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Richie Stephens feat. Gentleman

  • To Love A Woman (Feat Lonel Richie) - Enrique Iglesias
    "(Enrique) I dunno wot it is but she drives me crazy, I dunno wot she does but she drives me wild! (oh yeah), If only she cud let me be th eman i wanna be, Then she cud leave me helpless as a child. (Lionel) I"
  • Supa Richie - Richie
    "Ist's eine Fliegtasse? (Nein!) Ist's ein Schraubokopter? (Nein!) Was ist es dann? (SUPA RICHIE!) Hey, Moment. Da vorne werde ich gebrucht. Vanille-Eis das magst du nicht, doch es ist heiss am Strand, Supa"
  • Gentleman - Jiri Korn
    "Gentleman,spch mv u en,gentleman,nevyjde venslun neupraven,nikdo nedb, jak onna bontón.Gentleman,nezstv dluen,gentleman,zkrtka sen vech envdy byl a bude jen gentlemana nikdo jin, jen prv ten, jen ten.Gentleman,v"
  • Gentleman - PSY
    "Allanggamolla wae hwakkeunhaeya haneungeonji allanggamolla wae malkkeumhaeya haneungeonji allanggamolla arikkarihamyeon kkarihae allanggamolla We Like We We We Like Party hae itjanha mariya isarameuro"
  • Gentleman - Anne-Marie
    "Bravado, impossible Too big to climb, too wild to tame If only there was something else, to show me yourself Don't say any more, hold your tongue I’ve heard it before – it's not love You thought you had"
  • Gentleman - Bega Lou
    "Bega Lou Miscellaneous Gentleman Gentleman! I am the type of guy, That picks you up in a Bens, I am the type of man that'll always represent. I am the type of freak, That calls you seven days a week. You"
  • Gentleman - Lou Bega
    "Gentleman! I am the type of guy, That picks you up in a Bens, I am the type of man that'll always represent. I am the type of freak, That calls you seven days a week. You don't believe it but You gotta"
  • Gentleman - The Saturdays
    "A gentleman is so 1995, so hard for a girl to find A real husband is so 1999, so hard for a girl to find (What) Cause most guys just hit it and quit it And then they wonder why most girls just spit it A"
  • Gentleman - Jenna G
    "INTRO: (Are you a Gentleman?) VERSE ONE: First time our eyes met, Babe, I placed my bet, You were sweet, You were kind, So sincere and genuine. When I first saw you, Wanted to know you, You looked good,"
  • Gentleman - Verbz
    "I want a man to bring home to my moma got his game tight an there ain't no drama no calls in the night from the 3rd baby moma when the cheque comes no he ain't forgot that wallet... rich man. poor man,"
  • Gentleman - Between The Trees
    "Do you ever wonder what it would be like, To stick around long enough for me to be polite? I swear I am a gentleman, I swear it is true. But you don't even care to notice, You just act like you do. So"
  • Gentleman - Rafał Brzozowski
    "jak na gentlemena którym chciałbym być dla ciebie już brak mi sił naiwna ta wiara że gdy staram sie i walczę wciąż obracasz sie w tył zostaniesz tak sama w domysłach od rana i znów wachlarz min podchody"
  • Better Than I Can Tell Ya(feat. A Wax, Richie Rich, Rus - Babybash
    "Yeah, Yeah I'm a spit some of this real game Some real shit Some real talk Na, na Whoa-oh, Whoa Ugh, check my watch Check my chain It's simple and plain The Chevy wit the blew out brains As I bounce"
  • Richie Rich - Lil' Romeo
    "(Verse 1 - Lil' Romeo) I'm your idol, the highest title, numero uno. Yes i'm fresh press and i'm speaking so that you know, Can't understand I got the gift to speak and its a blessing, So listen to the"
  • Richie Rich - Lil Romeo
    "(Romeo) Iam your idol, the highest title..numero uno. Yes i'm fresh press and i'm speaking so that you know... Can't understand I got the gift to speak, and its a blessing so listen to the lesson I preach. I"
  • Nicole Richie - Fakebestfriend
  • Richie Rich - Ten Times A Day
    "It's no surprise to hear you whine When your dad won't give you The things that you wanted You should be thankful for What you alread have Cause there are kids out there Who don't have a home I"
  • High Flying Bird, Richie Havens - Richie Havens
    ""There's a high flyin' bird, flying way up in the sky, And I wonder if she looks down, as she goes on by? Well, she's flying so freely in the sky. Lord, look at me here, I'm rooted like a tree here, Got"
  • Richie Dagger's Crime - Germs
    "i'm richie dagger i can stomp and swagger i can take on all your heroes i'm richie dagger i'm young and i'm haggard the boy that nobody owns he sits in his corner like a child despised a crazy sort of"
  • Gentleman Style - Obsession Indecent
    "GENTLEMAN STYLE Soft and white,like virgin snow She's calmly watching my desire grow The moon is full,wearing a dirty smile. And I cover her body gentleman style. Her fragile cobweb surrounds my heart There's"

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