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Rhythm Of My Life J-Lie

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Rhythm Of My Life J-Lie

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Rhythm Of My Life J-Lie
  • Status Quo Rhythm Of Life
    "(Rossi / Young) I'm livid again, damn livid again Believe it or not, don't like it a lot It's breaking my heart this ache in my heart Oh, such is life Oh, rhythm of life This rhythm of life, this trouble"
  • Richard Marx Rhythm Of Life
    "You say you'll get over it But I know you better Your feelings have been hurt a bit And you just can't forget her You'll want her back by tomorrow But she won't remember your name You better Get lost"
  • Oleta Adams Rhythm Of Life
    "Climbin' every mountain, always killing me Count the cost as days go by Monday I've got Friday on my mind Why don't we make love Instead of making plans. Mother Nature, Father Time Maybe it's the family"
  • Freedom Call Rhythm of life
    "Resurrection energy insideSomething that I can't defineMystery - I leave my fears behindSomething that seems so divineOver and over againIntoxication's running through my veinsConfusion - I'm going insaneFever"
  • US5 Rhythm Of Life
    "I understood the plan I'm gonna be the man You change my history No doubt its plain to see One Life is all weve got Dont let them make you stop. Lets ride the riders ride Well make it through the"
  • Atlanta Rhythm Section Georgia Rhythm
    "Livin' out of a suitcase Sleepin' in hotel rooms Rental cars and airport bars And dog day afternoons My occupation is a picker And music is my game Sometimes it makes me crazy But I would not change a"
  • Freedom Call The Rhythm Of Life
    "resurrection, energy inside something that I can't define misery I live my first behind something that seems so divine over and over, and in and the rhythm of life in that cage is running through my"
  • Page France Rhythm
    "When you curse your name I'm a receiver When your heart can't change I'm a receive Do I love like a stranger? The world keeps getting stranger all the time And the distance is greater Than any rope I ever"
  • Londonbeat Rhythm Of My Song
    "You know you're always here in my heart From the break of dawn 'till deep in the dark When times are bringing me down I just want you around 'cause you're making me feel so right You're the wind in my"
  • Rod Stewart Rhythm of my heart
    "Across the street the river runs Down in the gutter life is slipping away Let me still exist in another place Running under cover of a helicopter blade The flames are getting higher in effigy Burning down"
  • Bananarama Rhythm Of Life
    "Get down to the rhythm Keep on moving Down to the rhythm of life Get down to the rhythm You know you can do it It's the rhythm of life Better get yourself together Gotta make you're mind up soon Now that"
  • Edwin McCain Rhythm Of Life
    "The rhythm of life Heaven withstanding and smiling we're all swept away The rhythm of life Is not so demanding as some caught in narrows would say Fragile as ships as we pass through gibraltar The sirens"
  • All About Eve Rhythm Of Life
    "I'm nowhere that I've ever been I'm no-one, I can't remember me Make it all go You're showing me heaven When your door is always closed Like the church doors are When you need a little Jesus Outside his"
  • IGI Rhythm of life
    "I'm Nowhere That I've Ever BeenI'm No-one, I Can't Remember MeMake It All GoYou're Showing Me HeavenWhen Your Door Is Always ClosedLike the Church Doors AreWhen You Need a Little JesusOutside His Business"
  • Men Without Hats Rhythm Of Youth
    "Things like explosions well they scare me half to death but I'd still like to sit one right through nuclear warfare has got me holding my breath but the army plan has to go through with the rhythm of youth Things"
  • Freedom Call Rhythm of Light
    "In the Rhythm of Light In the Rhythm of Light In the Rhythm of Light I got the rhythm, charged by fantasy I got the Power of the World I grabbed the universe In a twilight galaxy I'm gonna be the master"
  • Anita Baker Rhythm of Love
    "You know this old world is just Keeps on spinnin' around and around and around And sometimes it just spins too fast And you, you not only lose your balance But you lose your rhythm and It's at times like"
  • Rene Froger Wild Rhythm
  • Scorpions Rhythm Of Love
    "(Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine) Let's spend the night together I know you want it too The magic of the moment Is what I've got for you The heartbeat of this night Is made to lose control And there is something"
  • No Angels The rhythm of my heart
    "I never knew It could be like this Im surprised to see how it turned out When youre life Takes a different turn And every little thing is rearranged The rythm of my heart you came along and changed it"

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