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Revolving Door

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Revolving Door

  • Revolving Door - CrazyTown
    "CHORUS: Now ladies come, ladies go out my revolving door/ some Ladies never come back, / Most come back for more I've got a house in the hills/ With a door that spins/ Goes in and out, out and in/ 'Round"
  • Revolving door - Crazy Town
    "Now Ladies come, ladies go,Out my revolving doorSome ladies never come back,Most come back for more.Ive got a house in the hillsWith a door that spins.Goes in and out,Out and in,Round and round again."
  • Revolving - Dakona
    "He said Im strong enough to leave you He said Id like to be your friend A thousand days he said forever and ever But evers at an end . . . this bitter end And I come to you with good intentions But I"
  • Revolving Door Romance - Symphony In Peril
    "I see them coming, in one door and out another. They sit and watch your slick hair and shiny shoes. You may have a golden tongue, but your offers are hopeless. We have seen this all before. Give me more."
  • The Revolving Door - American Music Club
    "The revolving door I'm stuck in it, my love Your cold, cold heart that never opens And never tires What chance do I have? What chance do I have? Your meteor shower, did you make it rain my love? Did you"
  • Chains (Revolving) - Riot
    "I remember sudden distant sound Guilt and leverage mark my way I try to take myself a thousand steps from here Somewhere something makes me stay I recall a broken spirit traveling down the road Never more"
  • Revolving - Outspoken
    "Deeply I scream from within That I surrender cause I've been searching For a clue that I'm alive I'm like a goldfish swimming in a plugged in blender The water's peaceful with a view from the inside But"
  • Revolving man - Innocence Mission
    "Ah, revolving man,don't you ever get ahead?All your days are spentin catching up the rent.Ah, revolve, revolve -don't you ever get a Sundayto read the paper andjump into leaves or water?You're laughingOf"
  • The Revolving Circle - P.O.D.
    "The reason im here is to spread the message of the truth revolving circle keep the peace the real thing is not here for the god i shall prevail singing as loud as raining hail the revolving circle will"
  • Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors - Radio Head
    "There are barn doors And there are revolving doors Doors on the rudders of big ships We are revolving doors There are doors that open by themselves There are sliding doors And there are secret doors There"
  • Pull Pulk Revolving Doors - Radiohead
    "There are barn doors And there are revolving doors Doors on the rudders of big ships And there are revolving doors There are doors that open by themselves There are sliding doors And there are secret doors There"
  • Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors - Radiohead
    "i jumped in the river and what did i see? * black-eyed angels swam with me * a moon full of stars and astral cars * and all the figures i used to see * all my lovers were there with me * all my past and"
  • Door - Martha Wainwright
    "There's a door Handle's cold Made of iron & brass And this door it used to lead Into what is now my past If you were to have opened this door It would have lead you on to a floor Where my mother had played"
  • Door - Frenzal Rhomb
    "Door You don't have to wait in line But you do it all the time I'd be happy to pay the fine My decision's not a crime Get out of my face I don't care if you're not Jase If it's me you must"
  • Door - Lemonheads
    "Baby when i think of all my yesterdays when i dream about tomorrow when i recount my joys when i remember my sorrows sometimes a mans gotta say what he's gotta say I ain't hangin' around no more tonight"
  • Door - Kirito
    "Tsukiyo ni sotto saita hanabira ga mau Kirei na kako no you ni chitteyuku Mou modorenai ne ano hi ni Demo dakara kirei nanda Koukai ni furueru yoru ha ima dake de Tsumetai kaze ni fukare dashimeatta ne Wasureyou"
  • Girl Next Door - Girl Next Door
    "Small town homecoming queen She's a star in this scene There's no way to deny she's lovely Perfect skin, perfect hair Perfumed hearts everywhere Tell myself that inside she's ugly Maybe I'm just jealous-I"
  • Door to door - The Cars
    "All us angels wearing studs Yeah, plastic mouth melts in the sun Oo, running colors everyone Cause we're all in prison having fun Oh, perfect pictures hang around Well, delusions swing you up and down"
  • Door To Door - Creedence Clearwater Revival
    "Find me out a-walkin', Time the whistle starts a-callin', Maybe stoppin' early, Knockin' at your door. Take so long to answer, Lord knows, it ain't the milkman Could be stoppin' early, Sellin' door to"
  • Door To Door - Beatbeat Whisper
    "when do the windows glow and the farmers keep their faces clear? can you see their eyes from here? Sitting room for blinking youth un-prepared for a channel change away, changing way too late, soaking"

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