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Rickie Lee Jones - Road Kill

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Rickie Lee Jones - Road Kill

  • Road Kill - Rickie Lee Jones
    "What's the matter with it? why's it look that way? What's the matter with it? what's it trying to say? What's that on its back? where's it trying to go? A mystical vision got dressed up one night Locked"
  • Rickie Lee - Per Gessle
    "Words and Music by Per Gessle Published by Music For Money/Inhouse Music Som en vrvind mot mitt ansikte / Ett hstlv p min stig / Eller en vit vit flagg som berttar / Att mit hjrta kommer hem frn ett krig"
  • Mary Lee Jones - Lindsey Buckingham
    "Written by Lindsey Buckingham. Days were lonely and so were the nights She could not tell wrong from right. Body broken, worn to the bone, The final days of Mary Lee Jones, Mary Lee Jones. She could"
  • Road Kill - Dickies
    "I'm drivin' my pickup truck I'm feelin' mean and I'm getting drunk I drive all over town Find a little critter and I run it down Hit the brights and watch 'em freeze Turn a little animal into head - cheese Oh,"
  • Road Kill Cafe - Arapaho
    "Arapaho 1, 2 Mile From Eden Road Kill Cafe In the still of the night or day There's a thumping sound on the highway What looked like a river was a road With headlights for eyes and bumpers for toes Bozo"
  • The Weird Beast - Rickie Lee Jones
    "I brought the Weird Beast here From Van Nuys Blvd. So I would not be without a man When the Tartans reign Flooded the Empty streets of Paris... And on one of these Passing boats I thought I saw the Weird"
  • Satellites - Rickie Lee Jones
    "Wewere born forever We are twinned in a fugitive mind Friends should stay together and Light the world with the fugitive kind So you keep talking in many languages Telling us the way you feel Don't stop"
  • A Face In The Crowd - Rickie Lee Jones
    "I know what it takes to be loved by you Talk like you talk Think like you do You never were human so How could you know? We fall so hard, we can't let go I am the last of my kind in this town Everyone"
  • A Stranger's Car - Rickie Lee Jones
    "Take the train Oh you have run as far as you can go They've tied your fingers to rails of stars Can you hear the whistle blow? There's is no one here to beat out your brains There's no one who'll make"
  • Skeletons - Rickie Lee Jones
    "She was pregnant in May Now they're on their way Dashing thru the snow To St. John's, here we go Well, it could be a boy But it's okay if he's girl Oh, these things that grow out of The things that we"
  • The Last Chance Texaco - Rickie Lee Jones
    "A long stretch of headlights Bends into I-9 Tiptoe into truck stops And sleepy diesel eyes Volcanoes rumble in the taxi And glow in the dark Camels in the driver's seat A slow, easy mark But you ran out"
  • A Second Chance - Rickie Lee Jones
    "Summertime and everything is sweet Walking barefoot to the circle k On the burning street Summertime and everything's on fire This town is a drive-by for the Whole inland empire But down on the boulevard They"
  • Second Chance - Rickie Lee Jones
    "summertime and everything is sweet walking barefoot to the circle k on the burning street summertime and everything's on fire this town is a drive-by for the whole inland empire but down on the boulevard"
  • Spring can really hang you up the most - Rickie Lee Jones
    "Spring this year has got me feeling Like a horse that never left the post I lie in my room Staring up at the ceiling Spring can really hang you up the most Morning's kiss wakes trees and flowers And to"
  • Drunk On The Striped Table - Rickie Lee Jones
    "In my featherless, sagging, saffron wings, I dance My Phoenician, waterlogged, orchestrated and forty foot wings Wave in the air I am drunk laying against the striped table Pushing these banners into"
  • Bully Jones - Allison Moorer
    "When my liquor cabinet is empty And the local package store is closed I am paid a visit by an enemy And the s.o.b. goes by bully jones He loves showing up out of nowhere And getting under my skin The sad"
  • Ms. Jones - Rehab
  • Dr. Jones - Cigar
    "Packed up his bags it's time to go No time for headaches He's got this world to prove he's wrong Slipped through the cracks they just don't know Finding the relics It's been his business all along With"
  • Mr. Jones - Alexz Johnson
    "Mr. Jones in the middle of the door Stepping in to step out He's in town, he doesn't make a sound What's this, what is this about? Oh, I figured it out but I'm a little unsure I can't sleep here tonight Won't"
  • Mr. Jones - The Mavericks
    "(Raul Malo) I wanna go across the river To the house on oldway road Where my life began and ended all the same I remember Chris and Johnny childhood friends of mine Who grew wise enough to learn to play"

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