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Richard Marx - Ordinary Love

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Richard Marx - Ordinary Love

Teksty piosenek (191943)

Richard Marx - Ordinary Love
  • Galactic Cowboys Ordinary
    "life's not boring it's just ordinary like birds at rest inside a sanctuary where the ancient meets contemporary life's not usual it's ordinary life's not futile it's just ordinary if love is free and"
  • Wayne Brady Ordinary
    "All of our friends keep saying we should be more social Cuz we keep to ourselves most of the time They just don't understand what we got going on Cause a love like this is so hard to find Don't wanna live"
  • The Alternate Routes Ordinary
    "I've been wasting my days, Good and reckless and true, I have danced in the dark at the edge of the water, Swinging my hips at the black and the blue, When you die will you be surrounded by friends? Will"
  • Saving Jane Ordinary
    "City lights shine down upon the place that I call home Surrounded by a million but I feel like I'm alone And I might be a nobody to you But if I'm playing, would you listen? If you would get to know me Maybe"
  • Deana Carter Ordinary
    "White lace bedspread, Monet hanging over my head Big smile on my face, wine glasses all over the place Your shirt on my floor, I've never done that before Yeah, yeah, yeah... CHORUS Don't it feel so good Flying"
  • Renaissance Richard Ix
    "Deep in the past there lived a man whose story must be told Of royal descent but not of the royal line, oh oh No history book relates this night of indiscretion Into the world he's brought, never to be"
  • Ally McBeal Soundtracks Serious Richard
    "Ally McBeal Soundtracks Miscellaneous Serious Richard Song: Vonda Shepard I was so lost and you were so profound You taught me how to fly with my feet still on the ground And you told me to be what"
  • Vonda Shepard Serious Richard
    "I was so lost and you were so profound You taught me how to fly with my feet still on the ground And you told me to be what it is that I was No matter what all of the businessmen said Serious Richard,"
  • Wet Wet Wet Ordinary love
    "Sometimes love dont always grow so easy Sometimes its in every port of call Lying in-between the sheets Or even walking in the streets And you just put me with those other guys Cos I aint looking for no"
  • U2 Ordinary Love
    "The sea wants to kiss the golden shore The sunlight warms your skin All the beauty that’s been list before Wants to find us again I can’t fight you anymore It’s you I’m fighting for The sea throws rocks"
  • Stephen Covell Ordinary Love
    "Well isn't this perfect She thinks She folds her ordinary clothes Her ordinary life Is complete A working class daydream Staring out the window On an ordinary street An ordinary night Repeats"
  • Rascal Flatts Ordinary Love
    "ooooh yeah, ohhhh, uh well it's a simple thing a look, a laugh, a clover ring and all those little scenes, dreams are made of and it's evident that when my hopes and prayers are spent well there she came"
  • Shane Minor Ordinary Love
    "(Bob DiPiero/Dan Truman/Craig Wiseman) Well, it's the simple things A look, a laugh, a clover ring And all those little scenes that dreams are made of And it's evident where my hopes and prayers are"
  • Paris Bennett Ordinary Love
    "Verse 1: I don't know what's really going on, tell me whats happening It's like a whirlwind so amazing so tired of fighting this feeling and frankly I'm a little confused about it don't know if I'm dreaming cause"
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt No Ordinary Love
    "Its could have been just another day But instead we're standing here No need for words it's all been said in the way you hold me near I was alone on this journey You came along to comfort me Everything"
  • Kool Moe Dee Dumb Dick (Richard)
    "(Du-dumb) (Dumb) (D-d-du-du-dumb) (Dumb) (Du-dumb) (Dumb) (D-d-d-dumb) (Dumb) [ VERSE 1 ] Well, listen up, homeboys, I got somethin to say About a homeboy from back in the day His name was Richard, some"
  • Manic Street Preachers The love of Richard Nixon
    "The world on your shoulders The love of your mother The fear of the future The best years behind you The world is getting older The times they fall behind you The need it still grows stronger The best"
  • Hilary Duff With Love (Richard Vission Remix)
    "I don't mind you telling me what's been on your mind lately I don't mind you speaking up I know sometimes I can be all wrapped up and into me I can be in such a rush Just slow me down, slow me down"
  • Chris Botti No Ordinary Love
    "This is no ordinary love, no ordinary love This is no ordinary love, no ordinary love This is no ordinary love, no ordinary love This is no ordinary love, no ordinary love No ordinary love This is no ordinary"
  • Deftones No Ordinary Love
    "I gave you all the love I've got I gave you more than I could give Gave you love I gave you all that I had inside and you took my love You took my love Didn't I tell you? What I believe Did somebody say"

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