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Rick and morty szpaku

  • Rick and Morty (feat. Young Igi) - Szpaku
    "pomógł mi ziomal no bo chata zadłużona gibon w majty dzieliłem paczki żeby mieć do szamki biegam po nocy jak ten wampir pije dziki nie krew ty mi daje za to lajki te rapery co je grane wpada trapa roku nie"
  • Rick - Band, The
    "Band, The Miscellaneous Rick Den mannen kom fra en helt annet tid Som et gjenskinn fra en ild som brant en gang Den mannen ble en venn av mitt liv Så blei han stille og så blei han en sang Og hvem skal"
  • Rick - The Band
    "That man came from a whole other timeLike reflections of a fire that burned long agoThat man became my friend for lifeThen he was silenced, and so became a songAnd who should judge?The moon rose and fellAnd"
  • Rick Trevino - Rick Trevino
    "There's a long stretch of black top, underneath a cloudless sky, There's my truck washed and gassed up, it's itchin' for a ride. If this had been 6 months ago, I know what I'd have done. Girl, I'm runnin'"
  • Rick Rack - Gerry Rafferty
    "Rick rack, rickety rack See the train go along the track When I grow up I want to be an engine driver But if I can't be that I'll be a deep sea diver. My father says that I must always work on the land And"
  • Rick What - Ricky J
    "They don't even know whats goin on {laughs} Ricky J baby Thats right Majess ya'll Yo, its the flavour Thats right Ricky J baby Ricky J baby He's tryin' to get this thing First you started from dreams"
  • Rick James - Jude
    "This is just the basic This is not the best Everybody knows that the trouble starts when you talk all about the rest First, you went to college and then you got yourself degrees Then, you got some pretty"
  • Rick James - Murs & Slug
    "( Murs ) There's a party goin on, in my mind, that is But really it's my crew and these three white kids One brother, one sister, some other mister I wonder what they'd do if I walk right up and kissed"
  • Rick shithouse - Placebo
    "Meet The Brick ShithouseThis Is The Brick Shithouse x6Meet The Brick ShithouseDon't you wish you'd never met her ? x3Lay him down, lie onLay him downNow your lover went and put me in the groundI'll be"
  • Slick Rick - The Ruler - Slick Rick
    "Forget about the people before I know tired of Been through the whole world for what? Tired of bride But tonight let's talk about the ones who bite Although they know, they won't ever get it right Cuz"
  • The Rick Springfield Song - Rick Springfield
    "(The Szuters) Took all this time I never thought it would be like this I guess the best is best forgotten Now and then I come back to that dream Where if I set you free You'd come back to me And say"
  • Meanwhile, Rick James - Cake
    "Disempowered The scattering flock Dances in a fever At the Castle Rock Dust devils cypress Ripening fruit Ascending quick Into the author's bathroom Fon, Jo and Tootsie Are out on a wire Mans tooth junkies"
  • Sticky Ricki - Adam Green
    "Ricki, why are you so sticky? Why are you fixed to every silly dancing man? I can see you by the window plane But for some reason, It's really not that way at all for us You claim to be such puzzling"
  • Eat Your Hart Out, Rick Springfield - Rick Springfield
    "(Jimmy Hart) (Spoken) Ring, Ring. "Hello, hello, hi, is Cyndi in?" "No, who is this?" "What do you mean, who is this? This is Jimmy Hart, the mouth of the south. Where is she?" "She's gone to the Rick"
  • Ricochet (rick-o-shay) - Teresa Brewer
    "Ricochet (Rick-O-Shay) Teresa Brewer Written by Larry Coleman, Joe Darion, and Norman Gimbel Peaked at # 2 in 1953 They warned me when you kissed me your love would ricochet Your lips would find"
  • Love Gravy - Rick James - South Park
    "MMmmmmmmmmmmmmm!! Make Love! Gonna make love to you woman, gonna lay you down by the fire, and caress your womanly body make you moan and prespire, I'm gonna get those juices flownin, Makin love gravy love"
  • Millions (ft. Rick Ross) - Pusha T
    "You know what happens when G.O.O.D. Music and MMG get together right? We get that money Millions, Millions in the ceiling Millions, Millions in the ceiling Millions, Millions in the ceiling Millions,"
  • Mars (Ft. Rick Ross) - Jay Sean
    "Come, baby Come and get all my loving Breathe it in with me Let it get to yo head then get to Mars Let it get to yo head then get to Mars I wanna watch you take it in I’m so high I’m wasted, I don’t wanna"
  • Hungry (ft. Rick Ross) - Fergie
    "Hungry, hungry Hungry, hungry Hungry, hungry Hungry, hungry to say it’s complicated understatement of the year well maybe, conflict made it the new flavor in your ear they know that I’m a problem that’s"
  • Candy (ft. Rick Ross) - Berner & B-Real
    "I am in a Candy-point Candy whit a Candy rain fatty Lil’ thick bitch Yeah, she think my name Daddy Never use the same days Switch up spots They ouldn’t let me in the door I pick the locks Game over, this"

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