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  • Mr Bluesman (Sambora) - Sambora Richie
    "He was a man A ramblin' man he was yes he was Guitar in hand His home was on the road and that's where he was He's seen a thousand roads He's been a million miles And when he'd bend a note A tear would"
  • Church Of Desire (Sambora) - Sambora Richie
    "Woke up in a cold sweat In the middle of the night Seems like a lifetime When you're wondering who's wrong or right One confession would resurrect the truth Revenge or forgiveness for sins between me and"
  • River Of Love (Sambora) - Sambora Richie
    "Let me tell you a story About body and blood There's a fire below Deep in the river of love Hey pretty mama I'm just trying to be polite I wanna make you feel the rhythm of the river tonight And when the"
  • Lena Sambora - Alicetea
    "Lena Lena, Lena Sambora, Lena, Lena Sambora Lena Sambora Lena maja dla tych obrazów jesteś gotów stracić głowę /x4 Jej smukłe ciało pląsów fal tysiąca, Zaklęte wyspy na które wypada ci sedno Oparty na"
  • You're Not Alone (R.Sambora & T.Marolda) - Sambora Richie
    "You can be a million miles away, I will always love you. You can be a thousand thought always, I'll be thinking of you. No matter where you try to hide, You will always gonna find me. Right where I belong, Been"
  • Richie Rich - Lil Romeo
    "(Romeo) Iam your idol, the highest title..numero uno. Yes i'm fresh press and i'm speaking so that you know... Can't understand I got the gift to speak, and its a blessing so listen to the lesson I preach. I"
  • Richie Rich - Lil' Romeo
    "(Verse 1 - Lil' Romeo) I'm your idol, the highest title, numero uno. Yes i'm fresh press and i'm speaking so that you know, Can't understand I got the gift to speak and its a blessing, So listen to the"
  • Nicole Richie - Fakebestfriend
  • Richie Rich - Ten Times A Day
    "It's no surprise to hear you whine When your dad won't give you The things that you wanted You should be thankful for What you alread have Cause there are kids out there Who don't have a home I"
  • High Flying Bird, Richie Havens - Richie Havens
    ""There's a high flyin' bird, flying way up in the sky, And I wonder if she looks down, as she goes on by? Well, she's flying so freely in the sky. Lord, look at me here, I'm rooted like a tree here, Got"
  • Richie Dagger's Crime - Germs
    "i'm richie dagger i can stomp and swagger i can take on all your heroes i'm richie dagger i'm young and i'm haggard the boy that nobody owns he sits in his corner like a child despised a crazy sort of"
  • Who I Am - Sambora Richie
    "(R.Sambora & M.Frederiksen) Only child, lonely one, Trying to ast like his father's son. Make him proud though he sometimes fails, Locked up, living in a jail. Help me now, help me now, God I feel misunderstood. Trust"
  • Who I Am - Richie Sambora
    "Only child lonely one trying to act like his father's son make him proud through he sometimes fails locked up, living in a jail Help me now Help me now God I feel misunderstood Trust me now Trust"
  • If i can't have your love - Richie Sambora
    "It's hard to remember a timeWhen I didn't have you, when I didn't have nothing but a cold bed to come to atnightThat was all I knew, until there was youAnd then you took my world and turned it all aroundI"
  • Supa Richie - Richie
    "Ist's eine Fliegtasse? (Nein!) Ist's ein Schraubokopter? (Nein!) Was ist es dann? (SUPA RICHIE!) Hey, Moment. Da vorne werde ich gebrucht. Vanille-Eis das magst du nicht, doch es ist heiss am Strand, Supa"
  • Made In America - Sambora Richie
    "(R.Sambora & R.Supa) Made in America, nineteen fifty nine, Born down by the factories, cross the Jersey City line. Raised on radio, just a jukebox kid, I was alright. Just a small town homeboy, with big"
  • Harlem Rain - Sambora Richie
    "(R.Sambora & R.Supa) The old man down on the corner, is drowing in his pain, I can see the sorrow in his eyes, his tears, they leave a stain. The streets have left him broken, he's in the final phase, It's"
  • Just go (ft.Lionel Richie) - Akon
    "Lionel Richie Itd be so nice (nice nice) If you didnt have to feel so lonely Itd be so nice (nice nice) If I could sneak you for a moment I know you like to get away, go away, far away To a place where"
  • Made In America - Richie Sambora
    "Made in America Nineten fifteen nine Born down by the factories Cross the Jersey City line Raised on radio Just a jukebox kid I was alright Just a small town homeboy With big time dreams Foollowing"
  • Every Road Leads Home To You - Richie Sambora
    "I got your picture on my phone Your voice in my head I´m lying here alone Restless in some faraway bed The stars will falling down And I´m half a world away I´m just trying to close the distance To feel"

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