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Reyko sed you free

  • Sed - Destruction
    "You've made your choice just nowFor a better solution - peaceful revolutionTime has never been on your sideBeen taken out for a rideYou've just escaped from c. campUnwillingly imprisonedYou need no guiding"
  • Gutta - Ace Hood
    "(feat. Trick Daddy) (It's so incredible) Ace... You ain't comin round here talkin all dat shit Talkin bout you get all dem bricks I'm a have to come round your way Nigga I'm real you all too fake And"
  • Momma Sed - Puscifer
    "(uhm,K... Hit it) Wake up, son of mine. Momma got something to tell you. Changes come. Life will have it's way With your pride, son. Take it like a man. Hang on, son of mine, A storm is blowing up your"
  • Gutta Bitch - Webbie
    "Look hop in my ride Stash this, Hold that, Be cool turn The sound up and roll that Now you my gutta bitch Lil moma dont get it twisted No trippin, No house buiness you kno i got other bitches I"
  • Gutta Music - Jedi Mind Tricks
    "Yeah, ah, it feels so good to be up in here, man Yeah, JMT, Reef the Lost Cauze, Chief Kamach' Shit got to change, baby Yo, they put white picket fences on all black houses Cauze Kilimanjaro, you Brokeback"
  • Ghetto Gutta - Outlawz
    "C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon... Smoke It Outlawz c'mon... Yea... Blood Brothers c'mon Intoduction to the Outlaw Lifestyle Blood Brothers ya know Hit the weed, get the drank Edi... Kastro... Load up, put"
  • Gutta Boyz - The Game
    "(feat. Sean T) (We gangsta daddy!) (Sean T) Yuh! I'm sippin on that 'notiq the color of Hulk man And the blueberry smoke got a nigga twerkin You niggaz is perkin - so you doin it big? You roll deep but"
  • Gutta Boyz - The Game feat. Sean T
    "(We gangsta daddy!) Yuh! I'm sippin on that 'notiq the color of Hulk man And the blueberry smoke got a nigga twerkin You niggaz is perkin - so you doin it big? You roll deep but when I see you it's just"
  • Sed - La Ley
    "Sed de verdades sed de saber sed de verdad sed de saber Miro hacia arriba y las nubes sugieren un cambio de corriente surcos profundos dibujan la cara de un hombre miro extasiado teniendo mucha sed de"
  • Sed - Libido
    "Tengo sed te necesito para beber tu sangre y convertirme en parte de ti Y ser algo o parte al menos porque no soy nada nos soy nada escribiendo lo vivido Soy sudor y lagrimas no soy nada ante un todo"
  • Free Me - Free
    "Morning comes And the evening follows Life without you Knows no tomorrow You leave me weary And you leave me tired But you fill my soul With strange desire But I love you babe Yes I love all of you Ah!"
  • Walk In Gutta - Redman
    "(feat. Biz Markie, Erick Sermon, Keith Murray) {"One-two one-two"} ... W, K, Y, A Haha, Def Squad niggaz {"One-two one-two"} Gilla Gilla Gilla Gilla, Gilla House Ooh {"So let's do a little somethin"
  • Free - Mary J. Blige
    "Come on ya'll Let's get free You feel me See I've seen a lot of things Seen people come and go Seen people die Seen people hurt and cry See cause life is a journey In this journey, I'm learning to love"
  • Free - Happy Hardcore
    "Free, Free, Free as a bird I'm flying Can't you see I'm alive Shooting up in the sky together Best days of our lives! Free, Free, Free as a bird I'm flying Can't you see I'm alive Floating up on a dream"
  • Free - Kirk Franklin
    "I know the pain you feel inside And the tears you try to hide In your heart you ask God why Can you help me, will you help me please Take away the pain Where's the sun I feel the rain. Then I hear your"
  • Free - William Hung
    "I always knew that I would be the one Be the one Escape the nightmare I made through my mind I sit and think about you all the time All the time I hope and pray that soon the day will come Free I wanna"
  • Free - Plumb
    "You thought you had me all tied up in a little knot You thought I'd go on living just like you like you until you asked me nicely to stop but supprise I'm free, I'm free, I'm Free to be the girl you"
  • Free - Stryper
    "Free to turn away - say goodbye Free to walk away - and deny The gift waiting for you Whispers a still small voice It's your choice - you're.. Free - Free to do what you want to Choose your own destiny Free"
  • Free - Ginny Owens
    "Turning molehills into mountains Making big deals out of small ones Bearing gifts as if they're burdens This is how it's been Fear of coming out of my shell Too many things I can't do too well Afraid"
  • Free - Cotton Cat
    "I'm free like a stardust over your head. I'm free like a river changing its bed. I'm free like a forest quarrelling with the wind. I'm free like the rollers over the sea. They tumble and fall but who is"

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