blood blood blood of a man ! If live was a thing money could a buy Rich shoulda live and poor woulda die If live was"
  • Reverse Of Shade - The Windupdeads
    "Got a date with the devil Got a child as a gift from God When the moon finally falls down It will split us all up Slip away, you'll never make it through by the way Well you might if you try I don't care Something's"
  • call from babilon - Blue Lagoon
    "Pick up the phoneThis is a callFrom BabylonGotta get a call from BabylonWaiting for the word to say you miss meGotta hear your voice when you're taking me homeBaby I need a sign that you care about meGotta"
  • W Babilonie - Ras Luta
    "W Babilonie śmierć i strach,W Babilonie ból i płacz.W Babilonie ogień zapłonieRas Luta przychodzi tutaj i mówi Tobie tak:W Babilonie śmierć i strach,W Babilonie ból i pła, a, a, acz,W Babilonie ogień zapłonieRas"
  • Tattooed In Reverse - Marilyn Manson
    "I’m unstable I’m not a show horse I can’t be bridled, of course I’m outstanding I’m unregretted I got tattooed in reverse in reverse"
  • Reverse Di Ting - Beenie Man
    "Dong! Hey! Mi chat give dem di back way talk Papa San gave dem di sideway talk Tek out mi key and mi car weh mi start Put it inna reverse watch yuh wave through glass, cau Reverse di ting mi a go reverse"
  • SHOT REVERSE SHOT - Jack Johnson
    "Shot reverse shot Look what the other got Shot reverse shot Look what the other got Drop the anchor make it stop Edible digital clocks Infinity, figure eight Figure out what you're not Junk it up, cut"

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