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Rewolution 76

  • Sommer '76 - Uwe Busse
    "Flaschen drehn und Persikot, kannst du dich noch erinnern, an die Zeit von damals? minirock und Music-Box, den Flipperautomaten, wo wir zwei uns trafen, das kleine Zelt am Baggersee, in jener Nacht gingst"
  • Lato 76 - Artur Rojek
    "Lato 76’ Niewiele chciałem mieć Gdybyś nie zahamował... Nie byłoby mnie Lato 76’ Całe życie było przed Wracają pijani chłopcy Znam ich cień Całą swoją złość Kieruję dziś do Ciebie Nie chcę nic Kiedy"
  • 76 Ball - Urge Overkill
    "On a night like this I found Miss Celine On a freeway to bliss it's a guarantee Take a ride like this I've got what you need Guaranteed There's a chill in the spine now 76 ball It's all turning round I"
    "Katman: 65 25 Parkline Drive And like always I'm kicking it live Wanna call the fellas to see if they is with this Gonna get down with the sounds of big breakfast Start off the day with some Bob Marley"
  • I-76 - G. Love And Special Sauce
    "Katman:65 25 Parkline DriveAnd like always I'm kicking it liveWanna call the fellas to see if they is with thisGonna get down with the sounds of big breakfastStart off the day with some Bob MarleyBack"
  • Salem '76 - Mary Lou Lord
    "This town's pretty cool around Halloween But other than that it's the same old scene All that history all that mystery For years I walked that hollowed ground And soon they passed their judgment down And"
  • Cpai-76 - Bloodlet
    "Monument frozen stoned nodding grace has fallen entheogen elixir enhanced soul bliss peeling the black tar from the walls attempt to compress your gods I have flown on the wings of a dove sucked the life"
  • 76 Trombones - Meredith Willson
    "Seventy six trombones led the big parade With a hundred and ten cornets close at hand. They were followed by rows and rows of the finest virtuosos, the cream of ev'ry famous band. Seventy six trombones"
  • 76 Hours - Horror Show
    "Living a life kept shut by a dream I'm reaching out to grasp my reality Hands of time wrap tight around my neck And hit me so hard Leaving me eyes black Staring at a ceiling Wondering why I never left Penning"
  • Pilot '76 - Charlotte Sometimes
    "If you go away, oh I will know My feelings are nothing but a curtain Hiding me from what I should know That I'm a pilot and I am steering low We discussed life in the back of my car The back of your van You"
  • Ruta 76 - Almafuerte
    "Bonaerense Ruta Setenta y seis, sendero ayer transitado por los pampas de Catriel. Con rumbo al Sauce Corto, para visitar Indios Ricos de Ventana, y Loncos de Cura Malal. Para algunos es pasado, para otros,"
  • Spirit Of '76 - Dickies
    "tell me how can it be in the land of diet cola there's a terrible page of history in the land of the free that's made for me and my sharona shake your booty's and let your banners fly 76 - it's the spirit"
  • Spirit Of 76 - Alarm, The
    "Alarm, The Standards Spirit Of 76 Well i find myself in reverie 'bout what we might have had And what might have been We had something going once That was such a long, long time ago It was way back in"
  • Spirit Of '76 - The Alarm
    "Well I find myself in reverie 'Bout what we might have had And what might have been We had something going once That was such a long, long time ago It was way back in '76 Our friendship formed of pure"
  • 76 On My 67 - Run Into The Shadows
    "You might say that I'm a bit outspoken. But then again lets think, well look who's talking. You might say that you never knew me. But with these lies we lead, well you could never trust me. I said, that"
  • A new fix for 76 - Gino Vanelli
    "And now that psychedelias gone when the hell ya gonna face reality boyWe cant be that asinine to think that nineteen sixty nine was the way it should beTheres a new moon with an old shineSo its time to"
  • I'll Be Your Jonny On The Spot - Ween
    "Freedom of the body Freedom of the mind A ho on South Street hired for tricks Little girls pickin' up sticks Freedom of '76 Wastee little weasel Wants cheap tricks Liberty bell cracked in half A bacon"
  • 197666 - Murderdolls
    "In 1976-6-6 I was born a bastard and a son of a bitch And I'm sick, sick, motherfucker, sick In 1976-6-6 I nailed a G.I. Joe to the crucifix And I'm sick, sick, motherfucker, sick I don't wanna commit"
  • Love Machine - Supermax
    "If you need need a one-day lover Just call 76 54 321 One day lover if you need me A two day's lover Just call 87 65 4321 Two day's lover. 'Cause the love love I will give you 'Cause the love the love"
  • She's Country - Adam Brand
    "She was born out in the sticks In the drought of '76 Pulled the wings off bugs for kicks She's country Learned to drive in a beat up hack Shotgun and an old bashed hat Chasin' roos and razorback She's"

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